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Based in South Coast Iceland, this little-known cave has been significant in Icelandic history. With stunning views overlooking the Dyrholaey peninsula and Reynisfjara Beach, Loftsalahellir is distinguished by its triangular mouth. No wonder Icelandic farmers used it as an assembly ground in the past.

What is Loftsalahellir Cave?

Nestled within the Geitafell mountain in South Coast Iceland, Loftsalahellir is a unique cave made of tuff rock. Tuff rocks are volcanic in origin, but as they are covered in moss they tend to be softer and more porous than other examples.

Iceland’s volcanic landscape is responsible for the formation of several unique caves. Although Loftsalahellir is relatively small in size, its history is significant. In the past, it was an assembly ground for farmers living near the village of Vik i Myrdal.

How to Get to Loftsalahellir Cave?


Loftsalahellir’s central location in South Iceland makes it easily accessible. The cave is 176 km (109 m) from Reykjavík, making a South Coast Iceland tour an ideal way to experience the area.

If you choose to drive to Loftsalahellir, take the secondary road to the Dyrholaey peninsula from the Ring Road on the South Coast. It’s called Road 218 on online maps. You will find the parking lot on the left side of the cave once you’ve reached the shoreline. 

There is a trail that leads to the mouth of the cave from the parking lot. It crosses the green meadows before ascending upwards. It’s an easy five-minute hike to the cave, although the trail can sometimes be muddy, so remember to wear suitable shoes.

Address: Dyrhólavegur, 871, Iceland

Things to do at Loftsalahellir Cave

Loftsalahellir is highly sought after by photography enthusiasts for the breathtaking views it offers of the Dyrholaey Peninsula on the horizon and the stunning black sand beach, Reynisfjara. The cave is covered in moss and has a unique, triangular mouth. The impressive basalt rock formations on the interior of the cave combined with the sweeping views of the stunning scenery outside make it ideal for photography.

Given that it is little known about, you might be lucky enough to have Loftsalahellir all to yourself. The cave offers shelter from the wind and is perfect for having a nice picnic and watching birds that nest on its slopes due to its proximity to the coastline. Make sure you snap a photo of yourself within the cave’s triangular frame!

When to Visit Loftsalahellir Cave?

The Loftsalahellir cave in Iceland can be visited all year round. However, in winter, the trail to the cave can get slippery due to ice. Summer months are, therefore, the safest time to visit the cave. Warmer temperatures mean you’ll also get to enjoy the greenery around.

Like the cave itself, a little-known secret is that the best views can be glimpsed at sunset when the horizon is painted with vibrant hues.

Man at Loftsalahellir Cave in Iceland

Loftsalahellir Cave in Iceland

Interesting Places Near Loftsalahellir Cave

Loftsalahellir Cave is surrounded by breathtaking sites. These nearby attractions are definitely worth checking out if you’re visiting the cave.