Time is a luxury, a commodity in a busy world. As the population grows, space becomes limited. It is rare to be completely alone, in solitude / without interruptions. It is important to make the most of the time available with so much to see and new experiences to be had – this is the essence of bespoke private travel.

Our philosophy is that moments can be created, but sometimes they simply appear out of nowhere. Moments are to be enjoyed, at your own pace and in your own way. Icelandic nature and culture are unique and we understand that so is the individual traveler. One size does not fit all and with our knowledge and ambition to awe you we carefully tailor your experience to its attainable perfection. From hand-picked restaurants and authentic local experiences to that one location that will simply take your breath away.

Join us on a snowmobile adventure on top of an ice cap, strap on the crampons and hear the hard ice crackle under your feet. Hike to the top of a volcano, sit down and feel your heartbeat with views not even your imagination could wish for. Go snorkeling in water so clear you can see so far as the edges of the volcanic fissure allows knowing that you are in fact swimming between two continents slowly drifting apart. Let us take you on a journey into one of Europe’s last wilderness frontiers where the air is so clean it will make you dizzy.

When presented with many options, planning your trip can get quite complicated. We, therefore, favor a simple approach to make the whole experience more delightful from the first stages of planning and until you return home with a bag full of treasured memories. Keeping this in mind, there are two options to get started with planning your trip. Below you’ll find carefully pre-designed all-inclusive tour packages (excluding flights). If you feel none of the packages fully suits you, you can go through our customization form and we’ll tailor a perfectly original trip with your vision in mind.

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Great Blue Ice Tour

we decided to go for a private blue ice tour and it was really impressive - have been lucky with the weather, too, so the experience was even better ... can really recommend the company as the whole organization, equipment and guide have been perfect ​

Highly recommended, and ask for Hjalti Bjornsson as a driver/guide

We booked a private tour for our family of 7 adults. We told the tour operator that we wanted to visit places that would be rich targets for our photography-obsessed family. They delivered and then some.


The bus was clean, great working condition, and comfortable. No complaints. Highly recommended.

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