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Does the Blue Lagoon Really Ruin Your Hair?

|May 12, 2017
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The Blue lagoon is often the first thing you hear about when someone tells you about Iceland. Actually, 85% of the people who travel to Iceland visit the place. This is an article worth reading BEFORE going becoming one of the 85%.

The quick answer will be no, it does not!

Let me tell you why; The water at the Blue Lagoon is rich in minerals, vitamins, and algae.

Together these elements will give you hair the strengthening and vitalizing boost it needs. The water is known worldwide for being like magic for your skin.

People travel from all over the world to soak in the water and it’s known to help with psoriasis, acne, dandruff, aging skin, and eczema.

So to sum it up, the water is actually great for you AND your hair.


The fact of the matter is that Blue Lagoon’s water does in many cases make your hair quite weird. The minerals in the water will coat each and every hair making it stiff and feel dry even though it isn’t really.

How hair reacts to the Blue Lagoon water

Then there is this thing about different hair types. Different hair types will react differently to the water and its minerals. Some will like what it does, others will most certainly not!

Straight and thin hair

A friend of mine has really thin and straight hair. She loves to soak her hair in the water the whole time to get a little boost and root lifting. It does also seem thicker afterward.

Straight and thick hair

Your hair might get stiff and difficult to comb through afterward. It will get bigger, so if you like your thickness already try to keep it out. If you want it thicker, go for it.
Just know that it might lack a little shine afterward.

Curly and dry hair

This is my category and I have often ended up looking like Dolly Parton in the 80’s.

When you are traveling you take a lot of photos, so this is definitely not the time you want your hair to be looking like this and as if the wind wasn’t enough here in Iceland!
Up, up and up with your hair. Load that conditioner in!

Curly and soft hair

The water can work like molding cream, making the curls stay and stick better. It can lift the roots and keep your hair cleaner (or at least feel that way) for a longer period.
So for many in this department. They actually like it!

Keratin treatments and Brazilian blowouts

The water in Iceland does, in general, contain a high percentage of sulfate and other minerals. Here is a list of the minerals in the Blue lagoon water.

Sulfate is for example not good for keratin treatments so for those who have had one, up and out of the water with your hair.

The same goes for Brazilian blowouts!

What you can do to prevent the hair from getting weird after the Blue Lagoon

The Blue lagoon does a fantastic job at informing their guests about the water vs. hair thing and to assist even more they provide hair conditioner in the showers for free.

It’s best to put the conditioner into your hair while you are showering before entering the water and here is the key part; keep the conditioner in your hair the whole time.

This is best done by putting your hair up and/or putting on a swimming cap.

Then after you have been in the water, wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner in the shower. They offer complimentary Blue Lagoon shower gel and conditioner. Note that you will probably need to repeat this process a few times to get the best results.

I sure hope I haven’t scared you too much. The Blue Lagoon is a wonderful place to visit, the water is stunning and the feeling of floating in it, simply amazing.

It really is a must do while visiting in Iceland - even though your hair might not agree. Browse our comprehensive guide on the Blue Lagoon.

Let us know how your visit to Blue Lagoon was, in the comments below!

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