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Getting to and from Keflavik Airport / Keflavik - Reykjavik

Arriving in a new country can be an exciting yet stressful moment and getting back to the airport after a visit just the same. The best medicine? Be prepared!
Here is your guide on how to get to and from the airport in Iceland, Keflavík airport.

Keflavik airport is the only international airport in Iceland and takes its name from the town right next to it. It is pretty small so with all the travelers now coming in quite packed. Here is everything you need to know to cope!

Your options for getting to and from Keflavik airport

The road from Keflavik

Rental Car

Most have ordered before arriving, or at least looked at their options before arriving at Keflavík airport. If you haven’t though, no worries, most of the car rentals here in Iceland have a stall or a small office at the airport where you can get all the info and book.

Cheapest I found was 47$ but most small ones are about 80$-90$

Fly Bus

There are a few companies that offer bus transfer. The buses take you to most hotels, hostels and guesthouses in town, but they will also stop at some bus stops. If you are staying at an Airbnb it’s quite helpful to put in the address to google maps prior to arriving to find out which drop off spot is the closest.

Price is about 2700 ISK – 3300 ISK or about 25$ – 31$.

Best price from Fly Bus here.

Fly Bus – Stopping at the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Iceland
Another option is to take the Flybus with a stop at the Blue Lagoon, this can be done on the way to Reykjavik or on the way to Keflavik airport. You can buy this ticket with or without an admission included but NOTE that you need to book your admission in advance if you want to get in.

The price is about 4500 ISK or about 43$ but then the admission is extra (you need to book in advance).
The price for the ticket with the admission is about 10.600 ISK or 100$.

Public Bus

This is by far the cheapest option but might also take quite a long time.
You catch the bus number 55 and they offer several departures a day, although the service is more limited during the weekends and public holidays. The first departure from Reykjavík is at 6:25 in the morning and will be dropping you off at Keflavik around 7:40.
Taking the public bus is through the biggest chance taker as they will not send a new one if it fills up and you might need to wait an hour for the next.
The final stop when getting from Keflavik to Reykjavík is at BSI bus terminal which is very central in downtown Reykjavik.
Find more information on local bus stops, time schedule and more.

The price is about 1000 ISK or 10$


A taxi is an option, great for those in a hurry but it’s the most expensive one.
You can book one via phone +354-561000 or +354-5885522, have staff at your accommodation book you one or if you are arriving taxes are waiting outside the airport.

The fare is charged according to the taximeter but these are the “normal” numbers.
About 15.000 ISK or about 142$ for a regular 5 seater.
About 19.000 ISK or about 180$ for a 8 seater.


FAQ – Keflavik International airport in Iceland

on an airplane to iceland

About Keflavik airport, getting to Reykjavík and everything in between.

How far is Keflavík airport to Reykjavik?

Reykjavik capital of Iceland

The drive itself is only about 45 min away.
With Fly busses, it can take up to 1,5 hours though when you add all the stops at the hotels, hostels, guesthouses and bus stops.

How early do I need to get to Keflavik airport?

To arrive 3 hours before the flight is advised. The airport is not that big and it is usually quite crowded. They have some great shops, restaurants and bars so you’ll have plenty to do if you happen to catch a slow day.

Is Uber available in Reykjavik?

Unfortunately no, it is not. We actually don’t have Uber in Iceland. At this point, Uber is illegal in Iceland but they are looking into allowing it in the parliament,

Where can I follow departure and arrival time at Keflavik Airport?

Keflavik Airport

The time schedules are usually posted on the day of and there you can see if there is a delay or if some changes have been made to the flight.
See all the arrivals at Keflavik airport and find all departure times from Keflavik airport.

Is Keflavik airport also the domestic airport in Iceland?

No, it is not. The domestic airport for the capital area is located in Reykjavík. They fly all over Iceland as well as to Faroe islands.
Find more info on the domestic airport in Reykjavík.

Does Iceland have more than one airport?

Yes, and no. Iceland has quite a few domestic airports spread all over the country but only one International so if you are arriving from a different country you will be using Keflavik airport.


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