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By Sofie

August 23, 2019

The Legend of Bilbo and his Blue Ice Cave

A good glacier guide has the heart of an explorer – even the ones who walk on four legs!

Just recently, Bilbo the Samoyed Puppy & our new Junior Guide has made a startling discovery – Iceland’s newest ice cave! Read all about the legend behind the cave and our favorite pup guide.

Puppy Bilbo

Fearless Arctic Adventures explorer Bilbo Baggins

It was a clear, blue day when our expert wilderness guide Francesco was hiking his usual route on Sólheimajökull Glacier in South Iceland, alongside his adorable Samoyed puppy, Bilbo Baggins. 

Bilbo loves to play in the streams that run alongside the glacier on these walks, and this day was no different. The furry favorite took off ahead to splash about in the waters when all of a sudden, he stopped short.

Francesco caught up with his friend and realized that the hole led to a brand-new ice cave! Whether it was the mischief of a young pup or the intuition of a trailblazer – Bilbo had just made an epic discovery! Good boy! 

Bilbo’s Discovery – Iceland’s Newest Ice Cave

The glaciers of Iceland change constantly and when they do, old ice caves disappear and form again in new locations. To keep up with Mother Nature’s newest creations, our team of tireless ice cave hunters is always on the lookout. We couldn’t have been more excited when Bilbo came across this new cave! 

After it was uncovered, the untouched glacier cave at Sólheimajökull was officially dubbed Bilbo’s Blue Ice Cave. 

This spectacular ice formation is our latest discovery and without a doubt one of the bluest ice caves in all of Iceland! We think someone deserves extra treats for this extraordinary find. 

Did You Know? – Quick Facts On Ice Caves 

  • Ice caves are formed by meltwater flows which and geothermal activities
  • The term ‘ice caves’ and ‘glacier caves’ are used interchangeably but glacier caves are always formed entirely from glacial ice 
  • Ice caves are not always blue or white, they can be white-gray or black 
  • Iceland’s ice caves vary greatly in size. The famous Crystal Cave at Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe, can hold 100 people!

Into The Blue, Secrets of the Ice Cave 

Inside the cave is head-to-toe translucent blue ice that makes these hidden coves the most eye-catching natural wonders of the country. The crystal clear interior allows visitors to see meters deep inside the glacier, and uncover what lies at the heart of the ice floe. 

Bilbo’s Ice Cave

Bilbo’s discovery – step inside one of Iceland’s bluest ice caves

So how does the blue ice cave get its color? With enough pressure, you can make a diamond – or in the case of glaciers – a blue ice cave. When glaciers are compressed under their own weight for hundreds to thousands of years, air bubbles are forced out and their ice crystals are enlarged. 

Blue isn’t the only color you’ll find in the cave. If you look closely at the walls, you can see bubbles and layers of ash from the volcanic eruptions of nearby Katla Volcano trapped inside. 

It’s easy to get mesmerized by the winter wonderland that lies beneath the glacier, so don’t forget to take out your camera for the picture-perfect moments. 

Let Bilbo Take You There and Back Again! 

Every ice cave is a unique gem, but Bilbo votes his Blue Ice Cave as a must-see attraction and, come on, who better to take you to this newborn ice formation than the discoverer himself? 

Hands down, the most popular tour guide Bilbo loves taking tour groups back to his cave, which he knows inside and out. You’ll find that this fluffy boy is one of the highlights of everyone’s experience in Iceland. 

Bilbos Blue Ice Cave Tour on Solheimajokull

Arctic Adventures guide Francesco with his adorable sidekick Bilbo

Join Bilbo (and a human guide) who will teach you all about the glacier’s geology, how and when it was formed, how climate change has affected Iceland’s ice fields, and explain the weird sounds are you might hear from inside the cave. If you have any questions our resident expert on the Blue Cave, Bilbo, will be happy to answer them (if you scratch him behind the ears!).  

Sólheimajökull Glacier Tour, Iceland’s Fourth-Largest Glacier  

Our ice caving tours begin with a hike across the glacier tongue, Sólheimajökull (“home of the sun”),  which extends out of Myrdalsjokull, Iceland’s fourth largest glacier. The adventure only takes about 1.5 hours each way with only some mild ascents and descents on somewhat rough terrain. 

If you’re looking to experience the majestic beauty of Icelandic nature, this day tour trek is the perfect choice for all skill levels. Tours are offered from the meeting point at Sólheimajökull base camp or with a pick-up from Reykjavik. 

Solheimajokul Glacier

Trek across Solheimajokull Glacier, Iceland’s Fourth-Largest Glacier

Sólheimajökull Glacier is located just off the Ring Road on Iceland’s South Coast, 158 km (98 miles) away from Reykjavík, which makes Bilbo’s Blue Ice Cave one of the most accessible natural ice caves in the country! So let our furriest guide take you glacier hiking into his magical blue canine cave! 

Hike across the beautiful Solheimajokull Glacier and explore one of the bluest ice caves in Iceland on Bilbo’s Blue Ice Cave Tour

Follow more of Mr. Bilbo’s Adventures on our Facebook & Instagram pages  at#BilboAdventures. 

The Legend of Bilbo and his Blue Ice Cave

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