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The Diamond Beach

The Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon black sand beach

The Diamond Beach

Right next to the famous Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon you will find a black volcanic sand beach where icebergs from the lagoon drift ashore and create the most magical setting. The blue, black, transparent and white icebergs sit on the beach and slowly melt and you can walk amongst them, see through many of them and play around them. Prepare to be amazed.

The icebergs originate at the glacier, Breidamerkurjokull, an outlet from Europe’s largest ice cap Vatnajokull and therefore is the beach called Breidamerkursandur in Icelandic (sandur means sand). Actually, most Icelanders aren’t familiar with the name the Diamond Beach as it is very recent and solely used in English. The word Demantaströnd as it would translate to in Icelandic is unheard off.

One of the most unique things about the beach is that it never ever looks the same. Even if you just visited the day before the beach will have changed completely and the natural ice sculptures, the icebergs, will have reformed, melted away and new ones appeared.  Many of the icebergs are over 1,000 years old and have made their way through the grand lagoon first as enormous ice blocks and now smaller bergs enjoying their last moments until their join with the Atlantic ocean. The icebergs glisten on the beach giving it the name Diamond beach and in recent years this has become a popular proposal spot, getting a diamond on the Diamond beach!

The Diamond beach is a very important breeding ground for many of Iceland’s most well-known birds including the Arctic Tern and the Great Skua and is a National conservation area.

In the summertime, the Diamond beach can be visited in one day out from Reykjavík but due to very limited daylight in wintertime, a minimum 2-day tour is adviced. We offer a wide range of tours taking you to the Diamond beach and this is truly one of the top 10 things you must see when visiting Iceland.

Where is the Diamond Beach located?

The Diamond beach is about 372 km and the drive from Reykjavik (without a stop) is about 5 hours. It is located in the municipality of Hornafjordur fjord and sits right outside the Vatnajokull national park although not a part of it.

It is located only a few minutes away from Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon parking lot and simply can’t be missed whilst visiting. Just be careful when crossing road 1 to get over from the lagoon, cars often drive pretty fast there.

Multi-day tours visiting Diamond Beach