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The Icelandic Sagas show in downtown Reykjavík (Kornhladan) is a great way to learn about Viking settlements in Iceland and have a good laugh at the same time! This 75-minute show in English takes you through 40 epic Icelandic sagas.


  • A 75-minute Show
  • 40 different Icelandic sagas
  • History of Viking settlement
  • Performed by professional actors


  • Admission Fee

What to bring

  • Camera to take pictures

Tour Snapshot

Availability All Year
Duration 75 minutes
Departs From Reykjavik
Level Easy Suitable for most people in fair condition.
Minimum age No min age
Meet on Location Yes
Pick Up No




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Located in Reykjavik’s City center, Welcome Entertainment Presents visitors to Iceland with the ultimate Viking comedy show! 40 Icelandic sagas about Vikings, their settlement in Iceland, and the nature of Icelanders are brought alive in a 75-minute comedy show. Great fun for the whole family awaits. 

The Icelandic Saga collection is an official part of UNESCO World Culture Heritage — and for a good reason. The sagas depict the early life of Icelanders, Visettlementsement, exploration of the surrounding world,  and heated family feuds. The show includes world-famous Icelandic sagas, including the Saga of Njáll, Laxdæla Saga, Saga of Egill, and many more. Preserved on calf-skin manuscripts over a millennium, the sagas are an excellent way to learn about Icelandic culture, customs, and heritage.

There is no age limit for the show. Bring the whole family and spend more than an hour observing the life of the Vikings as depicted by six talented actors. You are allowed to take pictures during the show (just avoid flash), so make sure you have your camera with you! Also, the show is an interactive experience, be ready to partake when invited on stage by the performers. 

Don’t miss your chance to take pictures with the actors after the show! Some spectators might even get to dress up in Viking garments and snap a few selfies — a fabulous souvenir to bring back from Iceland!

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