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Top 10 Best Icelandic Souvenirs

A list of Icelandic goods that are totally worth buying

|August 16, 2023
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As travelers, one of the most exciting parts of the trip is to pick souvenirs for your loved ones back home. We often don't put enough research into finding the best souvenir shops and gifts. This blog is dedicated to all of you who are traveling to Iceland and want to find the best Icelandic gifts for people back home.

From Icelandic wool sweaters to Icelandic delicacies, we have found you some cool gifts from Iceland to consider. Don't forget to take notes on what to buy in Reykjavik.

Icelandic souvenirs in Reykjavik

Souvenir shop in Iceland

What souvenirs should you buy in Iceland?

Iceland is a stunning destination, no doubt. It is indeed one of the top destinations on many travel bucket lists. During the long summer days, tourists often flock to this destination, and some of the popular attractions here might get packed. The natural hot springs, small-town festivals, spectacular mountain views, and visiting the Black Church of Budakirkja—it's all about experiencing the authenticity of this destination.

When you are traveling to a new destination, especially Iceland, we recommend you shop and eat locally. You'll find several local shops and small-time handicraft sellers of authentic Icelandic souvenirs. From beautifully woven Icelandic sweaters to handcrafted jewelry, you will have a multitude of choices.

1. Traditional Icelandic Wool Sweater

An evening stroll through the streets of Reykjavik will give you an understanding of the incredible fashion sense the locals have. One of the crucial parts of their everyday wear includes Icelandic wool sweaters called lopapeysa. The high-quality wool and the simple patterns are what make these sweaters stylish yet practical. Most travelers often buy one to use during their travels rather than just as a souvenir. Icelandic sweaters are one of the most desired souvenirs and one of the best products to buy.

Traditional Icelandic Wool Sweater

Traditional Icelandic Wool Sweater

2. Local Sea Salt

When shopping for souvenirs from Iceland, don't forget to look for local sea salt that is rich in minerals. This crispy and crunchy gourmet sea salt is made from arctic seawater and hot springs. While there are several brands that sell Icelandic sea salt, we recommend you go for the best ones—SALTVERK and Norður Salt.

Icelandic sea salt

Icelandic sea salt

3. Icelandic Handcrafted Jewelry

Beautiful handcrafted jewelry, especially silver jewelry, and the ones made from lava rock are perfect for your special ones. These authentic pieces are designed by expert local jewelry designers. To shop for jewelry as the best Icelandic souvenirs, we recommend you visit Kolaportið Flea Market.

bracelet made from lava rock

Lava Rock Bracelet

4. Icelandic Candy

Who doesn't love edible souvenirs? Icelandic candy is definitely one of the best edible treats to have. Shop for salty sweets, massive chocolate bars, and tasty Icelandic malt balls (also known as Noa Kropp). Omnom is a popular local supplier located in Reykjavik that you must try.

Icelandic chocolate malt balls

Icelandic malt balls

5. Brennivín

Brennivín is unique to Iceland. The country may not be famous for local alcohol production but definitely for Brennivín. This signature drink is a spirit similar to vodka but has a unique flavor to it. Some of the other alcoholic drinks that make great Icelandic souvenirs include Icelandic gin, Reyka vodka, and whisky.

6. Icelandic Frozen Fish

The idea of carrying fish back to your home country might sound a little strange, but believe us, it isn't. You can buy a box of frozen cod fillets and smoked salmon as Icelandic souvenirs. They are tasty, and you'll not regret the decision.

Man carrying Icelandic frozen fish

Man carrying Icelandic frozen fish

7. Puffin Plushy

No matter which part of Iceland you are traveling to, a puffin plushy would not go unnoticed. Shops in every nook and corner of Iceland have these plush toys. There are shops with everything puffin too.

Dozen of Puffins on mountain in Iceland

Group of Puffins on a cliff in Iceland

8. Viking Beer

If you are a beer lover, here's a piece of breaking news: Iceland has several local microbreweries. A friend or a family member with a similar liking will enjoy the bright gold Viking beer as one of the best souvenirs from Iceland.

9. Icelandic Artisan Crafts

When in Reykjavik, you'll find several local shops that specialize in selling artisan-made goods. There are so many knick-knacks that'll capture your attention, and it is one of the best ideas for souvenirs from Iceland.

Artisan Crafts in Iceland

Artisan Crafts in Iceland

10. Icelandic Skin Products

Finally, Icelandic skincare products are on our list of top ten best souvenirs too. Iceland stands for pure, clean, and natural, and so are the skincare products here. Look for the popular brand Blue Lagoon, which is manufactured using natural silica mud from the region itself. This Iceland souvenir brand has several amazing creams and skincare products for aging and acne to help your skin to heal.

woman choosing Skin care products

A woman choosing skin care products for souvenirs

Is It Worth Buying Iceland Souvenirs?

Now that we have listed our top ten recommendations for souvenirs from Iceland, you may still be wondering what's really worth buying here. Well, if nothing else, definitely get a hold of the lopapeysa made from the dread-locked longhair sheep wool. It is known to be the world's warmest, softest, and most water-resistant wool. Other ideas for souvenirs from Iceland include wool blankets, scarves, and gloves with some chic designs.

The beauty and skincare products are also worth investing in. A tube of the cleansing Silica Mud Mask from Blue Lagoon is a great choice. Icelandic culture also has a strong representation of food, literature, and the arts. So, if you are looking to invest in some art, there are several commercial galleries you could shop from too.

Best Souvenir Shops

Hand Knitting Association of Iceland, Farmers Market, Kolaportið, Hidden People Iceland, Nordic Store, Vínbúðin, and Eymundsson are some great spots to shop for souvenirs. The best quality lopapeysa can be found in Kolaportið Flea Market and Thorvaldsen’s Bazaar for a good bargain.

Icelandic Souvenirs Online

Short on time? Are you traveling home empty-handed from Iceland? We have got the best solution for you. Omnom Chocolate and Blue Lagoon Skin Care Products offer an online shopping experience too. For those non-shoppers, these eCommerce websites will save you from being hammered by your friends for returning without gifts.

Don't forget to bookmark this list of what to buy in Iceland for souvenirs. You could totally refer back for some inspiration. If you are short on time and still want to grab some gifts for your loved ones back home, you can shop for Iceland souvenirs online too.

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