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7 Must-See Frozen 2 Movie Places In Iceland

|November 29, 2019
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Enchanted attractions for Frozen 2 fans to explore on their next adventure!

If you’ve ever wondered about where is Frozen 2 set, look no further than the northernmost part of the world. While the first Frozen film was based in Norway, the second installment is inspired by Iceland!

A screenshot from Disney’s Frozen 2 trailer featuring Anna and Elsa

Towering basalt stack columns, black-sand beaches, massive ice tunnels and more — Iceland is filled with magical sites. Take a Frozen tour of Iceland to explore the awesome locations and Nordic folklore scattered throughout the movie.

Watch the trailer and see if you can spot the Iceland references before we share our must-see Frozen 2 movie places in Iceland.


Frozen 2 Official Trailer


“Iceland really felt mythical. It felt like nature was so awesome and powerful,” said Marc Smith, Director of Story, to Oh My Disney.

Follow the path of Princess Elsa and Anna when you visit these 7 places in Iceland. Let it go!

1. Unleash Your Powers At A Black Sand Beach

Elsa at a black sand beach

When Frozen filmmakers described their trip to Iceland to the press, they emphasized that “stark beauty of Iceland” stood out. Head to black sand beaches to see why they were the perfect backdrop for dark magical scenes.

Djúpalónssandur Beach on Snæfellsnes Peninsula in Western Iceland

Director Chris Buck confirmed that a trip to Djúpalónssandur Beach inspired Frozen 2’s color palette and landscapes. A black sand beach on Snæfellsnes Peninsula in Western Iceland, Djúpalónssandur is an arched-shaped bay with dark cliffs.


Of all the coal-colored beaches in Iceland, Reynisfjara is perhaps the most famous. Located on the South Coast, it was featured in National Geographic as one of the Top 10 non-tropical beaches to visit on the planet. From the beach, you can see stunning views and towering sea stacks.

Reynisfjara beach in winter

Unless you have icy powers like Elsa, never swim in the water as the waves are quite powerful. To ensure you a safe and fun trip, join a tour group to Reynisfjara and see other highlights along the way!

2. Visit Ásbyrgi the Capital of the Huldufólk (the hidden people)

Anna and Elsa with a troll

Scandinavian mythology inspired the film’s setting, storyline, and creatures. And you can’t talk about Icelandic lore without mentioning trolls! Wander through any region of the country and there’s probably a local myth about a mischievous troll. For good mythical tales, look no further than Ásbyrgi Canyon.

Ásbyrgi, a glacial canyon in the north of Iceland

According to one myth, Ásbyrgi is the capital city of Iceland’s Huldufólk (“hidden people”) or trolls. In Scandinavian folklore, trolls were also grouped with the Huldufólk. The name most likely refers to the fact that trolls cannot roam around in the sunlight or else they will turn to stone.


Asbyrgi Canyon | North East Iceland


Ásbyrgi Canyon is an ancient horseshoe-shaped depression in northeast Iceland. It sits on a corner of the famous Vatnajökull National Park and holds a variety of flora, fauna and a small lake. Geologists estimate that Ásbyrgi formed around eight to ten million years ago, right after the last Ice Age.

Visit Ásbyrgi Canyon on this 7-day self-drive road trip along the Ring Road!

Fun Frozen Fact:

  • In the 2018 Broadway adaptation of Frozen, the trolls don’t appear. They were replaced by the traditional Scandanavian “Hidden Folk”.

3. Experience Grand Pabbie’s Northern Lights

Anna watching northern lights

The Troll King has many powers, but the green, purple and red lights he conjures aren’t magic — they’re the aurora borealis. One of Iceland’s most famous natural phenomena, Grand Pabbie uses the Northern Lights to create visions and images.

But you don’t need Grand Pabbie to see the aurora! Catch this spectacular light show for yourself in the wild countryside of Iceland on a Northern Lights tour.

Northern lights in Iceland, best observed during winter

Our experienced guides drive groups out on super jeep tours and boat rides to view the lights. If you’re up for an even longer adventure, choose a multi-day northern lights excursions!

4. Enter the Enchanted Forest at Seljalandsfoss

Elsa and her friends standing in front of a mysterious mist

Experience magic mist and enchanted pathways at Seljalandsfoss Waterfall. Elsa and her friends had to break through a mysterious mist to reach the Enchanted Forest, you can reach these mystical falls with only a short hike.

The scenic cascade has a pathway that wraps around the falls. Visitors get a magical view of Seljalandsfoss from behind the water. Be prepared to get sprayed by the magic mist of Seljalandsfoss!

Seljalandsfoss, one of the very rare waterfalls where it is possible to walk behind the falls

Rated one of Iceland’s most picturesque waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss is a stop on most tours around the Golden Circle. Just don’t forget your camera!

5. Look for Sven in Egilsstaðir

Interesting fact: Sven’s depiction was based on the mannerisms of a dog. No wonder he’s so lovable!

Everyone loves Sven, Kristoff’s loveable reindeer friend, so why not visit the reindeer region of Iceland? Egilsstaðir is the largest town in East Iceland and the only place in the country where you can find wild reindeer herds.

Egilsstaðir, a town in east Iceland on the banks of the Lagarfljót river

The largest land mammals in the country, these non-native creatures were brought to Iceland by humans. In the winter you can observe large herds of up to a few hundred deer. Unlike the snowy environment, Sven is used to, Egilsstaðir reaches exceptionally warm temperatures in summer.

Find Egilsstaðir right on the famous Ring Road tour in the Eastfjords. It’s home to amazing activities for all kinds of adventurers!

Ring road tour is a great choice for travelers who love to stray off the beaten track

Fun Frozen Fact: 

  • To create Sven, the animation team brought in a real-life reindeer to study its behavior. The animal didn’t move much, so they used the mannerisms of a dog instead. This explains the reindeer’s bouncy and upbeat personality.

Sven was depicted as “an excited dog” and “an inquisitive pooch that sniffs around the place”

6. Search For a Nykur Snorkeling

Elsa encounters a water spirit called Nykur

Take on the power of the sea like Elsa on an epic underwater adventure. Search for the Nokk, or Nykur in Icelandic, among the deep blue waters of Silfra Fissure. The only place in the world where you can swim between two continental plates,  Silfra is one of the top-rated dive sites in the world.

Snorkel in the clearest water on Earth in Silfra Fissure

You don’t need to be a master diver to enjoy Silfra. Snorkeling tours are another top-rated activity for families to enjoy. Float on the clearest water in the world and peer into the mysterious sea below. You might not spot a Nykur, but you may see an array of other sea creatures!

7. Explore Elsa’s Ice Palace

Tunnel in Ice Cave in the Langjokull glacier in Iceland

Discover the world’s largest man-made ice tunnel on a Langjökull tour. It’s constructed a bit differently than Elsa’s Ice Palace, but this sparkling blue cave will still make you feel like royalty.

The tunnel stretches down 1,640 feet (500 meters) below the ice of Langjokull Glacier, the second-largest glacier in Iceland. This castle-like cavern includes various chambers, exhibitions, sitting areas, and even a wedding chapel! Feel free to belt out your own version of “Let It Go” from deep inside the ice.

Fun Frozen Fact:

  • Several members of the Frozen production crew visited an ice hotel as inspiration for Elsa’s ice palace. While the artists were inspired by the architecture, none of them opted to sleep in the icy structure.

Find out some more Iceland references in Frozen 2 movie

Writer-director Jennifer Lee said a Nordic research trip influenced both the setting and the plot:

“I think that trip not only inspired visuals in the world, but it did something else. Just immersing us 24 hours a day in that environment, our imaginations truly were piqued, and so a lot of story ideas developed during that trip as well,” writer-director Jennifer Lee said at a press junket at Walt Disney Animation Studios.


A screenshot from Disney’s Frozen 2 trailer & Icelandic landscape


Also, there are obvious nods of Fjadrargljufur Canyon in Iceland.

A screenshot from Disney’s Frozen 2 trailer & Fjadrargljufur canyon


In the second shot, we noticed what looks like a Jökulhlaup. 

The intense conditions of Iceland are the perfect symbol of Elsa’s wild power. In the trailer we see the ice queen standing before a possible jökulhlaup or “glacial run.” These ice water floods occur when volcanoes erupt underneath glaciers.

A screenshot from Disney’s Frozen 2 trailer of what looks like a Jökulhlaup

This is not the first time Iceland’s unique landscapes have been featured in cinema and TV.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and James Bond’s Die Another Day are the most famous films explicitly set in Iceland.

However, the list of films that have used the volcanic island as a backdrop for fictional worlds is quite long. Sci-fi and fantasy productions like Star Wars and Game of Thrones used the country’s diverse landscapes for their creations.

A screenshot from Disney’s Frozen 2 trailer & black sand beach


We can see other sights that look very similar to popular attractions in the country like the famous Mt. Herðubreið, Iceland’s National Mountain.

A screenshot from Disney’s Frozen 2 trailer & Herdubreid mountain


Or the colorful Icelandic Highlands:

A screenshot from Disney’s Frozen 2 trailer & Thorsmork mountain ridge


Along with the famous Mt. Kirkjufell.

A screenshot from Disney’s Frozen 2 trailer & Mt. Kirkjufell

Want to experience some of these highlights on a fun day adventure? Check out our tour!

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