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Blue Ice on Sólheimajökull

|August 10, 2017
Anthropologist, social media guru, Icelandic nature and food enthusiast.

Iceland is every photographer's paradise. It really doesn't matter if the weather in Iceland is difficult. This just adds mystique to the photos, this has been proven over and over again and her @lebackpacker does it one more time! We are huge fans and here you can see why!

Iceland is for most photographers a dream destination. When everywhere you look are glaciers, ashy fields, green hills and the weather brings you mystique the days are great for shooting. In the series Johan Lolos who goes by the name Le Backpacker on social media ( @lebackpacker ) captured this very kind of setting on the magical Sólheimajökull glacier on the south coast of Iceland.

Bon Appetit!

Misty day on the glacier

Staring back into the glacier valley

Our very own Norris, guided Johan on the tour and made sure he was safe when exploring the deep blues of the glacier

Going even deeper into the stunning Sólheimajökull glacier

Endless ways to enjoy this glacier wonderland

Taking in the glacier glory

Glacier climbing is for many the absolute best part of the tour

Feeling excited and want to join? > Blue Ice Glacier Hiking and Climbing tour on Sólheimajökull glacier.

Ever visited an Icelandic glacier?

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