Hop on a super jeep to explore the Katla ice cave on Myrdalsjokull Glacier


  • Small Group Experience
  • Scenic Super Jeep Ride
  • View Over Myrdalsjokull
  • Visiting a Natural Glacial Ice Cave
  • Epic Landscapes
  • Expert Info on the Ice Cave
  • Seljalandsfoss waterfall (From Reykjavik option only)
  • Skogafoss waterfall (From Reykjavik option only, from 1st of Feb until 15th of Nov)

Looking for something off the typical tourist track? This is the tour for you!

It’s time to jump in a Super Jeep, strap on your crampons and step into the mighty glaciers and ice caves of South Iceland.

Prepare for movie-like landscapes and jaw-dropping sights like nothing you've ever done before. We'll hike out across the Myrdalsjokull glacier, then visit the amazing blue and black ice cave of Kötlujökull glacier on Mt. Katla.

Mother Nature has really outdone herself with this one!

This tour is offered either as a meet on location tour from Vik or with a pick-up from Reykjavik. Please specify which option you prefer in checkout.

  • Super Jeep
  • Personal Experience
  • Trusted Tour Operator
  • Expert guides
  • Small group experience
Availability All Year
Duration ~3 / ~11 Stunden
Departs From Vík or Reykjavik
Level Easy Suitable for most people in fair condition.
Minimum age 6 years
Ratio 1:14
Meet on Location Yes
Pick Up Yes

Customer reviews on TripAdvisor

Interesting and funny Katla Ice Cave Tour

Our tour guide was knowledgeable and funny. The ice cave was so beautiful. We had enough time to explore the cave on our own for taking many photos. At the end of the tour we had the possibility to slide down the mountain, just sitting in deep snow and sliding. That was really funny. I highly recommend this tour and I am looking forward to booking a tour with Arctic Adventures again.


Per Adult(16+)
Child (0-12): 108 USD
  • Flexible cancellation up to 24 hours
  • Fast & secure payment
  • Best Price Guarantee

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What's included


  • Super Jeep Ride
  • Visit to a Natural Ice Cave
  • Crampons for Walking on Ice
  • All Required Safety Equipment
  • English Speaking Licensed Adventure Guide

What to bring

  • Warm clothing
  • Waterproof jacket and pants
  • Headwear
  • Gloves

Not Included

  • Meals

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Mýrdalsjökull glacier is one of the best-known in Iceland- from which the alluring Kötlujökull glacier originates. Kötlujökull is named after the robust Icelandic Volcano Katla, which is covered by the glacier.  As the enormous mass of ice has been slowly crawling down from the volcano-mountain, it creates in some of Iceland’s most impressive natural ice caves. On this exhilarating Super Jeep tour, you will get to explore the wonders of this stunning natural phenomenon. You will see why as soon as you step in!


Once picked up, it’s time to continue on to the glaciers. The drive starts on the famous road 1 but soon we will make a turn to what seems like a no man’s land. Enchanting glaciers and mountains will surround us along the way. The Super jeep has no problem taking on the rough and rugged road but the drive is exciting none the less.

We will come to a stop near the roots of Kötlujökull glacier and the view that greets us is otherworldly.  We will take on our crampons and helmets, and take a short walk to the opening of the ice cave. We might need to climb a few steps on ladders to the entrance of the cave. As the natural ice cave is in a constant change, conditions can be different at each tour. The climb is, however, not difficult at all and anyone in an average physical condition should be able to climb these steps. It might look adventurous but it is not demanding at all!

Beautiful layers of different colored ice and volcanic ash unfold from the ice as we come closer to the cave, painting impressive stripes in the glacier.  Your guide will tell you all about the history of the glacier, the ice cave and the area around it making the tour educating and exciting all at once.

When we are back out from the glacier we will walk around and see if any smaller ice caves are accessible before returning back to our super truck. The drive back to Vik is an amazing one and in wintertime, the sun will start to sit behind the mountains creating a magical wintery sunset. Make sure to bring your camera!

For those choosing the roundtrip pick up from Reykjavik

When the length of the daylight allows us (from 1st of February until 15th of November), we will swing by some majestic waterfalls. We’ll stop by the Eerie waterfall of Skógafoss which is located in the beautiful Skógar area and is also the inspiration to dozens of folklore tales. We recommend to hike up the right side of the waterfall to see the troll’s face that stares at the waterfall for all eternity after forgetting time and turning into stone admiring Skógafoss.

We will also stop (all year round) at the stunning Seljalandsfoss waterfall, the one you can walk behind. Seljalandsfoss is located on the Seljalands River which flows all the way down from the famous volcano, Eyjafjallajökull!

Please note: Due to limited daylight periods, we are not able to stop at Skógafoss in wintertime (from 16th of November until 31st of January). Only from 1st of February, throughout the Spring, Summer, and Autumn until 15th of November do we stop at both of the waterfalls on this tour. The meet-on-location tour (from Vík) does not include any other stops but the Ice cave.

We’ll arrive back in Reykjavik around 8:00 p.m.

If you select the pickup option, our tour guide will pick you up at your chosen meeting location in the city.

If you choose to meet the tour at Vik, our tour guide will connect with you at the bus parking lot behind the Icewear Magasin building (facing the sea) in Vik, South Iceland. The guide will be standing outside in the parking lot in front of the “Ice Cave Bistro / Restaurant in Vik” by a Super Jeep with an Arctic Adventures sign in the front window.


The caves are in a constant change so they might look different from what you see in the picture. Air temperature, sunshine, precipitation, geothermal activity, and many other factors cause significant changes in the formation of the ice caves and this process is exclusively controlled by Mother Nature.

We will visit the best available naturally formed ice cave during this tour and the cave we visit is chosen based on conditions and safety each time.

We recommend bringing your own backpack on our full day or 1/2 day tours. It’s great to carry a small lunch and some extra clothing.

You can bring your camera along, and you should definitely bring one since the setting on the tour is full of amazing, scenic views.

This is, of course, a personal choice, we have often had pregnant women on our trips. We recommend you take a close look at our trip description and difficulty rating, they will hopefully give you a better idea. It is also good to contact your physician, pregnant women’s health can be quite different. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions or concerns.

We do not provide lunch on any of our trips, so we recommend you bring your own lunch (for the longer trips), snacks and a bottle of water (you can refill it on the trip).

Crampons are metal spikes that we attach to the soles of your hiking shoes, these enable you to walk on the glacier ice without slipping.

Yes, there is a specially trained and certified glacier guide on every ice cave tour that we offer.

The Ice Caves in Iceland are truly magical. If you want to learn more about them this information page on Ice Caves will be a great help.

Meet on location means travelling to the location of the tour yourself and then meeting our tour guides rather than being picked up and taken to the location.


Based on 3 reviews

Katla Ice Cave (Under The Volcano) Tour

1- of 3 reviews

It is more an adventure than a learning experience

Reviewed on March 12, 2020 by Archie From our post-trip system

Both the tour guides were bold and brazen. They were just dudes having fun which made the rest of us part take in it. The social aspect and the games were what was very exciting. It was less a learning experience and more a crazy fun adventure. Keep hiring these cool dudes. They make these tours less a tour and more an adventure.

Amazing experience

Reviewed on March 03, 2020 by Sanela Arezina From our post-trip system

This was such an amazing experience. Our tour guide “John” ( I just don’t remember his actual name) was absolutely awesome. He took us on a little bit longer walk so we could experience the cave by ourselves and it was absolutely gorgeous! He was so nice, explaining everything to us, answering our questions and making us laugh! On our way back he “made” us slide down the hill to get to our car and that was super fun! Definitely will use this company again!

My favourite tour!

Reviewed on November 21, 2019 by Krishna From our post-trip system

I loved this tour! We had really funny guides for the ice cave (I think one was named Gilly and I don’t know the other one’s name but he was excellent - he had a ponytail and a long beard. He was hilarious and made the drive to the cave and glacier so much fun!). This was a wonderful experience and one of the highlights of my trip!

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