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Langjokull Glacier

Iceland's Second Largest Glacier

Langjökull is the second largest glacier in Iceland after Vatnajökull glacier, it also takes the price for the second largest glacier in Iceland. The Icelandic name Langjökull translates into “Long glacier” and you can see where the name comes from when you look at its shape.

Langjökull Glacier is the closest large glacier to Reykjavík, situated in the Western Highlands of Iceland. It is quite high, at 1,235meters, which places it on a level with some of the higher mountains in the area including the wonderfully named Jarlshettur (The Earl´s Hat), Fjallkirkja and Þursaborg. Setting foot on Langjokull Glacier gives visitors the feeling that they are walking on the roof of a white kingdom or on the roof of the world! There is a special kind of spaciousness to Langjokull´s stark and majestic landscape.

The very best way to enjoy Langjökull is to take a glacier snowmobile tour from Reykjavík. What could be better than the adventure of skimming effortlessly across a glacier which feels as though it is on the roof of the world?

Our glacier super truck will deliver you to the base camp where our experienced and qualified guide will give you a safety briefing, provide you with all of the necessary equipment and show you how to operate a snowmobile safely. You are then ready to ride! Off into the great white yonder to explore the magical frost kingdom of Langjökull!

Langjökull Ice Cave is a man-made tunnel which offers visitors the opportunity to travel into the glacier.

An exciting and very special glacier experience is just an easy day trip away from Reykjavík!