Join us on a four-day adventure, exploring Iceland's most stunning locations, including the Golden Circle, Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach and the Diamond Beach, just to name a few.


  • Small Group Experience
  • Gullfoss Waterfall
  • Geysir
  • Thingvellir
  • Seljalandsfoss
  • Skogafoss
  • Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach
  • Skaftafell Nature Reserve
  • Vatnajokull National Park
  • Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon
  • Diamond Beach
  • Natural Ice Cave
  • Glacier Hike
  • Northern Lights

This magical four-day tour will take you to some of the most famous places in the land of fire and ice. We’ll go on the iconic Golden Circle route, see Iceland’s famous South Coast, explore mesmerizing ice caves, walk on vast glaciers and see active volcano. You'll join a small group of like-minded adventurers and a friendly guide. If you're looking to spend four wonderful days traveling around Iceland, then this is the perfect tour for you.

Please note: If you’re traveling with a party of 2 or more, be sure to book everyone under a single reservation. Otherwise, we can’t guarantee you will all be on the same tour activity.

  • Small group (minibus)
  • Personal Experience
  • Trusted Tour Operator
  • Small group experience
  • Expert guides
Availability Oct - April
Duration 4 days
Departs From Reykjavik
Level Easy Suitable for most people in fair condition.
Minimum age 8 years
Ratio 1:18 Guide to client ratio
Accommodation Included
Pick Up Yes
Meet on Location No


Per Adult
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What's included


  • Pick-up & drop off from Reykjavik
  • Guided Group Tour in a Minibus
  • English Speaking Tour Guide
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Private Bathroom
  • Breakfast
  • South Coast Highlights
  • Guided Ice Cave Tour
  • Active volcano hike tour
  • Northern Lights tour
  • Free Wifi on Board Your Bus

What to bring

  • Warm outdoor clothing including layers
  • Thermal underwear (top and bottom)
  • Waterproof jacket and pants
  • Headwear
  • Scarves
  • Gloves
  • Sturdy hiking boots

Not Included

  • Lunch & Dinner

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Your adventure starts with a pickup in Reykjavik. Your guide will pick you up in a comfortable minibus at a convenient location. For your first activity, we'll embark on a tour of the Golden Circle. We will then make our way to the South Coast, making stops by Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss waterfalls. We will spend the night near Vik.

After breakfast, our first stop will be Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach. Then we head farther along the South Coast where our next attraction awaits -- the breathtaking Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. The lagoon is spectacular during the winter season and offers plenty of photographic opportunities. We'll also visit nearby Diamond Beach, where you'll get a closer look at the icebergs that have washed ashore. For the final stop, we'll explore a natural ice cave accompanied by a certified glacier guide. We'll stay overnight near Skaftafell and, if we're lucky, spot the Northern Lights.

Our main goal for day three will be a short and family-friendly glacier hike. We'll head to the glacier where you will meet your certified glacier guide who will take you on an unforgettable glacier trek. After the hike, we will be heading back to Reykjavik.

For the final day, you'll have a chance to experience the once-in-a-lifetime experience of hiking to Geldingadalir to watch an active volcanic eruption. After that, you will be able to hunt Northern Lights.

The first day of our adventure will take us on the world-renowned Golden Circle Route – a trio of legendary attractions that are widely considered to be the best in Iceland.

We’ll begin at Thingvellir National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, due to its geological and historical importance. It’s the original location of Althingi – a dramatic glacial plain where a group of Viking nobles founded the first Icelandic Parliament in 930 AD. The modern parliament in Reykjavik retains its name – making it one of the oldest democratic institutions in the world. Thingvellir also hosts a seismic rift valley that marks the ever-expanding gap between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. A unique place that is the only land visible land border between two continents.

Our next stop will be the Geysir Geothermal area – famed for the bubbling geysers that have become synonymous with Iceland. We’ll see the, now dormant, Great Geysir – which was the first geyser to appear in the English language and gives them all their name. Alongside Strokkur – the most active geyser in the area – firing boiling torrents of water up to 30 meters into the air every few minutes or so. The powerful geothermal forces beneath Iceland’s surface have made it the country it is today, and the Geysir Geothermal area is the best way to see their incredible power in the flesh.   

The final stop on the Golden Circle Route is Gullfoss (the golden falls) – a stunningly beautiful two stage waterfall, that gets its name from the golden color its water takes as it cascades over the dark brown rock. Beneath it is an emerald valley and rainbows regularly form above it – making for an awe-inspiring scene.

We’ll spend the afternoon on Iceland’s South Coast – a place of volcanoes and glaciers that epitomizes the land of fire and ice. Our first stop will be the Seljalandsfoss waterfall – famed for its cylindrical cascade that thunders around 60 meters into a valley below. There is a secret cave hidden behind it and we’ll clamber into it – to view Seljalandsfoss from a totally different angle.

We’ll also stop at the equally impressive Skogafoss Waterfall – whose wider cascade tumbles down 60 meters into a pool below. We’ll climb up the meandering path next to the falls – for a spectacular vista over the entire area. Skogafoss also plays a prominent role in Icelandic myth and our guide will point out the two strange rock formations that are believed to be trolls who were petrified by the dawn. Some locals also believe that a Viking settler hid a treasure chest somewhere beneath the falls – offering fabulous wealth to the person who finds it.

By then everyone will be tired, and we will head to our countryside hotel in the charming town of Vik, to get some rest. If you visit during the winter, then it is a great place to see the flickering colors of the Northern Lights.

Day Highlights
  • Thingvellir National Park
  • Geysir Hot Spring Area
  • Gullfoss Waterfall
  • Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
  • Skogafoss Waterfall
  • Vik Village
  • Guided Minibus Tour
  • The Golden Circle
  • Seljalandsfoss & Skogafoss Waterfalls
  • Northern Lights (If conditions are right)
  • Hotel near Vik
Hótel Geirland

Our day begins with a hearty Icelandic breakfast before we head out on the road towards the dark volcanic sands of Reynisfjara Beach. There we’ll take in the stark contrast of the white-crested waves of the Atlantic Ocean as they wash against its jet-black sands. From the cliffside rises a cluster of basalt sea stacks, reminiscent of the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland. We’ll also see the Reynisdrangar basalt pillars, which rise like jagged peaks from the sea. Folktales say that they were once a trio of trolls who were turned to stone by the sun as they tried to drag a boat back to land.  

We’ll then make the scenic drive to the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon – passing moss-carpeted lava fields, volcanically scarred deserts and some spectacular rock formations that stand as vivid reminders of volcanic eruptions over the years. By then, you'll be able to catch sight of the majestic Breidamerkurjokull Glacier, which unfurls like a tongue from Vatnajokull, the largest glacier in the whole of Europe.

The Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon lies in its shadow, famed for the glittering icebergs that float across its icy-blue surface. Many of them wash up on the nearby Diamond Beach, where they shine like beautiful diamonds against the black sands. Both places are breathtakingly beautiful and will leave you with memories you'll treasure forever.

Our final stop of the day will take us deep into the icy depths of Breidamerkurjokull Glacier to a mesmerizing ice cave that is as unique as it is beautiful. Iceland's ice caves usually form over the winter months. When the meltwaters from summer freeze, they creates huge pockets and beautiful patterns within the sapphire-blue ice. As this trip is highly weather dependent, your guide may decide to move it on the itinerary or to combine it with glacier hiking. 

We’ll spend the night in Skaftafell, and if it's winter, we may just see the Northern Lights. 

Day Highlights
  • Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach
  • Reynisdrangar Basalt Pillars
  • Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon
  • The Diamond Beach
  • Natural Ice Cave
  • Breakfast at the Hotel
  • Guided Minibus Tour
  • Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach
  • Diamond Beach
  • Guided Ice Cave Tour
  • Northern Lights (If conditions are right)
  • Hotel near Skaftafell
Hótel Geirland

Day three kicks off with an adventure in a vast, icy wilderness. We’ll be hiking on the Falljokull Glacier, a living natural wonder that is constantly moving. The shifting ice carves out sinkholes, crevasses, moulins, ice ridges and other ice sculptures, molding a diverse and beautiful landscape that is unlike any other. We’ll pick our way through this awe-inspiring area as our friendly guide tells you more about how glaciers have helped to shape the land of fire and ice.

From there, we’ll begin the scenic journey back to Reykjavik – stopping at a number of different places along the way, depending on the weather. One of the best attractions is Fjadrargljufur Canyon, whose icy-blue streak of water is sandwiched between emerald slopes on both sides. This is a gorgeous and photogenic place that will inspire awe and wonder in equal measure.

We’ll drop you back in Reykjavik between 20-22:00 (8-10:00 p.m.), allowing you to chill in the city before our final day of adventures. 

Day Highlights
  • Glacier Walk on Vatnajokull Glacier
  • Fjadrargljufur Canyon
  • Breakfast at the Hotel
  • Guided Minibus Tour
  • Guided Glacier Hike
  • Vatnajokull Glacier
  • Hotel in Reykjavik
Fosshótel Barón
or similar

On this final day you will Join us on once-in-a-lifetime experience to hike up to Geldingadalir to see an active volcanic eruption. This truly is an experience that you will never forget!

Eruptions are rare events, and they are very hostile in nature. This element of rarity, the sheer power, and the potentially destructive forces behind eruptions make them hypnotically fascinating. Not all eruptions are created the same, some spew ashes far up into the sky while others pump out molten magma. Think, liquid rocks!

For our final stop, we'll drive out to hunt magical Northern Lights. Our tour of the Northern Lights starts off with the thrill of the pursuit. Once your guide picks you up, be prepared for the hunt. You’ll drive out into the unparalleled beauty of a starry night. As the forecast changes daily, unfortunately, we can’t tell you in advance exactly where our quest for the aurora borealis will take us. But one thing is guaranteed–we will take you far away from the city lights! We could go to Hvalfjörður, Þingvellir, Reykjanes, or to some other rural area in South Iceland to escape light pollution. Traveling by minibus means we can get to offbeat locations that the big buses just can’t reach.

Day Highlights
  • Active volcano
  • Northern Lights
  • Breakfast at the Hotel
  • Active volcano hike tour
  • Northern Lights tour

Return time: We will return to Reykjavík between 21:00 – 22:00 pm (9-10:00 p.m.)

Pick-up Information: Pick up is at 09:00 am from your hotel or a nearby meeting point in Reykjavík. Picking everyone up can take up to 30 minutes, your patience is much appreciated. Available pick-up points: Arctic Adventures’s pick-up list.


We always recommend booking a multi-day tour starting at least one day after arriving in Iceland. If you’re flying in from the US or will be landing early (4-6:30 am) you should be able to join the tour, but some risks would follow (i.e if the flight gets delayed) and could, therefore, miss out on the tour.

Most of the hotels we use during our tours are remotely located and therefore ideal to spot the northern lights. If the forecast is in your favor, then it is more than likely that you will be able to see the magical show put on by the dancing northern lights during your tour with us. Most of the hotels offer a Northern Lights wake up call up on request if the lights are spotted.

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and therefore we can unfortunately never promise that they will be seen. Their appearance depends upon atmospheric and weather conditions. The best time to see them is between September and March when it’s dark and clear. The sky needs to be as dark as possible, so the best places to see them are well away from city lights (that’s where we are going!).

For more information on the Northern Lights, please have a look at our Northern Lights information.

If you are not sure that you have suitable gear for your tour, we offer some necessary items for rent. For most of our multi-day tours, we rent out waterproof jackets and pants as well as hiking boots. You can book these items and more under the selection “Extras” in the booking widget when booking your tour on our website.

If you have already booked the tour and wish to add some rental gear to your booking, you can do so at least 24 hours prior to your tour starts.

For further information about rental gear:

2 Day Tours – Rental Equipment & Upgrades

3 Day Tours – Rental Equipment & Upgrades

4 Day Tours – Rental Equipment & Upgrades

5 Day Tours – Rental Equipment & Upgrades

6 Day Tours – Rental Equipment & Upgrades

We drive on average around 300 km (186 miles) per day on our multi-day tours. You will be spending approximately 4-5 hours in the car each day. We do of course stop on multiple locations throughout the tour for sightseeing, activities, bathroom breaks and lunch stops.

We do welcome participants of all ages older than the listed minimum age for each tour. We have people of ages ranging from 8-99 years joining our multi-day tours.  Our average group usually consists of participants between the age 20-55 years. We do get a lot of solo travellers joining our tours, as well as families and friends.

If you have difficulties participating in any of the activities included in the tour, for example, a glacier activity, you are more than welcome to skip it. You can explore your surroundings in the meantime or wait elsewhere. Our guide should be able to drop you off at a nearby place where there are some services available.

For multi-day tours, each participant is allowed to bring a small backpack and 1 piece of luggage weighing a maximum of 20 kg (44 lbs).

* The combined dimensions of each bag must not exceed 158 cm (62 in).

* It’s possible to store your luggage with us in Reykjavík while you are on your tour, for a small fee. We highly recommend storing the luggage in Reykjavík to help us reduce our carbon footprint.

* Please note that luggage storage is not refundable.

Breakfast is included at all the hotels we stay in during the tour. The breakfast will be a typical breakfast buffet, offering bread, toppings, cereal, yogurt, fruits, coffee, and tea etc.

Your guide will also find a good place for the group to eat lunch. We always try to choose places that have a wide selection of dishes on the menu, so there will be options available for everyone. The dinner is usually at the hotels we stay at for the night.

If your tour includes accommodation, breakfast is always included during the tour at the hotel/guesthouse restaurant.

Meals and beverages are otherwise not included on your tour. (Unless it’s specifically stated in the description of the tour)

On our multiday tours, we will be making stops at restaurants and convenience stores where you will be able to purchase all necessities.

You should count on spending around 8,000 ISK (80$) on food each day per person. Cash is not necessary, as credit cards are almost always accepted. Having a small amount of cash doesn’t hurt though.

A single supplement is available if you want to have your own room, but you are not required to pay a single supplement. If you are a single traveler and do not wish to book a single room, you’ll be roomed with another traveler of the same gender.

When booking with Arctic Adventures, you are guaranteed an accommodation at a nice country hotel and/or a guesthouse. The hotels we have partnered up with are all of the same standard and offer nice rooms with made-up beds. The rooms come with private or shared bathrooms, depending on your booking. The standard room is a twin room but it’s possible to request a double room or a triple room, with no extra charge.

If you are traveling solo, you will have to add the single room fee if you wish to have a single room.

All hotels have free Wi-Fi. Towels, a hairdryer and a kettle are accessible at all of the hotels. Hotel breakfast is included!

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