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Sky Lagoon geothermal spa is situated less than 15 minutes from the city center of Reykjavik. The Lagoon is a modern take on bathing in Iceland's warm waters. It's a place inspired by Icelandic culture and nature that overlooks the fantastic Atlantic Ocean.

Where the Sea Meets the Sky in Iceland | Sky Lagoon


The Sky Lagoon spa experience will indeed be unique. The design of this spa is inspired by the country's traditions, history, and heritage. Turf house, klömbruhleðsla, is as well known as the turf wall, and the cold plunge will be spotted when you enter the Sky Lagoon thermal spa.


Where Is Sky Lagoon Located?


Sky Lagoon is located in the southwest of Iceland. It's in Kársnes Harbour, Vesturvör 44-48 200, Kópavogur, about 7 kilometers from downtown Reykjavik.

How to Get to the Sky Lagoon?

Traveling by car - Take Kringlumrabraut from Hlemmur square (route 40). Proceed to Kársnesbraut and then to Vesturvör.

Taking the bus - Take bus 4 from Hlemmur square to Hamraborg (15min). Take n. 35 to Kópavogsbraut from there (4 min). When you are there, follow the wayfinder (signs). 

Biking or walking from Reykjavik's central area - Take Rauarárstgur for 5.9km from Hlemmur square. Afterwards, take the Suurhl to Vesturvör. 6km/1h15min in total.

History of Sky Lagoon

Sky Lagoon's construction started in early 2020. The style itself was inspired by Icelandic geography. The lagoon incorporates grey, white, and dark green tones to replicate the landscape. The turf house, turf walls, and plunge pool at Sky Lagoon were all inspired by Icelandic nature and culture. These elements create a unique guest experience.

Hot Infinity Pool at Sky Lagoon in Iceland

Hot infinity pool at Sky Lagoon in Iceland

The Cold Plunge - The cold plunge is based near the turf house and is inspired by the ancient, little hot spring known as Snorralaug, located in a tiny village of Reykholt. It's thought to be the oldest human-used natural hot spring in the country. Snorralaug is one of the four natural hot springs from the Viking era and is named after a great Icelandic historian and medieval poet, Snorri Sturluson. He made the pool himself and for his pleasure. A tunnel next to the pool was thought to lead to the poet's home.

The cold plunge is the second step in the seven-step revitalizing Sky Ritual at the Sky Lagoon and offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Turf houses - When the weather was extreme, the residents of the remote island of Iceland relied on turf houses for safety and warmth. When Icelanders abandoned turf houses in favor of more modernized buildings, the sadness of leaving these cozy turf houses lingered because the turf houses were much warmer than the new houses that Icelanders moved into.

Icelandic Turfed Roof House in Sky Lagoon

Turf roof house at the Sky Lagoon in Iceland

Klömbruhleðsla (Turf wall) - Craftspeople used swampy land rich in volcanic ash to create nearly concrete-like tiles to build the klömbruhlesla. 

Icelandic turf is specifically suitable for long-lasting houses because the country's climate, combined with the volcanic ash in the ground, makes the tiles more convenient and durable.

In this way, the expanding population of Iceland constructed their houses. Sky Lagoon carried on this tradition by creating its own Klömbruhlesla - the massive turf wall that greets visitors upon arrival.

Dagn Pétursdóttir is Sky Lagoon's managing director. The attraction is run by the travel experience company Pursuit, a subsidiary of Viad Corp, collaborating with Nature Resort EHF., who constructed it. Sky Lagoon opened its doors for visitors on April 30, 2021.

Things to Do at Sky Lagoon

Sky Lagoon uses Icelandic traditions and incorporates natural features to enhance well-being. Sky Lagoon offers 7 step ritual similar to the Blue Lagoon ritual. It is recommended to follow the ritual in order, step by step, to get the whole experience and help your body rest and repair. 

Woman Enjoys Sauna at Sky Lagoon in Iceland

Woman enjoying sauna in Sky lagoon, Iceland

STEP 1 - Unwind in the lagoon.

STEP 2 - Cool down a bit in the cold plunge. 

STEP 3 - Sauna time.

STEP 4 - Revive with a cold mist.

STEP 5 - Rejuvenate with the scrub.

STEP 6 - Step into a steam room.

STEP 7 - Shower and go back to relaxing in the lagoon.

Best Time to Visit Sky Lagoon

The Sky Lagoon is open all year round, and the water temperatures remain constant regardless of the season. If you want to avoid crowds when you visit the Sky lagoon, consider going in September or October, when the weather is good and the summer crowds have disappeared.

Also, to avoid crowds, visit the Sky Lagoon in the morning or evening. Whether you visit in the winter or summer, you may see the northern lights, summer sunsets, or the midnight sun if you go in the evening. You might even see the whales passing by if the timing is correct and you are lucky enough.

Sky Lagoon Hot Pool Aerial View in Iceland

Hot thermal pool in the Sky Lagoon by the sea

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