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Best Airlines that Fly to Iceland


|October 11, 2023
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Tourism in Iceland is increasing, and more and more cheap airlines are opening direct flights to this beautiful Arctic island. So, what airline should you choose to fly to Iceland?

Have you been dreaming about a getaway to Iceland and wondering how to get there? This ultimate list of airlines that fly and from Iceland can help you out. You can find anything, from budget airlines, such as Wizzair, to Icelandic airlines, such as Icelandair and Play.

1. Icelandair

Icelandair Airplane Boarding Group

Icelandair is a major Icelandic airlines company that offers around 53 permanent and seasonal routes to and from North America, Greenland, and Northern Europe. It’s headquartered at Keflavik International Airport, Iceland’s main air gateway. Iceland’s convenient geographical location allows the national airline to perform non-stop transatlantic flights, which are part of the company’s strategy. Besides flights to and from North America and Northern Europe, the airline offers domestic flights as well.

Some of Icelandair’s direct routes to and from Iceland:

  • New York - Reykjavik 
  • Boston - Reykjavik 
  • Chicago - Reykjavik 
  • Washington, D.C. - Reykjavik 
  • London - Reykjavik 
  • Copenhagen - Reykjavik 
  • Helsinki - Reykjavik 
  • Oslo - Reykjavik 
  • Stockholm - Reykjavik 
  • Bergen - Reykjavik 

2. Play

Red Play Aircraft Flying Over Mountains In Salzburg

Play is a recently established low-cost airline that operates flights between Iceland and some major European cities. Play offers flights to and from 12 destinations. Like Icelandair, Play is an Iceland-based airline with headquarters at Keflavik International Airport.

Direct Play’s routes to and from Iceland:

  • Alicante - Reykjavik 
  • Amsterdam - Reykjavik 
  • Barcelona - Reykjavik 
  • Berlin - Reykjavik 
  • Copenhagen - Reykjavik 
  • Gran Canaria - Reykjavik 
  • London - Reykjavik 
  • Paris - Reykjavik 
  • Salzburg - Reykjavik 
  • Tenerife - Reykjavik 
  • Warsaw - Reykjavik 

3. Wizz Air

Wizzair Plane Flying

If you’re not from North America or Northern Europe, we have good news for you - Wizz Air operates direct cheap flights to Iceland from (nearly) all the rest of Europe. Wizz Air is a Hungarian ultra-low-cost airline with headquarters in Budapest. It has the largest Hungarian fleet, even though it’s not the country’s flagship carrier. Currently, Wizz Air operates flights to and from 44 countries.

Some of Wizzair’s direct routes to and from Iceland:  

  • London - Reykjavik 
  • Warsaw - Reykjavik 
  • Krakow - Reykjavik 
  • Gdansk - Reykjavik 
  • Vienna - Reykjavik 
  • Milan - Reykjavik 
  • Rome - Reykjavik 
  • Naples - Reykjavik 
  • Vilnius - Reykjavik 

4. Delta

Delta Airline Plane In A Colorful Evening Sky

For those who plan to travel to Iceland from America, Delta is known to be one of the best and most reliable airlines in the U.S. It serves 52 countries on six continents and offers six flight classes suited according to passengers' needs and budget. What you should keep in mind is that the airlines provide seasonal flights to Iceland.

Delta’s routes to and from Iceland:

  • New York - Reykjavik 
  • Minneapolis - Reykjavik 
  • Detroit - Reykjavik

5. United Airlines

United Airlines Plane On Commercial Flight

Starting in 1926, United Airlines is now known as one of the most well-known airlines in the world. It goes to more than 300 destinations around the world. With so long in operation, the airline knows how to take care of its customers with comfortable flights, various entertainment alternatives, and the MileagePlus program.

Some of United Airlines routes to and from Iceland:

  • Chicago - Reykjavik
  • Montreal - Reykjavik
  • Toronto - Reykjavik

6. airBaltic

airBaltic airlines plane

airBaltic is a Latvia-based airline company founded in 1995. It operates direct flights from the Baltic States – Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, including Finland and Spain to countries in Europe, Scandinavia, and the Middle East.

airBaltic’s routes to and from Iceland:

  • Riga - Reykjavik
  • Tallinn - Reykjavik
  • Vilnius - Reykjavik
  • Helsinki - Reykjavik
  • Tampere - Reykjavik
  • Oslo - Reykjavik
  • Tbilisi - Reykjavik
  • Zurich - Reykjavik
  • Dublin - Reykjavik

7. Air Canada

Air Canada’s plane flying over the mountain range

In case you’re traveling from Canada, then your airline of choice – AIR CANADA. It’s the largest airline in the country, going to more than 200 destinations on all continents. It’s a founding member of Star Alliance – the first international aviation alliance dating back to 1997. Because of its strong operations, it’s the only airline in North America that received a four-star ranking from Skytrax.

Air Canada routes to and from Iceland:

  • Toronto - Reykjavik
  • Montreal - Reykjavik
  • Vancouver - Reykjavik
  • Ottawa - Reykjavik
  • Atlanta - Reykjavik

8. Air France

Air France commercial plane

Since 1933, Air France brings passengers to 200 destinations in 93 countries and is among the best airlines that fly to Iceland. They’re known for their ability to ensure comfort while traveling in four different classes. Once on the plane, don’t be surprised to see French culture being incorporated into their traveling style through the interior design of the aircraft and food.

Air France routes to and from Iceland:

  • Paris - Reykjavik

9. American Airlines

American Airlines plane during the flight in the sky

The largest and most traveled airline in the world, American Airlines, was established in 1926. With more than 350 destinations in 60 countries, the airline also has one of the most valuable airline loyalty programs. American Airlines also was the first one to introduce lounge areas that are so common today.

American Airlines routes to and from Iceland:

  • Philadelphia - Reykjavik
  • Dallas - Reykjavik
  • Los Angeles - Reykjavik
  • Chicago - Reykjavik
  • Miami - Reykjavik
  • Washington - Reykjavik
  • Phoenix - Reykjavik
  • New York - Reykjavik
  • Boston - Reykjavik

10. Austrian Airlines

Pilots and crew members posing in front of Austrian Airlines plane

Since 1957, Austrian Airlines, with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria, reach 130 destinations in 60 countries. The airline is a part of the Lufthansa group and a member of Star Alliance. There are four classes you can fly with Austrian: Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First Class.

Austrian Airlines routes to and from Iceland:

  • Graz - Reykjavík
  • Innsbruck - Reykjavík
  • Linz - Reykjavík
  • Salzburg - Reykjavík
  • Vienna - Reykjavík

11. Lufthansa

Lufthansa Airlines Plane Flying During The Day

Lufthansa, with its headquarters in Germany, operates since 1955. The airline brings people to 220 destinations in 80 countries. It’s the second largest airline by size in Europe, after Ryanair. The airline is also one of the founding members of Star Alliance. Lufthansa is known for its size, capacity, and exceptional catering on board.

Lufthansa routes to and from Iceland:

  • Frankfurt - Reykjavik
  • Boston - Reykjavik
  • Chicago - Reykjavik
  • Montreal - Reykjavik
  • Munich - Reykjavik
  • Toronto - Reykjavik
  • Zurich - Reykjavik

12. Finnair

Stewardess serving first-class passengers on a plane

Finnair – Finland’s national airline, which in 2023 celebrates 100 years in operations. With its hub in Helsinki airport, it is also a member of the Oneworld alliance. The airline travels to almost 100 destinations (14 domestic and 84 international) in 38 countries.

Finnair routes to and from Iceland:

  • Copenhagen - Reykjavik
  • Helsinki - Reykjavik
  • Oslo - Reykjavik
  • Stockholm - Reykjavik

13. SAS Airlines

SAS plane flying over the lake

SAS Scandinavian airlines operating since 1946 by three Scandinavian airlines from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. With SAS, you can reach around 190 countries around the world. Of course, the airlines organize flights to Reykjavik from these three main countries.

SAS routes to and from Iceland:

  • Copenhagen - Reykjavik
  • Oslo - Reykjavik
  • Stockholm - Reykjavik


From what US cities can you fly directly to Iceland?

  • Icelandair has direct flights from New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, and Orlando.

  • United Airlines flies directly to Iceland from New York and Chicago. 

  • Delta airlines have direct routes to Iceland from New York and Boston. 

From what UK cities can you fly directly to Iceland?

Airlines that have direct flights from the UK to Iceland include: 

  • Icelandair - direct flights from Glasgow, Manchester, London. 

  • Wizzair UK - direct flights from London.  

  • Play - direct flights from London. 

  • easyJet - direct flights from London, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Bristol. 

  • Jet2 - direct flights from Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Newcastle upon Tyne. 

  • British Airways - direct flights from London.  


From what Ireland cities you can fly to Iceland?

Icelandair has direct flights from Dublin. If you want to have more options, you can choose flights with a layover. Airlines like Ryanair, Wizzair, and EasyJet will fly you from Dublin to the Iceland capital with only one short stop, usually in Edinburgh.


From what EU cities you can fly to Iceland?

All three major airlines, mentioned at the beginning of the article, fly from many European cities to Iceland:

  • Icelandair - Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Bergen, Copenhagen, Billund, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Milan, Zurich, Geneva, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Tenerife.

  • Wizzair - direct flights from Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow, Wroclaw, Rome, Milan, Naples, Vienna, Vilnius.

  • Play - Alicante, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Gran Canaria, Paris, Salzburg, Tenerife, Warsaw.

  • SWISS - Zurich.

  • IBERIA - Madrid.

  • Norwegian - Oslo.

  • Transavia - Amsterdam, Paris.

  • Vueling - Madrid.


What airport do you fly into Iceland?

Plane Taking Off From Keflavik International Airport

Keflavik International Airport, also known as Reykjavik-Keflavik Airport, is the country's biggest airport and the main hub for international flights. It’s located on the north tip of the Reykjanes Peninsula, in the municipality of Sandgerdi.

Keflavik has much to offer as a small town with its diverse and breathtaking scenery. Once you land in the land of fire and ice, start exploring the area by going to Gunnuhver Hot Springs, Reykjanes Lighthouse, or the town’s museums. If you’re curious to find out more, here’s all you need to know about Keflavik town.

After your flight to Iceland, the next step is figuring out how to get from the airport to the capital or any other destination that you planned. This might seem tricky, so taking care of this in advance is quite important. You can find useful tips by further reading how to get to and from Keflavik airport.

One thing that impacts a desire to visit Iceland is a fast and comfortable way of reaching it. It’s encouraging to know that many air routes from different parts of the world allow us to go to this country. What is the best airline to fly to Iceland, in your opinion? A flight to Iceland will surely be exciting no matter which way of transportation you choose. So see you soon!

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