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Icelandic Mountain Resort

A young mountain range in the Icelandic Highlands with volcanic activity, glaciers and hot springs. Once a popular skiing resort this place has been making a name for itself as the ultimate paradise for those looking to go off the beaten track!

Old Lady Mountains

Kerlingarfjoll or “Old Lady Mountains” is a stunningly beautiful mountain range located in the center of the Icelandic Highlands. The range takes its name from a 25-meter high dark pillar name Kerling e. Old Lady that rises high in the area. Legend says that a female troll named Kerling was walking in the area when the sun came up and she turned into stone and when you visit you will see why this widespread legend lived in Icelander’s culture.

This alluring place hosts the third largest geothermal area in Iceland’s interior reaching about 100-140 square kilometers. For this reason, steam surrounds most of the area and many hot springs are found where visitors have enjoyed bathing for centuries. But the area isn’t only a geothermal hot area, it is also a home to a few glaciers which gracefully rest on the tops of the volcanoes and mountains making them even more special. The highest of the mountains is Snækollur mountain.
This young mountains range is only about 10,000 years old and consists of rhyolite, dark and bright tuff stones which are constantly changing its colors depending on the season, weather and light making Kerlingarfjöll extremely unique and photogenic. Even though the mountain range is young no current earthquake or volcanic activity is found in the area, which is quite uncommon in Icelandic nature.

Kerlingarfjöll hot springs

In 2002 locals started drilling for hot water in the area and up came bursting the most wonderful naturally heated water. The plan was to use it to heat the cabins in the area but now the water flows in a pool that visitors of the area like to hike to and bath in. The pool has been called Borhola (e. drilling hole) and is located in the Ásgarðsgil gully. No changing rooms are to be found in the area, so be prepared.

Kerlingarfjöll in winter

Kerlingarfjöll is colorful and amazing in the summertime but equally so in winter. In winter the location is only accessible by Super Jeeps or snowmobiles but has still been visited frequently by locals since early 60’s. Due to its highland location snow never completely leaves the mountains making it perfect for skiing in any season and until 2000 the location hosted a Skiing school for children mostly.
Kerlingarfjöll in any season is perfect for snowshoeing, snowmobiling, hiking and general nature exploring but in winter  it is perfect for those looking to escape the crowds and do something completely different, like bathing in a hot pool in snow-covered surroundings, experience the northern lights in a remote location and explore the inside of a glacier.

The Weather at Kerlingarfjoll

As Kerlingarfjöll is located in the highlands they are at a higher altitude. The mountain range is 700 to 1500 meters above sea level so the weather is generally harsher. This is good to keep in mind whilst dressing for a visit.