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After the isolation of winter, between May and September, Iceland is bursting with energy. And you, the traveler, have the freedom to leave the city, explore remote areas unreachable in the colder months, and the 24/7 daylight guarantees you can hike, trek, snorkel, swim or spot puffins at all hours.


Lace up your boots a hike in the highlands is the perfect occasion to reconnect with nature. You’ll come home wishing for more, believe us.


The journey of several days in a wild natural environment begins with a single click.


Everybody needs a puffin in their life. They’re adorable, they’re flashy, they mate for life, and they can only be seen on our shores from mid-April until the end of August.

The Ring Road

Circumvent the island with a timeless guided tour: hop on a modern mini-bus, sit back and let our fantastic guides show you all the highlights plus their special hidden spots. Hotels, activities, places to eat, epic views. We’ve got you covered.

Rafting and Kayaking

You haven’t fully experienced Iceland until you’ve seen it from the water. From a boat, kayak or raft, to be more precise. Sure, this activity will test your courage but this is the stuff lifelong memories are made of!

Lava caving

If there was one way to see a volcano, this would be it. Descend into the magma chamber and let your imagination run wild. It’s a hot activity, but only because it’s only available during a short period in summer.

Want To See Winter Iceland Favorites?

Natural ice caves and northern lights are Iceland’s winter exclusives. So you might as well come back in winter. You know you want to!

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