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Grab the best seats to see a Northern Lights show and bring a cherished memory of this special moment home!


  • Free Northern Lights Photos
  • Northern Lights Hunt
  • Guided Tour in a Minibus
  • Iceland Countryside

The Northern Lights – one of nature’s greatest shows on Earth – tops the bucket lists of travelers all over the globe. Join us on a thrilling hunt from Reykjavik to spot this ghostly glow in the night sky. We escape the city’s artificial lights and drive into the deep darkness of the countryside. Your guide will keep a close eye on weather conditions to find the perfect spot to admire the Aurora Borealis. Your encounter with these ephemeral lights will make for a magical night!


Northern Lights dancing in the Winter Sky | South West, Iceland.


Your guide will take free photos of you and the aurora for your travel album, so you’ll always have a reminder of this dazzling moment!

Availability Sept - Apr
Duration ~4 hours
Departs From Reykjavik
Level Easy Suitable for most people in fair condition.
Minimum age 6 years
Ratio 1:28
Meet on Location No
Pick Up Yes



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What's included


  • Pick-up & drop off from Reykjavík
  • Minibus Transport
  • Northern Lights Photos
  • English Speaking Tour Guide
  • Free WiFi on Board Your Bus

What to bring

  • Hiking boots or very sturdy footwear
  • Warm outdoor layers
  • Weatherproof top layer
  • Headwear
  • Gloves
  • Scarves
  • Camera

Not Included

  • Meals

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The minibus Northern Lights tour is one of our most popular tours. We follow the best aurora and cloud forecast available to optimize your chance of seeing the aurora borealis dancing across the night sky. Due to its proximity to the Arctic Circle and the magnetic pole, Iceland’s auroral activity is some of the most intense in the northern hemisphere.

Your Northern Lights tour starts with the thrill of the pursuit. Once your guide picks you up from Reykjavik, be prepared for the hunt. You’ll drive out into the unparalleled beauty of a starry night. As the forecast changes daily, unfortunately, we can’t tell you exactly where our quest for the aurora borealis will take us. But one thing is guaranteed–we will take you far away from the city lights! We could go to Hvalfjörður, Þingvellir, Reykjanes, or to some other rural area in South Iceland to escape light pollution. Traveling by minibus means we can get to offbeat locations that the big buses can’t reach.

If the Northern Lights show up – and it might be at any time – it can be awe-inspiring. They may appear quite subtly, then before you know it, stretch and expand into swirling and dancing patterns across the sky. Whether dramatic or delicate, they’re always a surreal and special sight to behold. Green and yellow auroras are the most common. Blue, violet, and rose auroras are less regular but equally as stunning. Red hues are the rarest, yet they’re more common in Iceland than anywhere else in the world.

During our minibus tour, your guide will snap a photograph of you and the aurora free of charge that you can access online after the tour. See photos from previous tours. We guarantee you that this is a moment you’ll certainly want to have on film!

For the Northern Lights adventure, pick-up is at either 20:30 (8:30 p.m.) or 21:30 (9:30 p.m.), depending on the season. You’ll find the actual pickup time in the booking process and on your final voucher. Picking everyone up can take up to 30 minutes, your patience is much appreciated. 

Available pick-up points: Arctic Adventures’s pick-up list.

As the success of the northern lights tour is heavily dependent on weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel the northern lights part of the tour until 18:15 on the day of the tour if the aurora forecast is not looking good. When this happens your payment is fully refunded. If the tour goes ahead and no northern lights are seen we offer clients the chance to join another evening’s departure free of charge upon availability. Please note that you need to contact us to re-book.


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Magical Auroras - Northern Lights Tour

1- of 22 reviews

Amazing tour and tour guide

Reviewed on February 16, 2022 by Emanuele l Review from Tripadvisor

I was recently in Reykjavik with my wife and we were told the weather condition were perfect for northern lights spotting. We immediately decided to give it a go and we were lucky enough to choose Arctic adventures to take us out of the city chasing this marvel in the sky, over the many other tour operators. For our night out we were assigned a super incredible tour guide whose name is Gummy Bear! He was so professional and funny that made our tour incredibly enjoyable. Besides, he clearly knows very well the surroundings of the city and after a bus ride of around 30 mins he decided to stop the bus in a special place and after a little the greatest miracle unfolded in the sky. Beautiful strong Northern lights appeared and we could enjoy the show for a couple of hours before heading back to the city. Gummy Bear was so friendly and nice, he told us a lot of stories and jokes, and he volunteered to take amazing pictures to everyone in the group (where can we find this pictures?)
I believe his professionalism and the fact he could actually spot the lights very well, made our tour unforgettable. Thanks very much Gummy Bear, next time in Iceland we will definitely book with Arctic Adventures thanks to you.
Manu&Ilona from The Netherlands


Reviewed on February 13, 2022 by Ella L Review from Tripadvisor

So so much fun we got a great show and gummy bear was super sweet and accommodating I couldn’t have ask for a better tour guide will definitely be recommending to friends


Reviewed on November 21, 2021 by CgMn Review from Tripadvisor

Regarded by some tour guides as a "dirty tour" because your fee does not guarantee what you have paid to see. You have to approach it with a low degree of expectation and regard it as a bonus if you see something. It is highly dependent on a number of factors coming together at the same time that includes dark skies, clear skies, high geo-magnetic activity, higher intensity of solar flares and to a certain degree your night vision. Luck has to be on your side.
I arrived the Thursday and it was too much of a rush with other trips; turns out the NL trips were cancelled this night anyway. I booked on for the Friday but Arctic Adventures cancelled this due to the forecast and Sat/Sun were not looking good either due to approaching storms so I rearranged for the Monday night. Fred was my guide (name translates as Peace Thief but resigns himself to Fred as very difficult to pronounce) and it appears Fred may have upset the Elves. We headed south-west out of the city and Fred spent a short while looking for the Lights. Two snow flurries later he decided to call it a night as things didn't look promising. I spoke to other people the following day who had seen them later on. Despite Fred's earlier enthusiasm the bonus of him throwing the towel in early was we got back at a reasonable time and had the option to rebook for free the only downside being I had to contact the office and was due on another trip at 8am.
I called office at 7am and was booked on for the Tuesday night which was my 6th and final night so I was in the last chance saloon. My guide was Frimann and the start was not good as his colleague had called in sick so was having to operate a larger group plus we had a slight mishap with the bus and an agitated tour guide from another group. We headed north-east, found clear skies and just when you felt like everything was about to be lost it all started to happen. Even an experienced guide like Frimann described the event as magical and he has not seen better. What started off as a band of white cloud slowly had a hint of green gradually turning to bright green and yellow. The intensity grew then faded. It changed shape to a sine curve then broke up to dance. It returned with pinks added. I think our smiles were brighter than the full moon as we knew how lucky we had been. I regard myself as difficult to impress but the experience left me buzzing.
I must have been one of the few that couldn't get my phone camera to work on night mode but thankfully Frimann was taking photos so that I have an everlasting memory of what was the best possible end to a fantastic holiday. Wonderful that these photos are included in the tour. Please be mindful that you need to stand still and only move when told to when the photo is being taken due to the shutter speed as any movement will blur the photo.
Big thank you to Frimann!!!

Multiple Adventures

Reviewed on November 19, 2021 by Derek Mayes From our post-trip system

A few years ago I did the south coast tour with A.A. and it was fantastic. This time I did the Whale watching (calm sea, sunny day, Dolphins, Humpbacks), Snowmobile ride over a glacier to an ice cave (absolutely fantastic fun with totally breathtaking views), Volcano hike (scenery from the Moon or was it Mars), and a Northern lights hunt (no joy, they were being shy). I have seen the lights before on my previous adventure in Iceland, and it's something I will not forget. I am already saving up to go back as I have the ring road tour in my sights. Thank you A.A. for the memories.

Magical Auroras tour

Reviewed on November 15, 2021 by Kevin Rodríguez From our post-trip system

I scheduled 5 tours with AA during my 12 days visit to Reykjavik. Magical auroras tour was one of them. The weather didn't help on our first stop, our guide took the decision to drive to a second stop, we were unlucky, as the second stop was rainy; however, our guide didn't give up and decided to drive 40 more minutes to a third stop. Suddenly the magic appeared and we saw a sky filled by stars and an intense green aurora borealis appeared. Our guide's expertise and determination to help us to see the northern lights was the key for the success!!!! As the other tours were, Magical auroras tour was punctual, full of practical information about the tour, the Icelandic culture and driven by professionals, I would recommend Arctic Adventures tour operator any time!!


Reviewed on November 15, 2021 by Kevin Rodríguez From our post-trip system

Loved our excursion with Artic Adventures to see the Northern Lights. It wasn't promised and the forecast didn't look great, but our guide was diligent in driving us to a location where we could find clear skies. Once we spotted them, he took out his camera and started taking great photos of all of us. I would do this tour again!

Iceland Activities

Reviewed on November 04, 2021 by John Dawson From our post-trip system

On our recent holiday to Iceland we used Arctic Adventure for 4 day trips. One was cancelled due to poor weather but we were notified in good time and offered alternatives. All the trip more that met out expectations and this was largely down to the guides all of whom were engaging, professional and very knowledgeable. I would recommend Arctic Adventures to anyone as an option, they look after you

Northern lights tour

Reviewed on November 03, 2021 by Emily Dalzel-Job From our post-trip system

Our tour guide was very enthusiastic and set the scene well. I am sure if we had seen the northern lights then we would have had different feedback but unfortunately if you don’t see them then it is a lot of time on a bus in the dark. I do feel that the company should have a plan B and take you to do something else if the lights are not visible, maybe to the observatory. I only discovered that the observatory was there when i returned back to the UK. It is a very expensive tour, am sure you wouldn’t think twice about the money if you saw an amazing display but the northern lights are so unpredictable.

Awesome Northern Lights Tour

Reviewed on October 27, 2021 by Elizabeth From our post-trip system

Our guide, Gummie Bear, was awesome. He took pics and gave us a ton of information and history about Iceland in addition to the aurora. I scheduled this tour for my first night in Iceland and it was perfect. It gave me the chance to get good and tired for the night and see the awesome aurora. I’d recommend Arctic Adventures and Gummie Bear for anyone who wants to see the Northern Lights!

October Aurora tour

Reviewed on October 16, 2021 by Kim Cook From our post-trip system

Our great guide Hafi was soo informative and fun to go out Northern lights hunting! He made sure to manage our expectations so we were realistic about finding them at all let alone seeing any kind of a show. He closely monitored reports as we drove into the countryside and as soon as he got word, off we went down a side road to a field where we all scrambled off the bus! We thought they'd last a few minutes but we had a solid hour of a show, with the aurora dipping and swirling and forming pillars and curtains. Stepping into the darkness a bit and looking overhead, shooting stars and dozens of galaxies. We took loads of pictures and had such a great time. It was a magical night we'll never forget, and many thanks to Hafi and Arctic Adventures for such fun!

A wonderful tour company

Reviewed on September 29, 2021 by Gabe Arbillaga From our post-trip system

We took all our tours of Iceland with Arctic Adventures and couldn’t be happier! Even the guide on the northern lights tour made it an absolute blast despite the weather not cooperating and us not finding the aurora! I can’t wait to come back and book more tours with Arctic Adventures! Truly a wonderful experience of a lifetime!

Magical Auroras - Northern lights in a minibus

Reviewed on April 12, 2020 by LEDY From our post-trip system

Guide - Good knowledge of the aurora phenomenon, right explanation. Found good spots where to stop, according to the cloud forecast as well. Not in a rush. If anything would have liked more help / expertise from the guide on how to set up your camera to capture the northern lights at their best.

Northern Lights tour with an amazing guide

Reviewed on March 12, 2020 by Adrian Montes From our post-trip system

On a windy winter night with an aurora forecast of 2/9, but with fairly clear skies, we went out with Fred (it was actually an Icelandic name I don't want to try to spell) out of the city looking for the northern lights. On the way he have tips on the best settings for our cameras or phones and explained the phenomenon of the northern lights plus some more info of life in Iceland and Reykjavik. After about an hour and a half to two hours he said he noticed something he suspected and confirmed the lights were there with his camera. We were able to see some amazing displays for about an hour which included some curious Icelandic horses approaching our group! He asked if we were all satisfied and ready to head back, and played the harmonica amazingly just before heading back as it was his good luck trick. Overall it was an amazing experience and our tour guide was energetic, friendly and very enjoyable company. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in the northern lights.

Northern Lights

Reviewed on March 05, 2020 by Ronnie Lushbaugh From our post-trip system

We highly recommended going with a guide. Some folks in our Iceland group choose to go on their own. Huge, Huge mistake. Those folks never saw them (the lights). Our guide not only found them but had his tripod and camera and took a picture for everyone in the group with the lights. (That’s a picture we will for ever) There is a lot to see in just a few days but everyone back at home ask. “Did You See them”? Without our Arctic guide we wouldn’t. Highly recommended tour.

Spectacular Experience

Reviewed on February 27, 2020 by Nicole Anselmo & Renee Eschmann From our post-trip system

The Northern Lights were slow to appear, but when they did...AMAZING! Our tour guide, Spiro, was awesome! The best part about our experience was that while many tour buses came and went prior to the Northern Lights appearing, Spiro held out, luckily!! He also took the time to take everyone's photo twice. We have never experienced anything like it...Bucket List Item...check!

Amazing night !

Reviewed on February 27, 2020 by Théo Review from Tripadvisor

We spent an amazing night chasing the northern lights with Kobey, our Arctic Adventure guide.
He took wonderful pictures of us and the auroras. Everything was perfect !
Thanks again !

Amazing Icelandic Experience 2020

Reviewed on February 11, 2020 by melgarner Review from Tripadvisor

Golden Circle, Magical Aurora, Scuba/Diving Silfra Fissure and Whale watching. We booked Arctic Adventures for our trips round Iceland. Can’t recommend them highly enough. The tour guides and drivers were very knowledgeable of their speciality and the surrounding areas we travelled in Iceland. Pick and Drop off were always on time and at the chosen place requested. We did not have enough time to complete our Icelandic experience so will be back in 2021 for more. Thank you Guys

Northern Lights Tour 13.11.19

Reviewed on November 21, 2019 by Fon Review from Tripadvisor

MY first time in Iceland and the first night seeing the northern lights in Iceland!!! Our guide Juraj is very kind and friendly. We all were glad and happy to see the northern lights. The atmosphere during the tour was full of fun and joy!The guide helped and guided us how to set to be able to take photos on phone and took the great pictures of us with the aurora.

Magical Auroras - Northern lights in a minibus adventure tour

Reviewed on October 09, 2019 by Charis L Review from Tripadvisor

Our first attempt on 25th Sep didn't work out, but it was an easy process to re-schedule a session on 27th Sep. Little did we know that was the weekends when the lights went 'crazy' as shared by another tour guide. We had an amazing time, and extremely thankful to have the photoshoot sessions done by the driver guide! None of our phones or gadgets was able to capture the amazing dancing colourful aurora.

And yes, there's still many like us who are mesmerised by the amazing northern lights! Keep chasing the lights!

Magical Auroras - Northern Lights Tour

Reviewed on April 10, 2019 by Cmopdgc Review from Tripadvisor

My wife and I were on the fence about which aurora tour to book the Minibus or Super Jeep... we went with the Minibus because the Aurora forecast wasn’t great for the day we had budgeted for that experience on our vacation. The problem with the Super Jeep tour is if the elusive aurora was a no show you can rebook for another day but it’s limited to the minibus tour only, you don’t get two shots at it in the comfy Super Jeep, only the one! However, the cheaper Minibus tour allowed for the same rebooking for another day if there’s a no show on the same minibus... so, our suggestion is if you want a more private experience and the aurora forecast is good then go for the Super Jeep, and it its bad go for the Minibus.

The overall experience was great, our tour guide was knowledgeable, funny and quite the DJ. He filled us in on the science of the Aurora and entertained with great stories. This gets a big thumbs up from these uncharted wanderers.


Reviewed on April 06, 2017 by Noemi Review from Tripadvisor

Our driver knew where to go to see them he was looking at the sky while driving,hunting for aurora. And we found it...amazing.

Extreme indeed!!

Reviewed on November 25, 2016 by MonSyL Review from Tripadvisor

Took this tour once we know that the aurora is on. Booked in the lobby of our hotel and They picked us up at our hotel and took us to the spot where we can see aurora. The ride took around 30-35 minutes from reykjavik. Our driver/tour guide named sven (sorry if i miss-spelled), is really an entertaining guy. And then we got to see the amazing aurora borealis!!!! The spot is extreme cos i think we were in a mountain full of snow!!! Glad that we took this tour!!


The Northern Lights are natural phenomena and we unfortunately cannot promise you will see them. Their appearance depends upon atmospheric and weather conditions.

For more information on the Northen Lights, please have a look at our Northern Lights information.

Unfortunately, there isn’t just one simple answer to this question.

There isn’t just one single setting for your camera that ensures great photos.  But if you have manual options, you are probably best served with experimenting with various combinations of ISO, aperture, and exposure settings. As a rule of thumb, ISO setting between 800 and 3200, aperture between f/2.8 and f/5.6, and shutter speed at between 15 seconds and 30 seconds have proven effective.

A good thing to keep in mind, ISO setting between 800 and 3200, aperture between f/2.8 and f/5.6, and shutter speed between 15 seconds and 30 seconds have given great results.

Different combinations may give very different results. Higher ISO setting will allow you to capture faster exposures, but the downside to this might be for example grainier images.

If the shutter speed is above 15 seconds it will result in a slight star movement.

Wider angle lenses are usually more versatile in low light settings, but longer lenses give you different options for compositions. Make sure that you remove all lens filters, as they may distort images. You will probably get the best results with manual setting for infinite focal length

A refund is not available if the northern lights tour goes ahead and no northern lights are seen but we do offer you the chance to join a Northern Lights Minibus tour free of charge.

Please contact our Customer care to re-book your tour.

When Northern Lights tours are cancelled it’s usually due to unfavourable weather conditions.

In that case, your options will be to:

1. Reschedule for another day.

2. Find another tour to do and use the deposit for it.

3. Get fully refunded.

Please contact our Customer Care to re-book your tour.

Like you might have heard, the northern lights are a pretty difficult thing to predict. You can check en.vedur.is to see the forecast and if the level is high and the skies are clear then it’s very likely that the tour is going. We do update our website’s tour departure sheet with the information at 17:00 pm the latest. If the tour is cancelled, you will receive an email from us.

If we think there is no chance at all of seeing the lights we will cancel the tour. We don’t want to bring you out and disappoint if there is no chance to see the lights.

Yes, the guide will take a photo of you with the northern lights behind you. These can be single or group photo’s and free of charge.

The Northern Lights season is said to be from late August until mid-April. However, if you want to increase your chances of seeing them, it is best to wait until the clear winter months of mid-September until March.

If luck and weather are on your side, then you will be able to see the Aurora Borealis above the inviting streets of Reykjavik. Whether you see the lights or not are dependant on two different factors. The first being the weather. If the sky is clear, no clouds, then you are halfway there to seeing the astonishing spectacle that is the Northern Lights (although light pollution can sometimes be a problem). Increased solar activity is the second half so, if these two merge together you may well be able to see the Northern Lights from Reykjavik.

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