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ATV & Buggy Tours


Iceland is the perfect playground for ATV and Buggy tours. With acres of wild terrain, open fields and remarkable landscapes, “The Land of Ice and Fire” is an adventure enthusiast’s dream!

ATVs & Buggy Tours from Reykjavík

ATV & Buggy Tours in Iceland

Iceland is the perfect playground for ATV and Buggy tours, plenty of open fields and remarkable landscapes to play around in and trails to mountain tops with the most exquisite views.

Most of the ATV and Buggy tours available are operated not too far from Reykjavík. This means that most of the tours are easily doable on day trips from the city center. You can without any hassle book the tour with a pick up in Reykjavik. Get the feeling of driving yourself around and being in control but still have a great guide to take you to all the best spots and tell you all there is to know about the locations visited.

Why Iceland is a fantastic place to join an ATV or Buggy Tour

The scenery, the remoteness and the endless trails, mountains and rivers.
Iceland is known as the land of ice and fire, a place of great natural beauty and a place of vast untouched landscapes.

So to begin with the locations you will be visiting are truly unique, memorable and photogenic to say the least. Hot springs, geysers, volcanoes, lava fields, freshwater lakes, fields of lupins and mountain ranges are just some of the options provided and not to mention usually just a short drive away from Reykjavík. The ATV and Buggy companies in Iceland are also known to have strict safety rules and go out of their way to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable during their tours.

ATV and Buggy tours are very family friendly and children down to the age of 6 can join most of the excursions. ATV and Buggy tours in Iceland have the perfect amount of fun, adrenaline and beautiful scenery. 

Prepare for an adventure of a lifetime!

What to Wear on an ATV or Buggy Tour in Iceland?

In general Buggy and ATV companies will provide you with a warm overall suit, rain gear if needed and a balaclava, a helmet and gloves. What you need to be thinking about it what you should be wearing underneath. This is is very weather dependent but you should keep in mind that it is best to wear something that is easy to move in. During summer or sunny days wearing the overalls can get quite warm so thin layers of active wear (t-shirt and some leggings or pants) are advised. During real cold days or in winter you should think layers, dressing in geothermal underwear or wool is great. Warm socks, a sweater on top and some thick pants.

clothing for tours

Closed shoes are recommended all year around no matter what the weather is like!

ATV Tours

ATV tour near Reykjavik Iceland

Arriving at the ATV base your guide will provide you with all the proper gear and give you a briefing on how to handle the vehicle and what you can expect during your adventure ahead!

The tour will take you on epic trails, mainly muddy ones, going around a stunning lake and over some gorgeous rivers. It is hard to believe that you can find this true nature paradise only a few minutes out from the capital!

ATV - Mountain Ride Safari

ATV tours are available all year round and are doable in almost any weather. Summertime with green fields and the midnight sun or Winter days with crisp snow on the trails both invite you on memorable adventures worth taking. Discover moon-like terrain and outstanding on a full-throttle adventure!

What does ATV stand for?

ATV or an All Terrain Vehicle is also recognized under the names quad, quad bike, three-wheeler, four-wheeler or quadricycle. An ATV is also widely recognized as a quad bike. 

Buggy Tours

Buggy going in water Hafravatn Iceland

After arriving at the Buggy base camp you will be greeted by your expert guide who will tell you some basic instructions and brief you on some safety procedures.  Next, we will grab our helmets and overalls and hop in the buggy.

Behind the wheel of a fun buggy, any terrain would be fun to cross but add to it the intense depth of Icelandic nature and you are golden!

Stop to gawk at the incredible views and get splashed by rivers and muddy polls as you make your way around the incredible hidden gems around Mosfellsdalur valley. Prepare for an action-packed ride with memorable vistas!

What is a Buggy?


Buggy is a recreational vehicle with large wheels and wide tires. It was designed to be used for sand dunes, beaches and desert recreations making it perfect for Icelandic nature.

It is quite light and is generally an open vehicle without any windows or hard roofs.

Buggies have two seats but one driver.

FAQ about ATV and Buggy Tours in Iceland

  1. Do I need a driver’s license?

The driver will need to have a valid driver’s license from his/her home country. You will sign a liability form before the tour, stating that you possess a valid driver’s license. The passenger is not required to have a driver’s license.

  1. Do you need a motorcycle/scooter license?

No, you don’t need to have a specific motorcycle license, a regular driver’s license is enough for the driver to be able to join the tour.

  1. What is the minimum age for ATV or Buggy Tours?

The youngest someone can join a tour as a passenger is the age of 6.

  1. What do I need to bring on an ATV or Buggy Tour?

Proper warm clothing, your driver’s license or a print of it and some closed shoes. The rest is provided! But we recommend a camera as well, the views are photo worthy!

  1. Do the tours offer pick up or do I need to get myself there?

You can add a pickup to your tour for little extra money and a guide will pick you up before the tour. The pickup locations you can choose from are mainly Hotels, Hostels and Bus stops and you can see the list while making a booking.