Iceland is open for travel: Volcanic eruption in Iceland 2024

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A Super Jeep is a highly modified vehicle equipped with 38" to 50" tires and a robust suspension system, uniquely designed to handle Iceland's diverse terrains and conditions. Dive deeper into the world of Super Jeep Tours.

A 4x4 is a vehicle with four wheels that drive together, suitable for mild off-roading. An SUV is a spacious vehicle designed for light off-roading and various terrains. A Super Jeep is a heavily modified vehicle, built for challenging terrains with features like large tires and snorkels. A Super Truck is a large vehicle modified like a Super Jeep but designed to carry up to 58 passengers. Explore the distinctions in our Super Jeep Tours section.

Yes, Super Jeeps are designed and modified to handle the challenging terrains of Iceland, ensuring safety during tours. For a secure adventure, check out our Super Jeep Tours.

A Super Jeep can accommodate up to 19 riders, making it ideal for large families and small tour groups. Discover group adventures with our Super Jeep Tours.