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Join one of our summer tours in Iceland to make the most of the long and bright summer days our country has to offer. Summer is the perfect time to take a roadtrip, to explore the Icelandic highlands and to get into full adventure mode on a river rafting or snorkeling tour. It is when the temperature is the highest, when the midnight sun lights up night and day and the wildlife is the most colorful. It is the time of puffins, baby lambs and ponies, it is the time of trekking tours such as Laugavegur, time of powerful waterfalls and the time to go sea kayaking around the island of ice and fire. To visit Iceland in Summer is a beautiful experience you simply cannot deny yourself off.

The Summer season is from the 15th of April to the 15th of September.

Our Most Popular Multi-Day Summer tours

Can you see the Northern Lights from Iceland in summer?

The Northern lights are present if the conditions are right but you will not be able to see them. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t get dark. The midnight sun lights up the sky and even if the lights are present they aren’t visible.

The best chance to see the Northern Lights in Iceland in summer is by doing the Laugavegur Trek in August. The Northern Lights are often seen during night time and since you are up in the highlands, away from city light pollution the circumstances are very favorable.

What is the weather like in summer in Iceland?

The climate in Iceland is subarctic along the south coast but tundra in the highlands (measured by the Köppen classification). The weather in Iceland is known for being variable and the saying “if you don’t like the weather just wait 5 minutes” is often used at a joke but is fully true!

The average temperature in July in Southern parts of Iceland is 10–13°C or 50–55 Fahrenheit. Warm summer days can reach up to 20–25°C or 68–77 Fahrenheit.

The weather is quite mild but when the sun is out it is best to put on some sun screen. The sun is very strong in Iceland and its beams can shine brightly through the clouds without you noticing.

As the majority lives along the sea shore winds or breezes are coming in, almost at, all times.

What is the warmest is gets in Iceland?

Reykjadalur Hot springs river

An average high in July (the warmest month) is about 14.5°C or 58.1 Fahrenheit. The highest temperature recorded is 30.5°C or 86.9 Fahrenheit at the Eastfjords in the year 1939.

Summer Celebrations and Festivals in Iceland

1st of May  – International Worker’s Day

13th of May – Mother’s Day

1st Sunday of June – Sailor’s Sunday

17th of June – Icelandic National Day

19th of June – Day of Female Rights

21st of June – Summer Solstice

24th of June – Jónsmessa or Midsummer Night

1st weekend in August – Verslunarmannahelgi the biggest travel weekend in Iceland with a  National Holiday on Monday

2nd weekend in August – Reykjavík Pride (Gay Pride)

3rd Saturday in August – Mennignarnótt in Reykjavík e. Culture Night

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