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Activities in Iceland

Popular Activity Tours in Iceland

We have listed our most popular activities to make it easier for you to plan your stay in Iceland. Take a look at our bestseller tours, you just might find the exact adventure you have been dreaming of!

Ready for Adventure? Join one of our awesome active Iceland tours and hit the trail, road, or water! Our adventure tours are designed to get you mobile and just a little bit out of your comfort zone to make the most of active Iceland.

Activity Tours in Iceland

Looking for popular activities in Iceland? You’ve come to the right place. The Icelandic landscape was built for adventure, so let’s get out and tackle it!

Iceland’s top activities including the Northern Lights, ice caving and snorkeling between tectonic plates. What’s YOUR adventure?

Frequently Asked Questions

What tours to do in Iceland?

Iceland experiences two seasons: summer and winter. Many of the most popular Iceland activities are available year-round, while others are reserved for different seasons.

You can embark on many of the most popular Iceland activities any time of year! No matter the season, you can go on a thrilling snowmobile tour, see Iceland’s greatest creatures on a whale watching tour, or take a plunge with snorkeling tours and diving tours. You can also explore Iceland’s mighty ice caps on our glacier tours year-round.

The warmer months give you access to the best of Iceland summer activities. Summer is your chance to really get your hands dirty in nature. Embark on stunning hiking tours, kayaking tours, and rafting tours. Explore Iceland’s incredible lakes and lagoons on boat tours and jet boat tours before the water freezes.

Longer nights and cold weather allow for thrilling Iceland winter activities. Although some outdoor activities shut down for winter, others are just getting started! Winter in Iceland is the time for unique ice cave tours. See the fleeting crystal ice caves that form in Iceland’s glaciers each winter! Best of all, winter is the season for chasing the elusive aurora borealis on a Northern Lights tour.

What adventure tours are best for families?

We offer many adventure tours that are perfect for kids of all ages. Whale and puffin watching tours are fantastic for little animal lovers. Visiting the Blue Lagoon is also fun and open to 2 years and up.

If your child(ren) is below 6, a sightseeing trip to Snaefellsnes or the Golden Circle may be ideal. It’s a full day packed with waterfalls, mountains and glaciers.

Love horses? Then get close to nature riding a horse through Iceland’s lava fields.

For older kids, they might enjoy getting the blood pumping on one of our snowmobiling tours, snorkeling at Silfra Fissure, hiking trips or rafting and kayaking packages.

Can I join an adventure tour while pregnant?

For mothers-to-be, we recommend adventure tours that are not too challenging. Whale watching, Northern Lights and the Golden Circle are some of the best.

Consult your doctor before engaging in certain activities, like visiting the Blue Lagoon, glacier hiking or ice caving.

Unfortunately, due to safety concerns, we can’t allow participation on some tours if you are pregnant. These tours include snorkeling, diving, and snowmobiling (for 3 mos+).