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Soon You Can Sip Cocktails on Top of an Icelandic Glacier

|September 13, 2019
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If you like your vodka on the rocks, then you’re sure to love vodka on a glacier. The Icelandic vodka company Reyka is making history with the world's first-ever bar on a glacier

If you like your vodka on the rocks, then you’re sure to love vodka on a glacier. The Icelandic vodka company Reyka is making history with the world’s first-ever bar on a glacier  “Where you can sip a Puffin Collins surrounded by narwhals and psychedelic auroras.” 

More ice, please? Reyka vodka company is sending people to drink spirits at their glacier pop-up bar

For just five days in October, Reyka Vodka Glacier Bar will serve arctic cocktails in a pop-up bar on top of the spectacular Langjökull Glacier in Iceland. We hope you like your glasses chilled!

What the bar should look like when it opens (Reyka/PA)

The world’s only glacier bar, this boozy winter wonderland will sit on Langjökull glacier — Iceland’s second-largest glacier

Man at Langjokull Glacier in Iceland

Reyka is proudly labeled as “Made of Iceland.” To be more exact, it’s actually made of Langjökull Glacier  Iceland’s second-largest glacier and the liquor’s water source. The glacial spring water runs through a 4,000-year-old lava field, which is then naturally filtered by the rock. As a result, researchers have found the water to be some of the purest on Earth.  

Langjökull is not only the site of “Vodka Glacier Bar,” but is also the water source for Reyka’s signature flavor

Landscape of Volcano Crater

While Reyka isn’t the only spirits company to use Iceland’s pristine waters, it was the first to be distilled and bottled in the country. An eco-minded company, Reyka boasts an emission-free distillery powered entirely by the area’s volcanic activity. This production process led to the name “Reyka” (Ray-KUH)  an ancient Icelandic word for “steam” or “smoke.”

Chilling by the bar isn’t the only activity on the glacier. There are tons of exciting adventure tours in and around the ice floe!

Into the Glacier Ice Cave

Top off your bar visit with an expedition inside the glacier. Langjökull is home to the largest man-made ice cave in the world, and while they don’t serve alcohol inside, the glittering blue walls are a true sight to see. For adrenaline-seekers, take the chance to rove around the massive ice floe on a snowmobile or super jeep. Don’t forget to pack your balaclava!

Much like the fleeting ice caves, this bar won’t be around long. Reyka Vodka Bar is only open for five days in October

Snowmobiling across Langjökull glacier & visiting an natural Ice Cave

You’ll need more than snowboots to reach this icy establishment. To get toasty at this glacial bar, you got to be on the list. Sign up on the Reyka website. Don’t get left out in the cold — their doors will only be open for five days between October 16 and October 20.

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