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Isolated Lighthouse in Iceland: Place to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

|January 14, 2020
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If you’ve ever wondered where you would hide during a zombie apocalypse, look no further.

If you’ve ever wondered where you would hide during a zombie apocalypse, look no further. The internet has found the perfect spot for doomsday preppers to survive any end-of-days scenario. Just off the coast of Iceland, this isolated lighthouse atop a 120-foot-high rock is the ideal place to escape to — provided you have the right transportation.

The internet has dubbed an uninhabited lighthouse in Iceland the perfect spot to wait out the zombie apocalypse

The isolated Þrídrangaviti Lighthouse sits perched on Háidrangur rock

Located about six miles off the coast of Iceland, Þrídrangaviti Lighthouse sits on a cluster of rock pillars

Waters crash around Þrídrangaviti or “three rocks” in english

Þrídrangaviti translates to “three rocks.” On the highest pillar sits the lighthouse, known as Háidrangur, or High Rock. Located in the west, the attraction is near the Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar). This famous archipelago is known as the puffin capital and offers puffin-watching tours that start in Reykjavik.

Isolated in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, this hideaway can only be reached by helicopter.

Incredible video from the stunning Þrídrangar lighthouse

While the island now has a built-in helipad, helicopters hadn’t been invented yet when the small structure was built in 1938

Original photo of Þrídrangaviti Lighthouse in 1938

“The first thing we had to do was create a road up to the cliff,” said project director Árni G. Þórarinsson in an interview. “We got together a group of experienced mountaineers, all from the Westman Islands. Then we brought drills, hammers, chains and clamps to secure the chains.”

To accomplish this impressive feat took quite the balancing act explained Þórarinsson.

“Once they got near the top there was no way to get any grip on the rock so one of them got down on his knees, the second stood on his back, and then the third climbed on top of the other two and was able to reach the nib of the cliff above. I cannot even tell you how I was feeling whilst witnessing this incredibly dangerous procedure.”

Despite being off the beaten track, the mysterious lighthouse went viral after Justin Bieber tweeted a photo a few years ago

Photo tweeted by Singer Justin Beiber sitting by Þrídrangaviti Lighthouse

Before you pack your zombie doomsday kit, prepare for some competition. The Þrídrangaviti’s Facebook fan page has over 4,000 followers.

Helicopter perched on the helipad of Þrídrangaviti Lighthouse

For more photos of this awesome lighthouse, follow its page here.

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