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What to Wear Snorkeling

Everything You’ll Need for an Underwater Exploration

|May 2, 2024
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Want to enjoy the best panoramic underwater views at Silfra? It's important to be prepared for your snorkeling adventure with the clothes and other essential items you’ll need to stay safe and have fun.

Snorkeling is a fantastic way to explore some of the hidden treasures of the underwater world. This is especially true when you visit Iceland. Every year, hundreds of people go to discover the crystal clear waters at the Silfra Fissure, the only place in the world where you can snorkel between two tectonic plates! From wetsuits to masks, there are a few necessities to bring to be ready for your adventure.

Clothes for Snorkeling

Whilst snorkeling doesn’t require as much specialist equipment as scuba diving, there are still a few items of clothing and accessories you’ll need for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

1. Base Layer

As the water in Iceland is so cold, it’s important to take lots of layers to keep you warm. For your base layer, you will need thin thermal pants and a thin thermal top - these can be made from wool, fleece, or synthetic materials. It’s essential to bring warm wool, fleece, or neoprene socks. 

You’ll be required to bring these layers yourself as they will be worn underneath your undersuit and dry suit, both of which will be provided on your snorkeling tour.

2. Undersuit

The next layer of clothing you will wear is an undersuit - a waterproof fleece suit. This is a crucial part of your gear that will help to ensure the climate is comfortable and prevent hypothermia.

3. Dry Suit

A dry suit is designed to keep you dry as it is sealed around the waist and neck. This is the final layer of clothing that’s required before you can enter the glacial water safely. All drysuits provided by Arctic Adventures are made of Neoprene.

Group of people walking down stairs in Snorkeling gear into Silfra Rift waters

Additional Things to Wear When Snorkeling

Once you’ve got your underwater clothing organized, these are the other items you’ll be provided with.

1. Hood and Gloves

As mentioned above, the water at Silfra is exceptionally cold, which is why it is also important to keep your head and hands warm. Waterproof neoprene hoods and gloves will be invaluable once you begin your snorkel adventure.

2. Snorkeling Fins

Though not everyone enjoys wearing snorkeling fins, they can be helpful if you are keen to glide through the water with ease.

3. Snorkel Mask & Snorkel

Without a mask and a snorkel, heading into the water is simply a swimming trip! A high-quality mask is key to enjoying your snorkeling experience as much as possible. Kindly note that glasses cannot be worn underneath your mask, so please bring contact lenses if possible. 

If you’re a snorkeling novice, your guide will explain exactly how the equipment should be used.

Group of people ready to go snorkeling at Silfra Rift in snowy landscape

4. Waterproof Fanny Pack (Not Provided)

Want to keep your valuables on your person when you head into the water? A waterproof waist pack or fanny pack will keep them safe. Don’t bring too much though, the extra weight may make it more difficult for you to swim.

What Else to Bring Snorkeling

There are a variety of other things you’ll need to bring on your snorkeling tour that will not be provided such as:

  • A spare set of clothes in case you get wet
  • A towel to dry off 
  • Outdoor clothing suitable for the weather conditions you can expect in Iceland
  • Tour voucher
  • A doctor's letter (if necessary)

Are you ready to take on the crystal clear water at Silfra? You won’t be disappointed.

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