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Iceland’s South Coast Tours

Small Group Guided Tours in the South Coast of Iceland

The South coast is a true gem. Traveling along the coast, you can expect to encounter many of Iceland’s best features; black sand beaches, vast lava fields, majestic waterfalls, glaciers and much more. We offer day tours as well as overnight tours that cover this beautiful area. Check out our selection of South Coast tours below.

For a long time, Icelanders have “gone south” to seek fortune in the big city, even if geologically they might be going in a different direction. Reykjavík is located on the southwest corner of Iceland, so there are not many populated places that take you to Reykjavík if you set your compass directly to the south. “To go south” has become an Icelandic idiom so when we are heading for the capital from anywhere in Iceland we say that we are “going south”. There is even a great music festival in Isafjordur town every Easter called, Aldrei fór ég suður (I never went south). But let’s go back to the heart of the matter; the south of Iceland.

The south coast is quite unique when it comes to nature. Driving along the coast you will be traveling over black sands, through vast lava fields and along rugged mountains. The number glaciers you will encounter depends on how far along the coast you travel, but three of the best-known glaciers found along the coast; Vatnajökull glacier, Mýrdalsjökull glacier and Eyjafjallajökull glacier. Majestic waterfalls are also prominent in the area. The most famous are Seljalandsfoss waterfall, the one you can walk behind and Skógafoss waterfall. In addition to that numerous small falls decorates the hills along the south coast. Small villages, fertile agricultural areas, the roaring Atlantic ocean against the black sand beaches, pasturing farm animals … we could go on and on. Around every bend, there is a story, folklore or a saga. Our guides know them all and love to share them with you.

Discover the beauty and the diverse natural features of Iceland’s south coast. Join us for a guided tour. We guarantee you a truly unforgettable day.

Popular Multi-Day Tours of the South Coast of Iceland

Why not explore Iceland’s southern coastline over multiple days? Choose from out wide selection of guided small group adventures.

Popular Activities on the South Coast of Iceland

From glacier hiking, ice-caving, kayaking snowmobiling, just to name a few, Iceland’s south has a lot to offer. Check out our array of activities to find the right adventure for you.

Popular Attractions on the South Coast of Iceland

Whether you’re looking for stunning waterfalls, magical black sand beaches or majestic glaciers, Iceland’s south coast has it all.