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Reykjavik Food Walk

Foodies Delight Reykjavik Walk

Get the fabulous food in Iceland experience, this Reykjavík walking tour is an adventure for your taste buds. Sample the wonderful local cuisine as you explore the city sights


Experience the very best of Icelandic cuisine with a local foodie as your guide. Visit excellent restaurants, exquisite local food shops and famous food trucks as you get to know the heart of Reykjavík on foot. The must-do Reykjavík adventure tour for food enthusiasts!

  • Availability

    All year

  • Duration

    ~ 3-4 hours

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  • Meet on location


  • Min. Age

    4 years

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    13.900 ISK

Tour highlights
Taste grass fed Icelandic lamb
Try homemade local ice cream
Sample the best local cheese
Try traditional Icelandic Skyr
Visit the most famous hot dog truck
Enjoy authentic local seafood soup
Enjoy the sights of Reykjavík
Reykjavík walking tour with a local guide
Sampling some extra items
English speaking guide

Experience Reykjavík through its local food

When you meet your local food walk guide at Harpa Concert Hall you can look forward to three to four hours of the most delicious tastes within Icelandic cuisine, and the best sights to be found in the heart of Reykjavík.

First and foremost, you will experience Reykjavík through sampling the local food. On this unique walking tour, over three to four hours we will visit five or six unique restaurants to try their best Icelandic culinary delicacies. The restaurants have been selected by your specialist local food guide for one reason only – they offer the most delightful Icelandic food to entrance your sense of taste.

Visit the best restaurants in Reykjavík as well as the lesser-known local secrets

Some of these places are famous ‘must-visit Reykjavík restaurants’, and others are little-known but characterful local places which are hidden down the back streets of the city.

This really is a walking tour for foodies, so make sure you wear your comfortable walking shoes and dress for the weather! Along the way, you will see some of the best-known buildings and sights in Reykjavík and learn some fascinating stories about them. You can rest assured your guide has an eye for the quirky and the less obvious, so you will get to know some amazing tidbits of information as you wander around. Your stream of footsteps will frequently be punctuated by another ´food visit’, and yet more great culinary wonders to try. So, you will never be walking for long without an interesting and delicious food break.

Enjoy the wonderful tastes at the heart of Icelandic cuisine

We want you to enjoy the wonderful tastes at the heart of Icelandic cuisine, as well as giving you a taste of Icelandic history in more ways than one. You will see the buildings of Reykjavík, and learn some of their stories, and among many other delicacies, you will get to taste the famous Icelandic Skyr.

This beautiful and somewhat yogurt-like dairy product goes right back to the time when Iceland was settled by the Vikings, more than 1100 years. How do we know this? There are references to Skyr in the legendary Icelandic Sagas. Of course, we can say this about other foods you will be offered, lamb and fish featured heavily in the Icelandic diet right from the beginning.

Join our family-friendly tour

This Reykjavík food tour is unique and family-friendly. You will be introduced to and taste delicious Icelandic food and see some of Reykjavík´s famous places with a fun and food-loving local guide.

On this tour, you will not be offered any of the more bizarre Icelandic food items you may have heard of – we want you to enjoy the foods within Icelandic cuisine which are more appealing to overseas palates.

Practical information

  • Bring with you: Comfortable walking shoes, clothes suitable for the weather conditions and rainwear.
  • You meet your Reykjavík Food Walk guide at Harpa Concert Hall, Austurbakki 2, 101 Reykjavík.

Please note

You will only be offered the most delightful items to be found within Icelandic cuisine. You will not be given things like fermented and sour sheep heads. If you would like to taste these your guide can certainly advise you where to find them, though.

Is the food included on the tour?

Yes, everything is included in the tour.

Is the food tour suitable for children?

Yes, the Reykjavik Food Tour is specially made to accommodate everyone.

What is included in the food tour?

Everything is included. We will stop at 6 unique Reykjavík restaurants, shops and food trucks. Included is the fun walk in a small group with a local guide and lots of Icelandic cuisines.

The only thing that is excluded from our tour is alcohol.

Is the tour in English?

Yes, the tour is in English:)

Are alcoholic beverages included in the tour?

No, alcohol is the only thing that is excluded from the food tour.

Is the price of the tour lower for children?

Yes, there is a price reduction of 50% for children (4-12 years old).

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