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Lake Myvatn


Lake Myvatn was formed by a large basaltic lava fissure eruption 2300 years ago. The landscape of this highly active volcanic region is dominated by pseudo craters. Skútastaðir, on the south shore of the lake, has a well-known pseudo crater cluster which is popular with tourists. There are lava islands in Lake Mývatn which give a surreal and at times dreamy atmosphere to this place.

The Lake Myvatn

The water in Lake Myvatn has a particularly high level of biological activity due to the very high levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and other nutrients. This has promoted an abundance of plants and algae, with the plants and algae doing battle to see which can become dominant! This is an important bird protection area and many species of duck and other waterbirds can be seen here.

Reykjahlið is an attractive village in this unique and picturesque region providing accommodation, services, and cafes to those visiting Myvatn.

A visit to Myvatn Nature Baths is a very special experience! Bathing out in nature is supremely relaxing and magical. Each season offers a different experience to visitors, sparkling frosts, snow and the northern lights in the winter, a temperate climate and the midnight sun in the summer. The bathing lagoon is filled with water from a bore hole in Bjarnarflag. When the water comes up from the earth it has a temperature of around 130 C – so it has to be cooled down a little. This water is alkaline and it is enriched with many minerals, its composition makes chlorine or other chemicals unnecessary. The trace elements in the water often help skin problems. Two steam baths have been built directly over the top of a geothermal area. Sulfur and odor free steam simply rises up through the vents in the floor, usually with a temperature is around 50 C. Steam straight from the earth, how special is that? No wonder the Icelandic people named these baths Jarðböðin (The Earth Baths).
There is a restaurant with panoramic views offering drinks, meals and a wide range of tempting treats.

Lake Mývatn deserves a place on your bucket list!

Where is Lake Myvatn located?

Lake Myvatn is located in North Iceland 90 km from Akureyri, the main village in the area, Reykjahlið is 100 km from Akureyri. Reykjahlið is 479 km from Reykjavík but just 165 km from Egilsstaðir in the east. The lunar landscapes of Námafjall geothermal area are 5.6 km away. Other interesting options include:
Goðafoss waterfall (49 km)
Dettifoss waterfall (50 km)
The Nature Baths (4 km)
or a tour to Askja.

Tours visiting Myvatn