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How to Spend 6 Days in Iceland

Find the perfect itinerary for 6 days in Iceland

|January 22, 2024
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Six days is an adequate amount of time to experience Iceland’s highlights, though probably not enough to uncover all of the country’s hidden gems. Find our top suggestions for 6-day Iceland itineraries.

Iceland’s land mass covers more than 100,000 sq km (40,000 sq mi) of land, dotted with glaciers, lava fields, mountains, volcanoes, and beaches. With so much to uncover, those visiting Iceland with less than a week to fit everything in might find it challenging. Not to worry - we have your six-day itineraries covered to ensure you have an inspiring and memorable trip to Iceland.

Iceland 6-Day Itineraries

To make sure that your six days in Iceland are spent full of adventure and some of the best sights the country has to offer, we’ve put together highlights that you can focus on building your itinerary around.

Itinerary 1: Reykjavík, Snæfellsnes Peninsula, and the Westfjords

Humpback whale breaching in the waters of Iceland

See some of Iceland’s best highlights with this itinerary, focusing on the western half of Iceland. Starting in Reykjavík, you can enjoy many of the best attractions in the area, including:

  • Downtown Reykjavík - experience the nightlife, enjoy the local culture by visiting museums and galleries, and sample fresh and dynamic cuisine.
  • Whale watching in Faxaflói Bay - depart from Reykjavík and join a boat tour for the chance to see humpback and minke whales, as well as dolphins and porpoises.
  • The Blue Lagoon - soak in mineral-rich waters, enjoy spa treatments, and relax amongst the otherworldly surroundings.
  • Reykjadalur Valley - hike this steaming river valley and soak in natural hot springs as a reward for your exertions.
Gerðuberg basalt cliffs in Iceland in the snow

Gerðuberg basalt cliffs in Iceland

After a day or two soaking up the best of the capital and surrounding area, move on to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. This famous region of Iceland is known for its outstanding beauty and varied geographical features. Some of the best sights to see here include:

  • Gerðuberg Cliffs - glimpse these unusual basalt cliffs that form hexagonal columns along the horizon.
  • Ytri Tunga Beach - enjoy the peaceful scenery and watch seals as they snooze in the sun.
  • Rauðfeldsgjá Gorge - this narrow and deep ravine offers dramatic views and makes for a memorable hike.
  • Snæfellsjökull National Park - take in beautiful landscapes, coastlines, and amazing cliff formations in one of Iceland’s three stunning national parks.
  • Kirkjufell Mountain - enjoy one of Iceland’s most famous landmarks, explore the nearby waterfall, and appreciate the area’s serene beauty.
Dynjandi Waterfall in the Westfjords, Iceland

Dynjandi Waterfall in the Westfjords, Iceland

Finally, head into the Westfjords to experience some of the most remote areas of Iceland. This large peninsula, cut by fjords and full of wondrous scenery, is the least populated area in Iceland and is a definite must-see. Some of the highlights of the Westfjords include:

  • Isafjordur - enjoy the largest town in the Westfjords and its many amenities.
  • Latrabjarg Cliffs - these remote cliffs are famous for thriving birdlife, including puffins who nest at the site each year.
  • Dynjandi Waterfall - this powerful series of tiered waterfalls is a sight to behold, measuring 100 m (330 ft).
  • Hornstrandir Nature Reserve - ideal for hikers and those who wish to appreciate Iceland’s wildlife, including the elusive Arctic fox!
  • Rauðasandur Beach - a sweeping and remote red sand beach, home to seals and many varieties of birds.

Itinerary 2: The South Coast, Eastfjords, and Highlands

Reynisfjara black sand beach in South Iceland on a cloudy day

Reynisfjara black sand beach in South Iceland

Another option for making use of six incredible days in Iceland is to take in the wonder of the popular South Coast, the Eastfjords, and the Highlands. This itinerary brings you a perfect mixture of some of Iceland’s most popular attractions, remote wilderness, and untouched landscapes.

First, experience why everyone is so crazy about Iceland’s South Coast. See some of the country’s most idyllic spots and make memories that will last a lifetime. There is much to see in this region, but some of the highlights you won’t want to skip include:

Move along from the South Coast towards the captivating Eastfjords. This low-populated region of Iceland is sliced through with icy fjords and outstanding views. It’s known for charming fishing villages, stunning geographical features like waterfalls, imposing mountains, and a rich history. Some of the top sights to enjoy in the Eastfjords include:

  • Valtýshellir Cave
  • Fáskrúðsfjörður fishing village
  • Rjúkandi Waterfall
  • Páskahellir Cave
  • East Iceland Heritage Museum
House overlooking a body of water in the Eastfjords of Iceland

Eastfjords of Iceland

On your way back towards Reykjavík, spend a couple of days experiencing Iceland’s Highlands at the very heart of the island. Only accessible during the summer months due to roads that are easily affected by extreme weather, this is a paradise for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Some must-see spots in the Highlands include:

If you’re still undecided on the best way to spend six days in Iceland, our variety of six-day guided tours could be the answer!


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