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In the stunning Reykjadalur Valley, there is more to discover than just the natural bubbling hot springs. If you’re brave enough, you can find the Djúpagilsfoss Waterfall as it pours into the Djúpagil Canyon. While only small, the waterfall adds a stunning touch to the already charming sights of the surrounding gorge. Those who are not daunted by plunging heights can capture a stunning image of the waterfall, a true hidden gem within a hidden gem.

Tours near Djúpagilsfoss waterfall

Water trickling through the hills from the steaming Reykjadalur Valley

Where is Djúpagilsfoss?

Djúpagilsfoss is commonly reached by visitors hiking from the Reykjadalur Valley. While getting up close and personal to the waterfall is not possible, views of the falls are iconic and the hike to Reykjadalur Thermal Pools shouldn’t be missed. 

From Reykjavík, follow Route 1 southeast. You’ll take a left turn onto Breiðamörk, through Hveragerdi and eventually into Reykjadalur. The start of the hike that will take you past the Djúpagilsfoss waterfall is marked on Google with the label “Reykjadalur Hot Spring Thermal River”, not far from the Ring Road. It’s possible to park nearby for a small fee, but be aware that due to its popular nature, it can fill up quickly.

Following signposts, the hike to the hot springs will take you around 1 hour. The paths are clear, and it’s important not to venture off-road to avoid accidents. The views on the way include winding paths and mountain views, as well as the beautiful Djúpagilsfoss dropping into the valley of the same name.

Warm river winding through the Reykjadalur Valley with people on the banks

Warm river winding through the Reykjadalur Valley

Things to Do Near Djúpagilsfoss

If the wonders of Reykjadalur Valley aren’t enough for you, the southern location of Djúpagilsfoss and the surrounding gorges make it an incredibly convenient stop on a longer route through Iceland. Whether you’re making time to visit from the Ring Road or the Golden Circle, there’s plenty nearby to see and do, including:

Accommodation Near Djúpagilsfoss

Thanks to its fairly southern location, there are several (albeit small) population centres in the area. The nearest one is the town of Hveragerði, which has a large number of hotels and guest houses to choose from. If you’re looking for a base a little further afield, Djúpagilsfoss makes for the perfect day trip from Iceland’s capital, so staying in Reykjavík is nevertheless convenient.