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Blue Lagoon

The most famous geothermal spa in Iceland

The Blue Lagoon Iceland is the best known spa in Iceland and also one of the most enchanting. Due to the enormous popularity of the lagoon it is essential that visitors book their sessions in advance. Our advice is to book your Blue Lagoon tour with us well beforehand!

The wonderful Blue Lagoon

Imagine relaxing in a blend of sea-water and geothermally heated water which is rich with silica, minerals and algae, surrounded by a lunar lava landscape. This is really good for your skin and a real treat for the mind, body and soul. The iconic white silica mud face mask is free to all lagoon guests. The man-made waterfall is exhilarating and a fabulous way to ease sore muscles. There are comfort, premium and luxury packages available or extra items may be added to the comfort or standard packages. Exclusive Blue Lagoon products are available at the Skin Care Shop. The café and Lava Restaurant are popular.

The Blue Lagoon has the Svartsengi Geothermal Power Plant to thank for its development! In 1976 their employee, Valur Margeirsson, asked if he could swim in the pool created by Svartsengi´s operations. He suffered from psoriasis and did not want to swim in a public pool. Bathing in the soothing water healed his skin, when other psoriasis sufferers tried it their psoriasis also improved greatly. The Blue Lagoon Clinic is now an internationally recognized psoriasis treatment facility!

For those who are short of time we recommend booking a combination tour which includes the Blue Lagoon, you choose whether you want a day tour or something longer, we organize everything – what could be easier or more relaxing?

Where is the Blue Lagoon?

The Blue Lagoon is set in the heart of a lava landscape at Grindavík on the Reykjanes peninsula, about 10 km from Keflavík International Airport. Visitors often schedule their time at the Blue Lagoon to coincide with either their arrival or departure flights. The lava scenery around the lagoon will make certain those new arrivals truly appreciate they have arrived in Iceland! The attractions of Reykjavík are very easy to reach less than 50 km away.

Tours that visits the Blue Lagoon