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Iceland Highlands Tours

Small Group Guided Tours of the Highlands of Iceland

The highlands of Iceland are so vast that it is almost impossible to capture it in just this one word: highlands (even if it is plural!). The highlands cover almost all of Iceland’s interior or about 42.000 km2, which is about 40% of the country.

The whole of the area is inhabitable both due to its geological positioning, over 500 m above sea level, and lack of soil. Despite this fact, the landscape of the highlands is quite diverse. A big part of the area is located on an active volcanic belt, so hot springs, volcanoes and lava fields make up a big part of the scenery. But most of the glaciers of Iceland are also located within the territory so glacier rivers, waterfalls and gorges are also noticeable part of the region. The highlands of Iceland are very hard to access during the wintertime and highland roads are usually closed to traffic until the middle of June and then you still need a 4×4 vehicle to travel safely over the interior.

Day Tours to the Highlands of Iceland

Choose from a wide range of guided tours and small group adventures to explore Iceland’s south coast.

Multi-Day Tours to the Highlands of Iceland

Explore the beauty of Iceland’s Highlands over multiple days. We offer various multi-day tours to the Highlands of Iceland to suit everyone’s taste.

Attractions in the Highlands of Iceland

Discover the diverse natural features of Iceland’s Highlands. Below you’ll find some of the attractions that make the Highlands worth visiting.