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Snorkeling Tours in Iceland

In Silfra Fissure, Thingvellir

Silfra Fissure at Thingvellir is, understandably, very popular with divers and snorkelers from all over the world. 

The location of Silfra is quite miraculous in itself, it is situated between two continental plates making it a totally unique diving and snorkeling site. In fact, Silfra is the only place in the world offering the opportunity to dive or snorkel in between tectonic plates. The continental plates continue to move apart from one another at a rate of approximately 2 cm each year – so the fissure is also constantly growing wider. Amazingly, there are places within Silfra where it is possible to touch the rock on either side.

The underwater visibility is incredibly clear, offering an experience which it is very hard to match. It is possible to see up to 100 meters, giving you incredible views of this stunning underwater wonderland – this is something you really have to experience to believe. The water in Silfra is astonishingly clear because it is glacial water from a nearby glacier, Langjökull. It takes between 50 and 100 years for the water to reach Silfra. The low all year round water temperature of 2°C-4°C provides snorkeling and diving conditions which are fairly constant throughout the year.