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Whale Watching Tours in Iceland


Arctic Adventures offers a variety of whale watching tours, both from Reykjavik and Dalvik in the north of Iceland. The whales most frequently seen on our trips are minke and humpback whales, and we sometimes see dolphins, porpoises, and other species too. Remember to bring your camera to capture these majestic creatures!

Whale Watching Tours in the North of Iceland (Dalvik)

If you’re based in the north of the country, a whale watching trip from Dalvik is the ideal option for you. Arctic Adventures’ northern whale watching tours have a 98% success rate when it comes to whale-sightings.

Humpbacks are spotted the most, while Minke whales and dolphins are also commonly sighted. If no whales are spotted, which rarely happens, customers will be given the option of partaking in a later tour, virtually guaranteeing you the opportunity to see Iceland’s mighty ocean giants!


Whale Watching Tours Departing from Reykjavík

Arctic Adventures’ whale watching tour from Reykjavík departs from the city’s old harbour and sails out onto Faxaflói Bay.

The waters surrounding Reykjavík are home to Minke whales, Humpback whales, dolphins, and porpoises which you’ll hopefully spot from the boat. Our qualified guides will provide you with all the information and insights you’ll need to know about Iceland’s maritime wildlife.
In general, the full tour lasts 2.5 to 3.5 hours, with the boat rarely travelling further than 15 km from the harbour. Each passenger on board will be provided with a special wetsuit to keep them warm and dry. If the weather is in your favour, there’s no better place to be on a sunny day in Reykjavík.


Whale Watching as Part of a Multi-Day Tour in Iceland

Keeping an eye out for Iceland’s majestic ocean giants is but one of many great adventure tours to be taken while visiting Iceland. Why not join us on a multi-day tour to experience as much of the land of fire and ice as possible?