For all foodies out there, choosing Iceland as your destination was a step in the best direction. Let us make the most of your Iceland experience by introducing you to real Icelandic local food. Take your taste buds on a magical ride through Icelandic food culture where fresh ingredients and our extraordinary water play a grand part in making all Icelandic food so delicious. They say eating your way through the culture is the best way and we couldn’t agree more!

FOOD TOUR from Stykkishólmur


Beer tasting tours

Visit Icelandic bars & breweries

These tours are for the Beer Lovers out there! Iceland can’t grow grapes for vine but we sure can make beer and have mastered it! If you are ever to join a beer brewery or a beer tasting tour it’s when you are visiting Iceland. Let us guide you to the most popular beer, the best beer and the newest beer breweries in Iceland. Drink in the culture, SKÁL!