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Hop on a snowmobile, and explore the stunning landscape of Langjökull Glacier and the wonders of a naturally-formed ice cave with a pick-up from Reykjavik or Skjól Campground.


  • Small Group Experience
  • Glacier Snowmobile Ride on Langjökull Glacier
  • A Visit to a Natural Ice Cave
  • Super Jeep Experience

This tour combines two extraordinary activities at once, riding a snowmobile on Iceland’s second largest glacier with the added highlight of a visit to a magical natural Langjökull Ice Cave!

Please select your pick-up option at the time of booking. We offer a pick-up from Reykjavik or Skjól Campground.

First hand experinces from Snowmobiling and Ice Cave tour on Langjökull, Iceland
Availability Oct - April
Duration ~ 4-5 / ~8-10 hours
Departs From Skjol / Reykjavik
Level Easy Suitable for most people in fair condition.
Minimum age 8 years
Ratio 1:6 Guide to client ratio
Meet on Location Yes
Pick Up Yes

Customer reviews on Tripadvisor

January 20, 2022

Endless Snow and Ice

We first got to take a bumpy and fun ride up the glacier in one of those snow cars, then took a snowmobile (self driven with 2 people each) following the guide over the glacier to the ice cave, where we got to explore and had all our questions answered. Then the same way back. It was without stress or rush, just very relaxed and fun. You never had the feeling that you are only a number to be rushed through. To the tour itself, wow- it is so worth it, seing the endless snow, the sparkeling caves and just enjoying being away from everything. totally would recommend and do it again.

Reviewed by Anika L


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What's included


  • Pick-up from Reykjavik or Skjól Campground
  • Guided Snowmobile Tour
  • Visit to a Natural Ice Cave
  • All Necessary Snowmobile Gear
  • Super Jeep Experience

What to bring

  • Warm layers
  • Weatherproof top layer
  • Headwear
  • Gloves
  • Scarves
  • Sturdy hiking shoes
  • Packed lunch

Not Included

  • Meals

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Your adventurous day starts when we pick you up at the arranged place and time. Depending on your booking option, we will pick you up in Reykjavik or Skjól Campground, located not so far away from the famous Gullfoss Waterfall. Then we'll head up to Langjökull Glacier, Iceland's second largest glacier, in the Icelandic Highlands in our Super Truck. On a clear day, the views are incredible. You will be able to see Eiríksjökull Glacier (the highest mountain in west Iceland), Hofsjökull Glacier, and the Kerlingafjöll Mountains.

A certified glacier guide will provide all the necessary snowmobiling equipment, including overalls and a helmet. After that, your guide will give you a safety briefing and basic straightforward snowmobile driving instructions. The amazing thing about snowmobiling is that no prior experience is required! After a short briefing, you are ready to ride - driving a snowmobile is easy, but feel free to ask any questions before you roar off.

Your stunning 1-hour snowmobile ride will take you across Langjökull Glacier, the second largest glacier in Iceland, rising to 1450 m above sea level. Feel your excitement and adrenaline soar! Your snowmobile tour on Langjökull will feel like a magic carpet chase across the roof of majestic white land. Glaciers are predominately white, but Langjökull, known as 'The White Glacier,' is incredibly white. Make the most of the journey but feel your spine tingle in anticipation as you approach the natural ice cave – we promise you will not be disappointed.

As winter covers the ground, our glacier guides begin their exciting search for the new ice caves in Langjökull Glacier. All ice caves are exceptional, but some are more special than others! This year the Langjökull Ice Cave is an absolute stunner – we can promise you that this is the best ice cave yet. Since Langjokull is nicknamed 'The White Glacier,' its ice cave displays the most amazing bright jewel blue ice imaginable. The ice is so exceptionally translucent that it seems as though pure blue-hued quartz crystal jewels surround you. The ice around this 'blue river' is white, bearing very unusual subtle gray 'zebra striping,' formed from the ash layers of various volcanic eruptions. You get about 15 minutes to explore and photograph the cave and to enjoy the rare and precious crystalline blue beauty of this amazing natural ice cavern.

Outside the cave, your trusty snowmobile is waiting, ready to skim you across Langjökull to our Snowmobile Base Camp. After a one-hour tour, we will drop you back at Skjól Campground.

The Glacier Snowmobiling and Ice Cave tour from Skjól Campground is a great way to experience the best that Icelandic glaciers can offer.

Two people ride each snowmobile. If you are on your own or wish to ride solo, you need to book this and pay for an upgrade. All snowmobile drivers need to bring a valid Driving License.

The price of the tour is for one person when sharing a two-person snowmobile. Please choose the solo ride option when booking in odd numbers. Also, if you want to ride alone on the snowmobile, select the “solo on a snowmobile” option.

You must book a solo snowmobile for 6.500 ISK extra for solo or an odd number of bookings.

If you wish to have a solo snowmobile but do not have a valid driver's license, then you can book an extra guide to operate your snowmobile for an additional 40.000 ISK. Don't hesitate to contact our sales desk for further information and booking.


Based on 71 reviews

Snowmobile & Ice Cave Tour In Iceland

1- of 71 reviews

Endless Snow and Ice

Reviewed on January 20, 2022 by Anika L Review from Tripadvisor

We first got to take a bumpy and fun ride up the glacier in one of those snow cars, then took a snowmobile (self driven with 2 people each) following the guide over the glacier to the ice cave, where we got to explore and had all our questions answered. Then the same way back. It was without stress or rush, just very relaxed and fun. You never had the feeling that you are only a number to be rushed through. To the tour itself, wow- it is so worth it, seing the endless snow, the sparkeling caves and just enjoying being away from everything. totally would recommend and do it again.

Incredibly fun and the scenery was indescribable!

Reviewed on November 28, 2021 by ZSaifuddin Review from Tripadvisor

This was the best day we (Couple, 28yrs) had in Iceland, and was something people dream of! The glacier was breath-taking and ice cave was so beautiful it's difficult to describe! The snowmobiling was also incredibly fun, at one point we got into a spot of trouble but the guides were so encouraging and caring; I was about to swap and let my husband drive, but our guide said, "When you fall off the horse, you've got to get right back on" or the fear sets in. After hearing him, I decided to continue and I'm so so glad I did, it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life! Living in a busy city, it's easy to forget that there are places of such stunning natural beauty in the world, and this trip really reminded us of that. We're so happy we chose Arctic Adventures, and could not recommend them more!

awesome trip

Reviewed on November 07, 2021 by stevenenhilde Review from Tripadvisor

Good organised, stipt pickup.
Good music in buss :-).
The material and guide were perfect.
The camping where they start offers good quality drinks and food on reasonable price. The tour was excellent, the cave nice.
Not cheap, but well worth!

claire c

Reviewed on October 28, 2021 by Amazing Review from Tripadvisor

Absolutely incredible experience!! Worth all the money in the world!! We felt so safe with the guides who were all fantastic. The snowmobiling was amazing and I wish I could do it again right now! The ice Cave was something we have never seen before and I am so grateful we had the chance to see it! Thankyou so much 😊 if you're considering doing this do it it's given me memories I will cherish forever!

Greatest retreat ever!

Reviewed on September 05, 2021 by Denise Review from Tripadvisor

This was GREAT! This was the highlight of our Iceland vacation. The guides were so friendly and knowledgeable and they taught our group of 4 to snowmobile across the glacier easily. It was a small group and they gave us tons of attention mri detail and safety. They were fun and had all the gear we needed. It was over the top the best vacation retreat I’ve found!

Borrow the extra gear

Reviewed on February 07, 2021 by Akulasthraxus Review from Tripadvisor

I did the Glacier Snowmobiling and Ice Cave Tour from Reykjavik and it was wonderful! I was picked up from the bus stop by Hallgrímskirkja, taken out to the parking lot of the Golden Falls, changed into a super bus (giant snow tires) and then driven out to what looked like airplane hangers buried in the snow. We all got changed into our snowmobile gear, got a machine, and headed out for about a 45 minute drive, across the glacier, to the back side of a mountain, and entrance to an ice cave. The ice cave was natural but had a good amount of man-made help to make it accessible. Definitely grab and extra pair of gloves and head gear, if you get any wind and the air is cold, it makes a HUGE difference.

Amazing experience!

Reviewed on March 20, 2020 by Katherine From our post-trip system

This experience was truly amazing! From start to finish, my family received great support with every interaction we had. The weather was great as well which added to an already exciting adventure we had planned for snowmobiling and going into an ice cave. The extra gear was perfect as well as we stayed dry and warm against the Arctic winds. Thank you so much! :)


Reviewed on March 14, 2020 by Bianca From our post-trip system

We had a blast on this tour. Even thought the ice cave isn’t too much of nothing just the ride there and back was fun & exciting.

Snowmobiling and Ice cave

Reviewed on March 13, 2020 by Stuart From our post-trip system

Cannot recommend this trip highly enough! We had the best time with the best guide (Hermann). We were blessed we some absolutely stunning weather where we could see for miles! The cave was incredible to see and we got to spend a good amount of time in there. The time on the snow mobiles was great and they stopped to allow for pictures etc. At the end there was tea coffee and biscuits to warm up which was a nice touch! Great job guys thankyou


Reviewed on March 04, 2020 by Imtiaz kar From our post-trip system

Excellent organisers, very well planned and executed tour. Everyone involved showed professionalism and good care. Safety was given priority, will definitely recommend this tours and thanks to everyone making it enjoyable and fun.

Excellent tour

Reviewed on February 24, 2020 by Lynda Dale From our post-trip system

We really enjoyed the whole trip. The equipment was excellent, the guides were super and the instructors very well trained and informed without being too ‘official’ and boring. I see some reviews complaining the cave was very small. That’s nature and if you don’t like it you are missing the point. Things don’t have to be big to be of interest and value. The only hairy moment was with the jeep driver on the way back down who wellied it a bit too much for my liking but as we survived and got home a bit quicker I will forgive that. Thanks for a once in a life time memory - snow blowing across the glacier like a sandstorm at sunset. Perfect!


Reviewed on February 04, 2020 by Bigtoe Review from Tripadvisor

Unlike some of the reviews we had a great experience. We were lucky and were in a small group. The staff were really nice and our tour guide Herman was lovely. The whole experience was amazing and the glacier was beautiful. Definitely recommend!

Simple amazing

Reviewed on January 05, 2020 by Bruno Vilela Oliveira From our post-trip system

It was my first contact with the snow in Iceland and also in my life. Me and my son loved each minute we spent in this snowmobile and ice cave tour. People treated us very kind and observed all participants carefully in order to nobody get in trouble or get lost from the group. It was one of the best experiences we had in iceland. Thank you very much for the truck drivers and the snowmobile guides. The issues we had doesn't messed the tour in any aspect. But as it's a long tour I recommend you book only this tour on the day because of unexpected things like weather cinditions or techinical problems that can delay your trip back to the meeting point.

Skye P

Reviewed on January 04, 2020 by 668skyep Review from Tripadvisor

We did the snowmobiling & Ice caving. What a amazing day. The day we went we had the best weather. The staff were friendly and helpful and all spoke English. The staff made you feel safe and were very helpful. The weather at the end of the snowmobiling did turn bad and the staff made sure we got back safely. I'm so glad we hired snow boots. Amazing day thanks guy's


Reviewed on December 08, 2019 by Asenath R Review from Tripadvisor

I was unable to do the ice cave portion of this tour due to heavy rains which caused the ice cave to flood, but I didn’t even mind because snowmobiling at the long glacier was the most amazing experience! I loved every second. At first I was skeptical about riding this thing alone but the instructors walk you through it step by step and do not leave anyone behind. The scenery made it that much better. It was worth every penny and everyone Should try this. A big thank you to Chris Murray Vito & Ollie, because this was 100% the best part of my trip to Iceland.

Great experience!

Reviewed on December 02, 2019 by Kdsteve Review from Tripadvisor

We loved this trip! We went on the 11:45 time and were able to be on the glacier at sunset. The natural ice cave was really cool. We have an 11 year old daughter and she was fine on the snowmobiles with my husband. The setting was spectacular! We had never been in snowmobiles before but they were easy to operate. The guides were great and everything was very well organized.


Reviewed on November 10, 2019 by Traveler588151 Review from Tripadvisor

You can do the Golden Circle, the northern lights, see the south coast and swim in the Blue Lagoon but not until you climb an Iceland glacier do you understand the primal, wild, natural beauty of this country. Untainted, not polluted. You can visit the glacier, or you can let Arctic Adventures take it to the next level and experience it on the back of a Snowmobile. Don’t miss it. It is fun, unique, breathtaking. The guides were professional and entertaining with their knowledge and experience.
It’s the best way to actually experience a glacier, live a bit of a James Bond moment, and have an unforgettable memory.
My wife and I used a few tour companies and When we will return, and we surely will, we will use them for more than the Glacier one.

Fun and freezing tour!

Reviewed on November 05, 2019 by Paperback_Reader Review from Tripadvisor

We lucked out with fresh and heavy snowfall for our glacier snowmobiling and ice cave tour. It’s a trek from Reykjavík to Langjökull but totally worth it. Jamie our super van driver and Kris our guide were both great. Highly recommend this to anyone wanting to do something a bit different - snowmobiling across a glacier followed by crawling through an ice cave us about as fun as it gets.

Fun and unique adventure

Reviewed on October 19, 2019 by KK-NYC13 Review from Tripadvisor

Bring your sense of adventure with you and you're all set. They provide everything you need to stay safe and warm so no need to worry about anything. The ride on the snowmobile is a fun experience. When you arrive at the ice cave, you are in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains and snow. So beautiful! Make your way back down to snacks and hot drinks. On your way back to Reykjavik, you stop at a rest stop for lunch. A perfect half day adventure.

Amazing experience

Reviewed on October 19, 2019 by Ciaran S Review from Tripadvisor

Went with Arctic Adventures!!Brilliant experience and would definitely recommend everyone to do this. Ran so smoothly from beginning to end!! Snowmobiles were brilliant,id recommend taking the ones nearest the leader if you want a fast pace but they tell you this anyway!!Cave was really cool also!!

Both AMAZING adventures!!!!

Reviewed on July 09, 2019 by 374dominique Review from Tripadvisor

It was quite a trek to get to the snowmobiling spot between a bus, and two ATVs but the snowmobiling was remarkable. It was beautiful scenery, cool black ash piles and lots of snow. Our guide was a bit hard to understand on our travels to the spot and the microphone didn't work well on the bus, however. When we got to the outpost the people who outfitted us with gear were patient, friendly and helpful.

The young man giving us snowmobiling tips and cautions was entertaining but also thorough.

Our guide to the waterfalls, Black Beach and Ice Cave was truly wonderful. She was easy to understand and VERY accommodating. We enjoyed chatting with her on the side also. The lava cave experience was surreal. It was a bit of a walk, wouldn't recommend it to people with bad joints or breathing issues. There was some hard walking and climbing up many stairs but what a sight to see!!! An incredible tale of the Earth!

Snowmobile Trip

Reviewed on June 16, 2019 by Mickoharriso Review from Tripadvisor

Although we couldn’t get into the ice cave during our trip as the stairs were frozen over, the snowmobiling was beyond expectations.

We were picked up from our hotel & taken to base camp, where we were kitted up. We then travelled to the snowmobiles & given a crash course in what to do. From there until we finished, it was brilliant. It’s a long day & I would recommend warm waterproof clothes for under the kit you are given.

Our trip took place during a white out so we didn’t get to see much, but it made the whole day a little bit more exciting as you could barely see the snowmobile in front of you. The heated handle bars are a life saver.

I couldn’t post this review at the time as we booked a number of different trips with the same company.


Reviewed on June 16, 2019 by Susan S Review from Tripadvisor

This was our first time for snowmobiling. They showed up at the pick up point on time. My daughter and I were slow and the guides were patient with us. One stayed with us to escort us while the others were with the rest of my family and the group. They never indicated any frustration with our slow pace. The view from the Half way point was amazing. Definitely had fun and would recommend them.

Snow mobiles

Reviewed on June 06, 2019 by jet_set_jeree Review from Tripadvisor

One of my favorite excursions. We rode snow mobiles on top of a glacier and then went into an ice cave. Talk about exciting!! The suits kept you warm. I do wish you didn’t have to stay in a line when driving the snowmobile, not everyone goes the same speed and I wanted to go faster at times. Still a great excursion with great people.

Great fun!!!

Reviewed on May 07, 2019 by LavanyaLea Review from Tripadvisor

We had so much fun on the snowmobile. It went quite fast, we spent some time in the “play area” to just run around in circles and afterwards did a slightly more technical ride navigating through some rocky paths. The snowmobile will be faster and easier to turn if you ride solo, there were 8 of us in the group and 4 went solo!!! I shared the snowmobile with my friend and we switched halfway through, I wished we had paid a little bit extra and could’ve “raced” each other! Also all the gear is provided but may be good idea to bring your own ski snood/balaclava and ski gloves, would be warmer.

Amazing Experience

Reviewed on May 05, 2019 by TheCosmopolitanTraveler Review from Tripadvisor

The entire experience with Arctic Adventures was incredible and seamless. They picked us up from Gullfoss Cafe and we rode a jeep to their office which had snacks waiting. They supplied all of the necessary gear and equipment. Then we rode to the glacier where the snowmobiles were waiting. They taught us how to use them and led us on a scenic adventure along the glacier. I enjoyed every second and would definitely do it again. We didn't actually do the ice cave tour. I'm not sure why. But we didn't feel like we missed anything since it was such an amazing day.

Brilliant experience!

Reviewed on April 22, 2019 by David S Review from Tripadvisor

Just back from our Iceland tour and this has to be on your list! A brilliant experience led by Hans (top bloke and knowledgeable guide). Despite the ice cave being flooded, we were given extra time on the glacier with the snow mobiles which was just incredible. The whole family agreed that this was the highlight of the holiday.


Reviewed on April 22, 2019 by KayaPapaya6 Review from Tripadvisor

This trip was my absolute favourite of all of my tours in Iceland. In fact I think I'd book it again when I come out next!

Our tour guide (Quentin) was very good, knew his stuff and gave us some extra info on Reykjavík on the drive home. The snowmobiling was fantastic and the ice cave was beautiful! They give you biscuits at the end too, hoorahh!

If you're on the fence or a little scared just book it! It truly is breathtaking!

Whole day of fun!

Reviewed on April 11, 2019 by World. Travel. Exploring. Review from Tripadvisor

After spending quite a bit of money on this tour I was hoping for the best and I was extremely impressed! We were picked up from our hotel by Peter in the Arctic adventure van which took just over an hour, until we stopped at a restaurant near the waterfall where more of us got on a larger 4 x 4 snow Jeep. We proceeded for a 45 minute journey in this Jeep to the snowmobile site and were greeted by other members of staff who gave us a snow suit (would recommend wearing your jeans or joggers underneath with your coat as the suit does not keep out the cold very well). They also provided us with gloves, a ski mask goggles and a helmet, you could also rent proper snow shoes also (at a price).

Once everyone had got their gear we were briefed on how to use the snowmobile and the safety procedures. Both my partner and I felt very safe at all times! After 30 minutes of snowmobiling we stopped at an ice cave (see pictures below) and were given a lovely talk by Peter about the history of the cave. After, we headed back to the snowmobile site and we also stopped at beautiful spot to take photos. When we arrived back at the snowmobile site we were given hot chocolate, coffee, tea and biscuits!

Overall the day lasted 8-9 hours so I’d recommend bringing lunch and some water with you to eat in the van or once you stop at the ice cave. I have to say a special thanks to Peter and the other members of staff for being absolutely fantastic in answering any questions we had, making us feel safe and comfortable during our entire trip.


Reviewed on April 05, 2019 by Neary S Review from Tripadvisor

We had an AWESOME experience snowmobiling and an ice cave tour with our guide, Pedro, with Arctic Adventures!! Seriously an adventure of a lifetime. Pedro and everyone else on the staff was incredibly helpful and made the experience fantastic!!!

Extreme by name extreme by nature

Reviewed on March 25, 2019 by Afrababy Review from Tripadvisor

We joined the snowmobile and inside the glacier trip in March, from start to finish we felt safe and reassured by James our guide which is just as well as the weather conditions on the glacier were pretty poor. The weather meant we didn't see much other than white all around us. At times even the snowmobile in front of us was difficult to see,it was an experience we will probably never have again very much an adrenaline rush. Its a long day but so glad we did it. The other guides who met us at the base to kit us out before and after the snowmobile ride were all very professional and efficient giving clear instuctions at just the right level. The day certainly made us appreciate the power of nature and how the weather in Iceland can change so quickly.

Langjökull Glacier tour

Reviewed on March 12, 2019 by Chris K Review from Tripadvisor

What an epic day!! Snow mobiling to and on a glacier then going into a natural ice cave. Big shout out to Mardis! Sharing lots of cool info and hilariously funny. Highly recommended!!!

a great adventure

Reviewed on March 12, 2019 by Christina Review from Tripadvisor

This was a super trip, well organized, super guide (Quentin)!, best weather, great to ride with the big wheels, snocwcooter trip could have been at bit longer than just 2 x 30 minutes, ice cave cool, we really recommend it.

Great time on our tours

Reviewed on March 11, 2019 by gemiow Review from Tripadvisor

We did 3 trips through arctic adventures, snowmobiling, small group golden circle and small group south coast. We were picked up on time for all 3 and all 3 of the tour guides were all really friendly, informative and told us lots of facts, information amd history about Iceland. All the tours were thoroughly enjoyable and on the south coast your we got to see a few extra places without compromising time at other places we just had less time for lunch which was fine by us. I would use arctic adventures again on our next visit to Iceland


Reviewed on March 07, 2019 by Nancy B Review from Tripadvisor

Hans was our guide for this trip and what an adventure. Yes it’s a long trip and not cheap but well worth it. Hans made sure we had an interesting journey to the glacier and never having been on a snowmobile before kept us right. Being inside The ice cave was awesome and the snowmobile journey was fun. Hans made the trip special and memorable. 👍
Our start time was changed but artic adventures texted us and emailed us to let us know. So no problem with keeping us informed.

Ice cave and snowmobiling, what more can you ask for?

Reviewed on March 05, 2019 by RustyThomas Review from Tripadvisor

James picked us up right on time and we were off. We took a normal van for a ways out of town, and we changed into a modified Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 with huge tires at the waterfall. Then the real fun began!

James was an awesome driver , and as there wasn't much snow he did manage to take the truck off road for us for a bit of fun. Apparently the snow can make the trip pretty tough, so I can't decide if we were lucky to get there easily , and miss the struggle or not. we still got to see the sprinter in action, that was nice for folks who like off roading.

Once we got to base camp, they suited us up in the professional orange jump suits, helmet, goggles and mittens. We had on layers underneath and we were very comfortable. Even at 60kmh , we were too excited to feel any chill. The heated handlebars on snowmobiles were a nice touch for the driver.

We met Bjorn for the snowmobiling and he gave us the safety briefing in the most Viking way possible. He was hilarious and serious at the same time. We knew we were in good hands the entire ride. We had great visibility and were able to see quite a ways into the distance during the drive, and we never lost sight of any drivers. Easy peasy and lots of fun.

30 minutes of trail riding on snow and ice we were at the ice cave, and that was fun itself. Bjorn gave a lot of information on glaciers and took awesome photos for us. Back on the snowmobile , and now we were comfortable driving - the trip back whizzed by so fast.

Coffee and cookies while we changed clothes and back on the 4x4 with James to go back to the hotel. One last change at the waterfall to the regular van and he had us back home at the time he said he would. Both James and Bjorn were very nice and great guys for this trip.

I'd do this trip again in a heartbeat, my wife was nervous at first and she was begging to go again someday by the time we were done. It does take several hours overall - we left at 8 and were back by 5pm, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time(it can take much longer when it snows). We slept in the van on the way back after the adrenaline wore off.

The best part of our trip

Reviewed on March 04, 2019 by mandilionz Review from Tripadvisor

This was the best thing we did our whole trip to Iceland. If you’re on the fence- book it. The guides did an amazing job of making sure that everyone knew how to operate the snowmobile and that everyone was safe. It was an incredible experience.

Fun tour, great scenery

Reviewed on March 03, 2019 by Jenn Z Review from Tripadvisor

My guide was Quentin from France and he was really great! Very friendly and helpful. The snowmobiling was fun and relatively easy. The cave tour was a bit scary as the climb down into it was slippery with ice covered steps, but Quentin made sure I did not break my neck :) The staff at the home base were also extremely nice and made sure everyone felt comfortable.

Awesome adventure

Reviewed on February 19, 2019 by Tricia H Review from Tripadvisor

I’m so happy we were able to take this adventure. It was one of my favorite experiences while in Iceland. All of our guides were amazing with in-depth knowledge and experience. Our guide who drove us went above and beyond. He was a brand new father returning to work for the first day in three weeks. A snow storm blew in while we going to the ice cave so the roads on the way back were more difficult to get through when returning. Several vehicles got stuck including ours. Our wonderful guide never complained or got frustrated he continually helped to get us unstuck as well as helping others even when the vehicle was a different excursion company. We were extremely impressed with his patience and persistence. I would highly recommend this adventure!

Book it!

Reviewed on February 11, 2019 by Yessenia A Review from Tripadvisor

Thank you mardis for our wonderful day. I can’t say enough great things about this company. We were picked up on time, our tour guide was very knowledgeable, she took care of us and let’s be honest she is a badass! She drove this huge vehicle to get us up to the mountain and told us about her childhood filled with many adventures. Her name means little mermaid but don’t let her size fool you. She knows all the ins and outs of the terrain and snowmobile.

She was also very compassionate of my situation as I started having a panic attack when I was driving one of the snowmobiles. She literally took me under her wing, I got to drive with her and she kept checking up on me often to make sure I was ok. Riding with her was the highlight of this tour for me, she drove that snowmobile so smooth and fast. I loved being with her.

Now head ups If you do this activity BUNDLE up. I had double layers under the orange jumpsuit and I was still freezing. If you can buy your own black mask to put under the helmet, one that has the protection for your nose as one person in our group got a really bad frostbite in her nose.

The tours are kept small and it is the best for this kind of adventure. Keep in mind it is expensive but worth it. I kept seeing all of the big buses full of tourists and we were so grateful to be in such a small and personable tour.

We also booked a tour of the golden circle and northern lights with them. All the guides were wonderful.

Freeman was our tour guide for the golden circle, he was honest and straightforward on his information. If you get him you get lucky to have him with you for the day.

Amazing one day trip

Reviewed on February 08, 2019 by frenchy Review from Tripadvisor

We did the tour with Bjorn, who was a great funny/knowledgeable guide! The snowmobiling experience was great fun and the views on the glacier were stunning. It takes a few hours to get to the basecamp but it's definitely worth it!

Amazing and fun.

Reviewed on February 07, 2019 by BlkJack Review from Tripadvisor

What a great experience, Mardis made this trip loads of fun. The view snowmobiling across the glacier was fantastic.

What an experience!!!!

Reviewed on January 27, 2019 by Rosie E Review from Tripadvisor

This experience was SO much fun. The snowmobiling was amazing, being on top of a glacier was incredible and the ice cave was so interesting! The tour guides were so great and really informative.
Loved every minute and would 100% recommend!

We had a blast

Reviewed on January 26, 2019 by Bill P Review from Tripadvisor

We did this tour with Extreme Iceland/ Arctic Adventures. It was so much fun. Our tour guide Arkne ( Ernie) was great and a fine amateur comedian. We were laughing the whole trip. Snowmobiling on the glacier was very cool and the ice cave was amazing.

We had a great time and learned a lot about Iceland from Ernie.

I definitely recommend this trip.


Reviewed on January 21, 2019 by AllySP31 Review from Tripadvisor

This was an experience of a life time. Riding snowmobiles up a glacier and then experiencing an ice cave and looking at water and ice thats been there for over 600 years was so cool!

The guides knew so much about everything. Einar (I hope I spelt that right!) was our guide who picked us up in Reykjavik and dropped us off when we were done. All of our guides were so knowledgeable and funny! I recommend this tour for anyone who is adventurous and wants to spend a day in the snow! Dress warm!

Once in a lifetime experience :)

Reviewed on January 20, 2019 by Cheryl R Review from Tripadvisor

Pick up like everywhere in the city is from a designated bus stop nearest your hotel and not your actual hotel. ALL excursions with all operators work this way due to local traffic laws.

We were picked up by our driver/guide Arni who was fab! Very knowledgeable and funny. He was always making sure everyone was OK and checking if they needed anything. He has some great folklore tales and also some funny day to day stories. He is a local and we passed through his hometown and neighbouring rival town and he had lots of funny tales about the locals and strange Icelandic laws. He stayed with us the whole day even on the snowmobiles.

The minibus had free wifi and we changed to an adapted off road minibus at Gulfoss. An impressive $250k vehicle with huge wheels! It was another 20 mins from there to base camp to get jumpsuits, gloves, helmets and goggles. Back in the vehicle for just another 5 minutes to reach the snowmobiles at the edge of the glacier. A quick run through on how they work, safety etc and then you set off one by one for around 25 mins until you reach a mountain. at the base of the mountain is the underground ice cave where the mountain and glacier meet. I was very happy to see some blue ice inside as I had read that was only in the southern glaciers.

You can then swap drivers if you have a passenger to drive back the same way. My husband and I did this, but I managed to flip us off twice into the snow!! Amazing how the safety brief kicked in and we did exactly what Arni had told us to do if that was to happen. Arni was there to make sure we were ok and help us back on the snowmobile within seconds of coming off. This doesn't happen often, and we were the only ones of around 30 snowmobiles that did flip off, but that is more my fault for speeding!! The snow is so thick and soft it really doesn't hurt if you did come off anyway.

Back at base camp you are given, coffee, hot choc or tea with some biscuits. It is a lot of travel but an absolutely amazing experience so well worth the effort.

We saw probably more than half of our fellow guests not give a tip. Unlike in America where this is expected, it is not in Iceland but like Europe very much appreciated when it is given for excellent service. I know this trip is expensive, but everyone said how much of an amazing day they had so I'm unsure why they didn't tip (most were Americans so it should be second nature).

Many thanks Arctic Adventures and especially Arni for an absolutely amazing day and experience!!!! Can not recommend enough.


Reviewed on December 29, 2018 by AimeeCave Review from Tripadvisor

Absolute highlight of our trip to Iceland. Snowmobiling was excellent and although pricey, well worth the money for a once in a lifetime experience. Great communication throughout from Arctic Adventures and our guide, Einal, was superb. He was very knowledgeable, friendly and super funny! Thanks for a great experience!


Reviewed on December 28, 2018 by Alison Review from Tripadvisor

We would like to say thank you to MARDIS...the guide,she was very interesting we had a lot of laughs along the way...which made the day special.
The snowmobiling was amazing,the ice cave was amazing 😉 the hole day was BRILLIANT, best experience in Iceland.
Thank you....

Don't miss

Reviewed on December 28, 2018 by John R Review from Tripadvisor

Great guides. Natural cave was fascinating. Went in a long caravan. We were in the first five sleds and really opened them up. Drove in circles waiting for others to catch up. With the snow there were near whiteout conditions. If you are adventurous get near the front. Had heated handle bars. Really glad we did it.

Exhilarating, beautiful...a must do!

Reviewed on December 24, 2018 by Laura J Review from Tripadvisor

We had such a brilliant day. Ron, the guide was super helpful, informative and fun. We had stunning weather, which made the views sensational. The ice cave was beautiful, and Ron was great at taking photos for us. Driving the snowmobiles was so exhilarating (whilst quite physically challenging). Would do it again in a heartbeat, and thoroughly recommend. We also got to see highlights of the Golden Circle on our way home. Definitely worth every penny.

Experience of a lifetime

Reviewed on December 11, 2018 by Neil Williamson Review from Tripadvisor

Amazing experience from start to finish..couldn’t recommend this tour enough..one of the best things myself and my wife have ever done..our tour guide Arni was excellent,very helpful and really funny as well whilst also keeping our safety in mind..worth every penny

Must experience!

Reviewed on December 05, 2018 by mommamoy Review from Tripadvisor

Booked this 1230 tour which gave us ample time to walk around town and lunch prior to pick up. Heres what to expect
The tour specifically states to be at your bus stop at a certain time, depending on how many other people they have to pick up so allow 30 min window. 
ARNIE ?? was our tour guide and full of energy and quick to tell us what to expect. About an hour out of town to geyser site to switch cars. At this point will be time for a QUICK restroom stop if needed. Climb aboard the massive monster truck for a slightly off road adventure! Gravel road to base camp another 30 min away, where you suit up for snowmobiling! 
Pro tip: you will wear a reflective wind/waterproof suit over your existing clothes and jacket. I brought my own baklava but they have them avail at no cost. They will.also let you use their mittens but bettet to bring your own thick ski gloves.
You will get fitted for a helmet and provided goggles.
Bring a go pro and let the passenger wear it!
Wear double socks as your feet will get COLD!!
After all suited up anothet 15 min drive to the snowmobiles there is a 15 -20 min instruction on how to operate vehicle
Pro tip: listen to the instruction as they are after all for SAFETY dont be the one that cuts people off or tailgating

It is about a 30-40 min ride to the cave depending on your level of comfort and speed
There are 3 guides; one to lead, one to make sure if someone is going slow they stick with them and the last to make sure no one gets lost. 

They have you take your place according to comfort level of snowmobile, faster drivers first then slower drivers last. Can make speeds up to 40km

Back to being inconsiderate, the driver in front us kept tailing the mobile in front of him. That driver was having issues with the steering and they were almost hit by the driver in front of us when they nearly tipped over. Keep a safe distance folks! We are all here for a bit of enjoyment 
Once you arrive at the cave you will get about 15-20 min to take pics, cave itself is small and some areas you cannot even stand up. Look up however and the ice is clear 

Back to camp for biscuts and coffee!! Was given a short presentation about the glacier we visited on a map
BONUS!!! Our guide pointed out the Northern lights on the way back to town!!
Tip is not necessary, however we did give one to our guide as I can only imagine the energy it takes to drive out from Reykjavik, snowmobile across a glacier and drive back to town with everyone safe, sound and intact ;)

Best Day Ever!

Reviewed on December 04, 2018 by Sam H Review from Tripadvisor

If you are sitting on the fence and wondering if you should book this tour, don’t hold back, just do it! It is by far one of the best things I have ever done. Arni our guide was awesome, so much knowledge, we saw the geysir on our way and it was like he timed it all perfectly...he also has some great skills on a ski-doo!
Snowmobiling across the glacier, weaving up and down was a thrill and spectacular scenery, with the sun setting as we jetted along, we didn’t want it to end.
We had the unexpected treat of the northern lights on our way home which was the icing on the cake

Amazing trip

Reviewed on November 25, 2018 by Brad S Review from Tripadvisor

This was a awesome trip our driver Ernie was a great guide and got us to see it all. The pick up was I set at stop#3 st hard rock right downtown. The ride out was great and when we switched to the big trucks it was even better. The gear was nice and new for the snowmobiles and the snowmobiles were new as well. Thanks for a perfect trip.

Exciting and wonderful experience

Reviewed on November 16, 2018 by KHLim1701 Review from Tripadvisor

Well organized. Good protection from the cold provided. Well insulated. The suits were heated too! Very comfortable. Mobil feels new and well maintained. Rides were thrilling. It nice to visit a natural nice cave thought it wasn’t a big one. A bit pricy but for someone who comes from the tropics, it’s once in a lifetime experience!


Reviewed on November 13, 2018 by Kendal Review from Tripadvisor

We left this trip to our last day in Iceland, and I’m so glad we did it! It was the coolest thing I have ever done in my life. The trip was well organised, hotel pick up was on time, and our tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable with a great sense of humour. We got on a big super Jeep to drive up to the base to get on the snowmobiles, which was fun in itself. But then driving over the glacier in the snowmobile was so amazing, just snow and mountains in every direction, and got to have a decent length ride on the mobile. The natural ice cave was awesome, got plenty of time to have a look around and take some photos. After the snowmobiling, they had set up tea, coffee and hot chocolate with biscuits in a room afterwards which was just the cherry on top of the day. 10/10 would recommend and would definitely do it again myself.

Highlight of our trip! Bucket list item!

Reviewed on June 29, 2018 by Rebecca W Review from Tripadvisor

My 16-y-old and I snowmobiled on Langjokull last week with Arctic Adventures. Our guide was GREAT (Ron), the truck ride was fun, I felt safe the whole time, and it was very exhilarating. What a rush, so much fun!! I do recommend sharing a snowmobile, as one can drive it on the way out and the other on the way back; when steering, it's impossible to look around at all.

Fortunate rebook

Reviewed on May 27, 2018 by MVD72 Review from Tripadvisor

We initially were booked for the golden circle and snowmobile tour but I received an email saying it was cancelled and they offered me this tour instead. What a fortunate event for us. The tour was amazing and truly breathtaking. Our Arctic Adventure guide, Kuba, was efficient as was the staff where the snowmobiles were based. They had 12 people suited up and safety checked in record time so that we could enjoy our time on the snowmobiles. The ride was exhilarating as was the view, but the ice caves were icing on the cake. It was like a scene out of a movie with the giant column of ice in the middle of the cave and the expansive size of the cave deep into the glacier. A once in a lifetime experience that I am glad my husband talked me into!

Awesome Snowmobiling and an Unforgettable Ice Cave--Highlight of our Vacation

Reviewed on April 18, 2018 by Ryan L Review from Tripadvisor

This was the highlight of our week in Iceland. We started in the morning in Reykjavik, where were picked up a few blocks from our hotel and transported to Gullfoss. We visited in April, when the road to the glacier is closed to regular traffic, so we were transferred to a modified Mercedes-Benz coach with 46 inch tires to drive over the snow up to glacier. The ride up was a lot of fun...our driver was great, providing a lot of information about how the modified 4X4 vehicles are custom built in Iceland.
When we arrived at base camp, we were given a briefing on how to drive the snowmobiles. No one in my family had been on a snowmobile before, but the guides were very helpful in making us comfortable. We drove the snowmobiles up to the cave...again, the guides were very helpful, riding alongside us and making sure everyone was comfortable and safe. After about 30 minutes, we arrived at the entrance to the ice cave that would take us under the glacier. The tour company had built a wooden staircase and erected lights, so the inside of the cave was easy to navigate. Inside we were given information on the formation of the glacier and the cave. We were also given time to explore and take pictures. After about a 20 minute visit, we headed back to surface and rode back to basecamp for a coffee/hot chocolate break before boarding the bus to take us back down. Altogether a fantastic tour--I would highly recommend this for anyone travelling to Iceland.

Fantastic fun, the highlight of our time in Iceland

Reviewed on April 17, 2018 by Alyballyb Review from Tripadvisor

As we had hired a car we opted for the option to be collected from the car park of Gullfoss Cafe (easy to find using on phone navigation) rather than collection from Reykjavik. There was an option to meet at the basecamp but I wouldn't recommend this as the road up to that is essentially across the glacier! We arrived promptly and the supertrucks were parked up ready to go when everyone arrived.

The drive up to the base camp in the Super truck was fun in itself. Our driver was great, good sense of fun and enjoyed his soundtrack of 90's and 00's rock (which suited us just fine!). He told us tales of Trolls living in the mountains, history of the glacier road and explained about the construction of the supertruck - starting life as a Mercedes Sprinter van! After its custom Icelandic 4x4 conversion its now on a huge chassis with extra low gear ratios. Ours didn't have the auto-inflation and deflation on the tyres which he seemed a little grumpy about, but he was then highly amused when it failed to work properly on the other one that did have it! It became clear that 'boys toys' rated highly in Iceland!

On arrival we were quickly fitted out in our coveralls, gloves, helmets and goggles and taken outside for a comprehensive and easy to understand briefing before choosing our 'Steed'.

My hubby was riding and I was pillion (it was his birthday treat), but there was an option to pay a supplement if you each wanted your own machine, or you could swop over at the half way point at the cave. Most of the machines had heated grips to help keep your hands warm in the more extreme temperatures.

The group set off on the initial 30 minute ride up to the Ice Cave. There is plenty of opportunity to go at your own pace. We were upfront and moving fairly quickly, others were slower, but we paused a couple of times to re-group before heading out again, so you can go at whatever pace you are happy and comfortable with without any pressure. There was a leader and about 3 escort riders to ensure the group were supported and supervised. My hubby has ridden these before and is also a keen sports motorcyclist and rode that way! I have to admit that hanging on with my legs and arms was tiring and my arms were killing me for 2 days from holding them at constant tension to stay on, if you have a more sedate driver then you probably won't have this issue, there were children as pillions without an issue so don't let it concern you!

After about 30 minutes, we arrived at the entrance to the ice cave under the glacier. The fact this was a natural ice cave is what attracted me to this, I like the beauty of what nature provides rather than someone with a chainsaw! They had cleverly constructed a sort of wooden staircase to ease entry and exit and they used portable lighting inside. Once inside the guide gave us information on the glacier and the cave, then there was time to explore and do photos, the guide was happy to take pictures for you too.

Afterwards it was back onto the machines for another 30 minute ride back to the basecamp to them de-kit and have hot chocolate and cookies before the snowcoach trip back to the car park.

This was a special trip for my Hubbys 50th birthday and the lead rider was brilliant and took him out 1-2-1 for a couple of minutes fast circuit (minus his pillion!!) round the ice field at the base camp. This was the absolute highlight for my Hubby and he was grinning from ear-to-ear all day and hasn't shut up abut it since! I recorded it and posted it on our Social Media and he certainly attracted green-eyed comments from his fellow motorsports fans!

I know it seems expensive but this was an absolute blast and for anyone into ticking boxes, having experiences or generally looking for an adrenaline rush I would highly recommend you do this, you won't regret it!

Big smiles

Reviewed on March 31, 2018 by dangerousCN Review from Tripadvisor

I went with my family and we all had an amazing time, the guides were friendly and knowledgable which meant that all the events were well prepared and relaxed. The snowmobiles were in excellent condition and well maintained with heated handle and grab bars, so even when the temperature dropped you were still warm. Fantastic.

Amazing experience.

Reviewed on March 28, 2018 by Toqueer N Review from Tripadvisor

This was the highlight of our trip to Iceland. Amazing timely pickup and great outdoor activity. The guides and drivers were very professional and it was a memorable experience including the Monster Truck and Snowmobile.

Amazing!! Life changing!!

Reviewed on March 16, 2018 by Robbie-R1 Review from Tripadvisor

Snowmobiling and ice cave was awesome. Great guides, great equipment and a breathtaking trip.
It was even more amazing as i proposed to my partner in the Ice Cave and she said yes!!
A truly life changing adventure!

So much fun!

Reviewed on March 16, 2018 by Meghan L Review from Tripadvisor

We loved this tour - the guide was funny & informative, the snowmobiling was lots of fun and the ice cave was very cool! Would definitely recommend this tour. Something that would make it even better (although longer) would be to include some golden circle sites like the geyser and the gulfoss waterfall since we pass both on the way there and the way back.

Amazing trip!!!! February 28th 2018

Reviewed on March 04, 2018 by Linette H Review from Tripadvisor

This was a special treat for my husband's birthday. However the night before the trip I badly sprained my foot and thought the trip would be over. The morning of the trip I made it to the pick up point where we were picked up in an impressive super jeep. H (The lady instructor whos name i cannot pronounce) greeted us and was happy for me to come on the trip even though I couldn't bear all my weight on my foot and even offered to help me.
The journey to the base camp is long but we made good time and got to stop and see gullfoss waterfall. Once at the base camp we quickly got on all the equipment and I made it on to the snowmobile. At the ice cave we parked the snowmobile at the top of a hill (it would have been too steep for my foot) but I was driven down by H to the entrance and back up again once we were finished. I want to say a big thank you to H you were great in helping me and I would have been gutted if I had missed it.
Would definitely recommend this company and tour to anyone visiting Iceland.

What a day😊

Reviewed on February 21, 2018 by micky2269 Review from Tripadvisor

Brilliant day out, was a long day(9+ hours)mainly due to the location of their base camp. Excellent staff who were friendly, and fun to be around !!

Great experience

Reviewed on February 13, 2018 by ssherl0ck Review from Tripadvisor

After comparing several companies we decided on this this trip as this company came recommended in a small planet travel guide and with the trip being costly we wanted to go with a reputable company. Although our trip left a couple of hours late due to car being stuck in the road the staff still took the trip which considering how late it was returning I was impressed by. The weather has been really bad and hence the roads became a hard drive however the staff leading the tour drove the hour+ drive through the snow without hesitation and adding a little fun. Upon arrival we were equipped with all in one snow suit helmets Goggles and gloves and the. Given our instructions on how to use the snowmobile we then got to rid the snowmobiles over to the ice cave 30-40 min drive we descended into the small cave and the tour guide told us interesting facts about the ice. Then we embarked on the journey back to base followed by hot drinks before returning to the gulfoss meeting point.
Overall great day great team would definitely use this company again

Favourite Trip in Iceland

Reviewed on December 07, 2017 by C M Review from Tripadvisor

We booked the snowmobile and ice cave trip through Arctic Adventures.

This trip is obviously completely weather dependant and we knew that before booking.

On the day of our trip the weather was a little wild and we were advised one of the instructors had visited the Ice Cave and unfortunately it was inaccessible.

The snowmobiling was amazing, it was both or first time but both found it to be an amazing experience.

You are given great weatherproof kit that keeps you nice and warm and as you would expect they are very conscious about health and safety.

NOTE: Take food / snacks. There is a long drive to base camp then it’s straight out on the snowmobiles then straight back on the bus home with no stop for lunch. If you take food with you there is plenty time to eat on the bus.

Conclusion: A must do! A great experience!


Reviewed on November 27, 2017 by StacyTravelsTheW0rld Review from Tripadvisor

Honestly, this was hands down the best part of my trip. Snowmobiling in these remote areas is a dream come true. The guides were tons of fun, we took a super jeep to get there and back and they had all the equipment we could want. It was truly a once in a lifetime trip and I HIGHLY recommend. Don't hesitate - book it today :-)

Wonderful experience.

Reviewed on November 26, 2017 by Clare B Review from Tripadvisor

We had a great time. The area was amazing, like something out of star wars. Couldn't take our eyes off the scenery. Bjorn was our guide, and was helpful throughout. The trip was well organised, from the pick up in Reykjavik, right through to returning to Reykjavik.
We were helped to get dressed into appropriate gear, and shown how to control the snowmobile. We travelled together, to and from the ice cave. Everyone was allowed to go at their own speed, and were looked after throughout. The ice cave was better than we ever imagined. So glad we chose to see a natural ice cave instead of a man made ice cave. The whole experience was brilliant, and one we shall never forget.

Excellent experience

Reviewed on February 17, 2017 by Christian H Review from Tripadvisor

From the arty to the finish it was a brilliant day , the tour guide was friendly , informative and helpful , the 4x4 minibus you are in was a beast of a truck and could get through anything, the snow mobiles were all new and very good machines with heard handlebars and even foot warmers for the driver and was good for all abilities and the ice cave was a real surprise , made a few quick stop offs to see a water fall and a geyser where you have some lunch , overall a top day and would highly recommend


Meet on location means travelling to the location of the tour yourself and then meeting our tour guides rather than being picked up and taken to the location.

This is a great question. We ask all participants to be ready from the start of the pickup time indicated. This is because you may well be the first pick up of the day. Please be at your assigned location at the start time that you chose when booking the tour.

Here you should wait for your guide.

Have your email and phone number listed with us so we can contact you if we run into any trouble finding you.

View our pick-up locations in Reykjavík.

Before and during activities on the multi-day tours consumption of alcohol is prohibited. If we suspect that a participant is intoxicated, we will prohibit them from joining the activity.

After the activities of the day are finished, you are welcome to have a drink and relax.

Yes, we do. Langjökull Ice Cave is a magical experience, the tour has no minimum age and is a wonderful option for the whole family. Whale Watching with our partner company Elding has been a favourite with families traveling with young children, these guys have a great success rate in seeing whales (upwards of 98% in the summertime).

Another option would be the Landmannalaugar Safari on this tour you get to explore parts of the Icelandic highlands and bathe in natural hot springs. Most of our super jeep tours are also suitable for children over the age of 6 years old. If you would like a nice and relaxing experience we would also recommend the Golden Circle & Secret Lagoon tour.

Your safety is our number one priority! Keeping this in mind, Arctic Adventures reserves the right to adjust the itinerary and/or take different routes depending on conditions. Please read more information in our cancellation policy.

Yes, there is a specially trained and certified guide on each of our tours. The only exception to this is for our self-drive tours.

All of our tours are guided in English.

No, for all your questions and concerns you would need to contact our customer service.

The standard in Iceland is 230V and 50Hz and we use F-type power sockets and plugs, so you might have to bring an adaptor if you are visiting from UK, USA, Canada or other countries using a different voltage, Hz or plugs.

Our tours are split into four different categories that help participants to understand what to expect from the tour. The categories are Easy, Moderate, Challenging and Demanding. Each tour is rated making it easier to find tours that suit you.

For further information about the difficulty ratings and descriptions.

We’ve partnered with the Kolviður Fund in a new carbon offsetting program, which passengers can select to participate in at the time of booking.

The Kolviður Fund is the oldest, most respected carbon offsetting program in Iceland. With your support, one tree will be planted in special Kolviður forests in Iceland to carbon offset your tour with us.

Kolviður forests are strategically planted to absorb the maximum amount of CO2 and the forests are protected for a minimum of 60 years. During their lifetime the trees absorb carbon and store it in their root system, trunk, and branches. Trees also prevent soil erosion and maintain storage of carbon in the soil.

No, full drivers license is required to ride a snowmobile.

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