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Hike for 3 days - discover the incredible Highlands of Iceland on this sensational trekking tour.


  • Landmannalaugar
  • Ljótipollur Crater
  • Brennisteinsalda
  • Vondugil Canyon
  • Natural Pool

Landmannalaugar is a magical place in the Fjallabak Nature Reserve in the Highlands of Iceland. Known for the vibrant colors of its silica-rich igneous volcanic rock mountains and lava fields, this destination is home to the most perfect hiking trails.


Hiking in Landmannalaugar, Iceland - 2016 (HD)


Whether you are an experienced hiker, or you simply wish to enjoy Iceland’s natural beauty, this hike is sure to leave you feeling as though you are walking through a beautiful painting.

Availability Jun - Sept
Duration 3 days
Departs From Reykjavik
Level Moderate
Minimum age 10 years
Ratio 1:16
Accommodation Included
Meet on Location No
Pick Up Yes



What's included


  • Pick-up & drop off from Reykjavík
  • Accommodation
  • All Meals
  • English Speaking Licensed Adventure Guide
  • All Required Safety Equipment
  • Free WiFi on Board Your Bus

What to bring

  • Warm layers of clothes
  • Sturdy and waterproof hiking boots are a must
  • 20-30 ltr backpack
  • Sleeping bag
  • Travel pillow

Not Included

  • Meet on location

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landscape of Landmannalaugar

This tour includes three fabulous days of trekking. Hike by the breathtakingly beautiful Frostastaðavatn Lake and visit Ljótipollur, an incredibly beautiful red volcano crater filled with bright-blue water. The name Ljótipollur means úgly pool’, so it seems that whoever named it had a sense of humor! See the stunning volcano, Mount Brennisteinsalda, often said to be the most colorful mountain in Iceland, close to the base of this mountain you will see surreal clouds of steam wafting from the geothermal vents. On this trip, you also get the chance to reach the summit of Suðuhámur, another colorful and stunning rhyolite mountain. You will be amazed by the stark beauty of the Vondugil Canyon at the edge of the Laugahraun lava field. Get grandstand views over the  Landmannalaugar geothermal area from the top of the Bláhnúkur peak. Bláhnúkur means ´the Blue Peak’, this blue-greenish volcano mountain was formed around 60,000 years ago. For fuller details of the highlights on this tour please see the itinerary.

Your days of hiking are rewarded with stupendous views and evenings spent in an amazing highland location. There is nothing more relaxing or rejuvenating than bathing in a hot spring pool surrounded by blue, green, mellow caramel and even red tinged peaks, as soft sulfur-scented steam drifts around you. Enjoy the company of like-minded fellow travelers and make new friends.

Our Three Day Trekking Trip to one of the most geothermal active areas in Iceland is perfect for avid hikers and outdoors enthusiasts. Landmannalaugar is the official starting point for the famous Laugavegur Trek, ranked as a world top 20 hike by National Geographic Magazine.

You are picked up from your arranged meeting point, we introduce ourselves and board the scheduled bus that takes us to Landmannalaugar. From Reykjavik, you are driven inland through the beautiful Thjórsárdalur valley (Þjórsárdalur), named after the river Thjórsá (Þjórsá), the longest river in Iceland.

We head towards Hekla Volcano, passing the extensive lava fields formed by famous eruptions on our way to the Landmannalaugar area. We enjoy lunch surrounded by amazing peaks, getting to know one another.

After lunch, we will set off on a 10 km hike to the ill-named Ljótipollur (it means ugly puddle), this lake with the ‘ugly’ name has made its way, at number 42, onto a list of the most beautiful crater lakes in the world. The incredible red crater filled with brilliant blue water is real eye-candy! Our hike will take us to Frostastaðavatn, an amazingly beautiful lake in the midst of surreal landscapes. With these sensational scenes and the crazily colorful rhyolite mountains, your camera will work overtime today!

In the evening, not far from the mountain hut, you will find an amazing hot spring-fed bathing pool. Enjoying some hot spring bathing moments is highly recommended - with the mystical landscapes of the Icelandic Highlands rising around you this is really special.

  • Driving: 4 hours
  • Hiking Distance 10-12 km / 6-7.5 mi
  • Ascent: 250 m / 820 feet
Day Highlights
  • Scenic drive
  • Þjórsárdalur valley
  • Ljóti Pollur e. Ugly Puddle
  • Hot spring bathing (optional)
  • Lunch
  • Refreshments
  • Dinner
  • Accomodation (hut)
landmannalaugar hiking trek in Iceland

Today we will hike to Suðurnámur, a 200,000-year-old mountain peak which is very rich in rhyolite minerals. On the way up to the Suðurnamur peak, you will enjoy numerous ravines and views over the colorful peaks in this area: soft sandy toned mountains contrasting with verdant greens, blues, deep golds and sometimes vibrant reds. From this pinnacle, you can survey the empire of Landmannalaugar!

  • No driving today
  • Hiking Distance: 11 km  /6.84 mi
  • Ascent: 425 m / 1395 feet


Day Highlights
  • Laugahraun lava field
  • Brennisteinsdalda mountain
  • Hot spring bathing (optional)
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Refreshments
  • Dinner
  • Accomodation (hut)

After nourishing breakfast buffet, your adventures continue with a 3.5-hour long hike on Bláhnúkur, the blue peak - this 60,000-year-old volcano mountain exhibits extraordinary bluish colors. We will follow the hiking trail to the top, from where five stunning glaciers can be seen in good visibility.

The top of Bláhnukur is one of the very best places to photograph the panoramic Landmannalaugar landscapes. From the mountain top it is easy to appreciate the powerful influence of geothermal activity on these landscapes, your guide will share some fascinating geological and geothermal facts with you. After coming down and enjoying a short break we board the bus back to Reykjavik, we arrive in the center of the city at around 21:00.

  • Driving: 4 hours
  • Hiking Distance: 7 km / 4.35mi
  • Ascent: 400m / 1312 feet
Day Highlights
  • Bláhnúkur e. Blue Peak
  • Volcano hike
  • View over Landmannalaugar
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch

Extras of important health supplies or special prescription medicines if needed.

Meeting points and times in Reykjavik:
Between 7:00 - 7:30 a.m.:

- Reykjavik's City Hall (Ráðhúsið) on Vonarstræti
- Hallgrímskirkja Church
- Reykjavik Campsite


Meeting points outside of Reykjavik:

8:15 a.m. - Selfoss N1 gas station

9:00 a.m. - Hella Bus Terminal


*Note that it can take up to 30 minutes before the bus departs the given locations.


Based on 4 reviews

3 Day - Landmannalaugar Pearl Of The Highlands

1- of 4 reviews

Excellent Hiking Tour

Reviewed on July 25, 2019 by Jeff Huth From our post-trip system

The 3-day hiking tour brought me to the remote Icelandic highlands in the land of lava flows, rolling hillsides, and mountains. I stayed in a cabin. Francois fro Arctic Adventures led our hikes and cooked some amazing dinners and filling breakfasts. He was really cool and made the hikes interesting. We hiked nearby trails but saw very few other hiking parties - but we saw many beautiful vistas! Thanks Arctic Adventures for a great tour!

Landmannalaugar 3 days

Reviewed on July 14, 2019 by Tommi Heikkilä From our post-trip system

I spent three very nice days in Landmannalaugar hiking in superb landscapes with excellent company. The tour was well organized and our guide Matt was amazing. I couldn't have wished for a better experience with incredible views and relaxing hot spring enjoyment at the end of our day hikes.

Landmannalaugar Pearl of the Highlands - 3 Day Tour

Reviewed on July 13, 2019 by Tim Wuyts From our post-trip system

Let me start with the negative bit (but do read on afterwards): Bring decent earplugs! (Unless you're the snorer of the group...) A now for the positive bits: * Palmi, our guide, was just wonderful. Always calm, friendly, patient, and a wonderful cook as well. Fun fact: I usually steer clear of fish, but his fish stew was actually very good. * The 3 hikes were absolutely fantastic. The scenery is really one jaw-dropping view after another. I would have like the 3rd hike to be a little longer: it was a little under three hours, whilst the previous two were 4 to 5 hours. But that did leave us some more time to enjoy ... * the natural pool at Landmannalaugar. It is really very, very nice. It is not very big, but it never felt crowded. * the facilities are basic, but well maintained. A really wonderful experience. We're definitely planning to come back one day and do the 4-day hike on the Laugavegur trail.

Reviewed on June 30, 2018 by Lysann From our post-trip system

Had a great time at Landmannalaugar. Oliver was a really nice, relaxed and caring tour guide. He was looking for every single person in this group, kept us well informed during all days and finally took us on an outstanding tour the second day (the usual path was closed). Not to be mentioned last he made us fantastic lamb legs the other day :) Overall I had a fantastic time in the highlands - can't wait to come back one day... Fully recommend this tour and guide!


Don’t worry, you can always rent sturdy hiking shoes, waterproof jacket and pants in the booking process or add it to your booking. See more.
Please keep in mind that we do not rent gear on location.

First of all, check the weather forecast but keep in mind that the weather in Iceland can be extremely unpredictable, as you may have heard. We have a saying “If you don’t like the weather in Iceland, just wait 5 minutes” which is sometimes disturbingly accurate!

The weather can be anything from sunny to snowy in almost any season although snow is rare during summer time. We do suggest that you dress accordingly. This means in layers, thermal closest to you and waterproof on top. We’ve prepared a guide to help you get ready for your adventures, check out – How to prepare for hiking and trekking in Iceland.

No, please do not wear jeans and sneakers on this tour, it’s not appropriate clothing for this type of tour. Check the list of what to bring to see what kind of clothing is appropriate.

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