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7 Travel Trends in Iceland in 2024

|December 13, 2022
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With the borders across the world opening, people are beginning to travel again. Except the travel trends are not the same as before the pandemic.

According to UNWTO, right now people are travelling more consciously, with prolonged duration, and with much more appreciation. Being deprived from travelling for such a long time, people are trying to enjoy every minute of it.   

Moreover, people are checking out farther travel destinations. Research, conducted by PwC on 1300 Americans, shows that almost 25% are planning holidays to remote places like Europe or the Caribbean. When it comes to residents of the UK, Iceland and Portugal are the primary choices for holidays.   

Travelling Trends Survery results 2021

With so many predictions for 2024, here we will discuss the old and new travel trends which will determine our travel next year. 

1. Outdoors Activities

Landmannalaugar Group Hiking in Iceland

The long period of social distancing had its toll on how we prefer to spend our time. Spending time outdoors in nature will remain a trending pastime activity. This tendency also extends to holidays. As stated by, “travellers craving wide open spaces and inspiring views are longing for the great outdoors, and camping and glamping holidays are attracting new devotees looking to truly immerse themselves in the wilderness.” 

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2. Longer Stays

Happy Woman Bathing in Hveragerdi Geothermal River

After spending most of our time at home during a quarantine, it comes as no surprise that we want to enjoy our holidays for longer. identifies such a term as  “quarantine fatigue”, which describes “exhaustion associated with the restrictive lifestyle.” The symptoms can include stress, anxiety, irritability, eating more or less than usual, and can vary from person to person.  

The other valid reason for extending the duration of our holidays is because the pandemic changed the way we work. Estimated 71% of Americans are still working remotely with no rush to go back to offices. This allows the flexibility and freedom to extend their travels.  

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3. Small Groups and Private Tours

minibus with arctic adventures logo in Iceland

Even with more and more people getting vaccinated around the globe, some health safety issues remain. Even if traveling in big groups sounds appealing to you, it might not be the best choice for a post-pandemic holiday. Traveling in small groups will become more and more popular throughout the tourism industry. 

For those who have more money to spend, privately held tours will be a good traveling option for 2024. That way you can enjoy Icelandic beauty without worrying about your health.  

Check out our day tours with small groups and private tours only for you and your loved ones to enjoy.  

4. Smaller Hotels over Big Legacy Chains

Hof Adventure Hotel in Iceland

The rising popularity of small boutique hotels is a travel trend that hasn’t seemed to go away. Even big legacy chains, such as Hilton and Marriott, are opening new smaller hotels to attract customers. For example, boutique hotel chain Moxy, introduced by Marriott, right now has 44 hotels across Europe, Asia, and the United States. If that doesn’t say anything about this trend, nothing would. Hilton is not far behind its competitor. Hilton will introduce 6 Motto micro-hotels by 2023, and they already have a lifestyle hotel, Canopy, which can also be found in Reykjavik’s City Centre. 

Iceland is ahead of this trend when it comes to the array of small hotels. It has a wide range of boutique hotels, lodge-style stays, hostels, apartment hotels, and much more. Here you can enjoy comfort by staying as close to nature as possible.  

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5. More Health-conscious Travelers

Travelling Trends Survery 2021

This one comes as no surprise—COVID has set new rules on how we perceive our health safety. PwC research shows that more than 50% of Americans have health-related anxiety when it comes to traveling for the first time after the pandemic. This goes even without talking about various protocols and regulations put upon tourists.  

Primarily, there’s a government protocol to respect, and then there are practical safety rules. A lot to think about, right? Iceland is one of the countries with a very high vaccination rate. As of today, even 88% of Iceland's population of 12 years and older are fully vaccinated which makes it one of the safest countries to travel to in 2023-2024.  

More information on COVID-19 precautions in Iceland can be found here.  

6. Sustainable Travel

Geysir Stokkur Geothermal Area in Iceland

Sustainability is another growing travel trend, which got even more essential after COVID-19 hit. One of the few known benefits of this pandemic was a record-level decrease in nitrogen dioxide at the global level. Around 8 in 10 flights didn’t take off in the spring of 2020, and the beaches and the streets were emptied out all across the globe, which was a major benefit to our wildlife.   

The conscious travel trend is not even a new trend—it’s a “new normal.” Due to raising awareness about global warming and bigger concerns about the future of our planet (especially after the global pandemic), more and more tourism venues have to make adjustments. Airlines are obligated to cut down their carbon emissions, restaurants have to get rid of plastic packaging, and hotels have to use more eco-friendly detergents for their laundry.  

Iceland is one of the greenest countries in the world. It supplies an astonishing 100% of its electricity using only renewable sources—75% hydro and 25% geothermal. Also, the Icelandic government put forward a plan to replace fossil fuels with electricity and ban new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030. How amazing is that?  

We are also trying to be better every day. All of Arctic Adventures’ marketing efforts are done completely online—that way we eliminate paper use for brochures. Also, we are gradually changing our vehicle fleet to 100% electric—this is a way to reduce our carbon footprint.  

You can read more about our sustainability here.    

7. Tech-centric Travel

booking iceland tour online

With the world going more and more online, the travel sector is not an exception. Travel tech allows us to book flights, tours, and accommodations in advance. And the use of technologies in the tourism industry doesn’t seem to go away—instead, it evolves every year.  

Nature adventures, longer stays, smaller group tours, and a more modest choice of accommodation—these are travel and tourism trends that will define 2023 and 2024—without forgetting, of course, the impact on our health and the environment that surrounds us. Nevertheless, the future of travel looks brighter than it did before. By being tech-savvy, progressive, and empathetic, we can step into this new era of traveling with calm minds and adventure-thirsty souls.

We are always looking to bring the latest exciting adventures to our customers. If you are looking for something different than following the trends, discover our new tours.

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