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RIFF Invites Movie Lovers To A Screening In An Ice Cave

One-of-the-kind cinema experience inside the Icelandic glacier

|September 8, 2023
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Can you imagine watching a movie inside a glacier, completely surrounded by ice? This year, RIFF takes the screening experience to a whole new level.

Reykavik International Film Festival (RIFF) is an annual event where talented filmmakers show their works focusing on various important topics such as human rights and environmental issues. This year, the festival will take place from the 28th of September up until the 8th of October. What makes this event so special is the places where the movies are shown. On the 4th of October, descend to Langjökull glacier to watch Lars Ostenfeld’s film “Into the Ice.”

Movie screening at Langjokull Glacier in man-made ice cave

Movie screening at Langjokull Glacier

This year, RIFF invites movie fans to the most unique location - Langjökull Glacier. Iceland’s second glacier and the man-made ice tunnel will become a cinema venue for one day, luring guests to see Lars Ostenfield’s thrilling documentary about Greenland’s melting ice sheet.

Guided Tour in Ice Tunnel on Glacier

Man-made ice tunnel in Langjokull Glacier

“Into the Ice” (2022) by Lars Ostenfeld shows three scientists going on a trip to Greenland’s ice sheet to discover what glaciers can reveal about our environmental impact. And what is the best way to really understand what the director wanted to portray than going deep into the icecap yourself, learning about glaciers along the way from professional guides? Once you’re 200 meters below the glacier surface, you’ll be able to relax and delve into what’s been presented in the movie.

About RIFF

Reykjavik International Film Festival was first held in 2004 to shed light on the importance of Icelandic movies and young creators, soon attracting international attention. The 11-day festival provides filmmakers an opportunity to show their works and for viewers to see some high-quality films. During this event, numerous awards are given to the most talented creators, with the main award being Golden Puffin

What makes this event stand out even more is the unusual places where these movies are screened. It could be in an ice cave, swimming pool, or even in one of the filmmaker’s homes. These different places that are adjusted according to the movie allow viewers to get into the mood of the movie as well as understand the idea behind it better.  

Don’t miss an opportunity to explore the great Langjokull glacier and take part in RIFF 2023 by watching “Into the Ice” – an eye-opening documentary about melting glaciers. What can be better than combining something as enjoyable as seeing a movie and exploring an ice cave? Sounds too good to miss?

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