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About Tour

Kayaking along fjords with snow-covered slopes, paddling through peaceful icy cold water, not far from the Arctic Circle and the fifth largest glacier in Iceland.


  • Ísafjörður Fjord
  • Sea Kayaking Tour
  • West Fjords
  • Up Close with Nature
  • Wildlife all Around
  • Seydisfjordur Fjord
  • Folafótur (Horse Leg)
  • Hestfjörður Fjord
  • Snaefjallastrond Coast
  • Homemade lunch at Folafótur

The fjord system that surrounds the charming town of Isafjordur has long been popular with locals thanks to their serene and peaceful nature but generally remains a well-kept secret to the outside world, making them ideal for people who want to get up close and personal with untouched Icelandic nature. This tour allows you to do just that, offering a kayaking experience in a majestic Arctic wilderness that sits in the shadow of the fifth largest glacier in Iceland. It is an absolute must for anyone who loves nature and experiences that are slightly off the beaten track.

Availability May - Sept
Duration 8 hours
Departs From Mávagardur C
Level Moderate
Minimum age 16 years
Ratio 1:8
Meet on Location Yes
Pick Up No


  • Expert Guides
  • Small Group Experience
  • No Booking Fees
  • Fast & Secure Payment
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Operated by our trusted partner

What's included


  • Transfer
  • Guide
  • Delicious Homemade Lunch
  • Kayak
  • All Required Safety Equipment
  • Drysuit
  • Life Vest

What to bring

  • Warm woolen or fleece clothing including top, leggings, and socks. Avoid cotton – if you get wet it’ll keep you colder for longer and it takes a very long time to dry
  • Spare clothing
  • Sunhat, sunglasses, and sunscreen in the summer
  • Water bottle

Not Included

  • Meals

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Sea Kayaking Tour

group kayaking tour in Icelandic fjord

The tour begins when one of our friendly guides collects you at Isafjordur and takes you on the scenic 40-minute drive to Seydisfjordur fjord. Once we arrive we will prepare to launch the kayaks, when one of our expert tour guides helps you get kitted out and gives you a brief safety talk. We will then embark on the ocean part of the tour as we skirt our way around the calm and shallow waters that lie just off the coast.

The peninsula is incredibly beautiful and there is plenty to see, including spectacular Arctic scenery, rustic rolling meadows and much, much more. We will also see some of the most amazing marine life on the planet, with whale species such as minke often paying visits to the fjord, alongside glorious birdlife and the occasional seal. It will help you to get in touch with nature and transport you back in time to a landscape that is untouched by the ravages of the modern world.

Once we have glided down the entire peninsula, we will step back onto dry land on a sandy beach to see some unique rock formations that have been carved by the sea and visit an abandoned farm that will give you a taste of how Icelanders used to live.

Before re-launching the kayaks at Hestfjordur and paddling down yet more gorgeous coastline and seeing more wonderful wildlife. Hestfjordur is famous for well known for seals and we should see quite a few as we cut a swathe through the white-crested waves. Once we have moved along this glorious piece of coast then we will land and make the scenic drive back to Isafjordur.

The tour is guided, guaranteeing that you will be safe during the entire journey and is available to people of all abilities. Your expert guide will demonstrate the best techniques to use and teach you all about the wonderful things that you are seeing, making it ideal for anyone who loves to see all the glories that nature has to offer.

kayaking tour by the village in Iceland

The Snaefjallaströnd coast is renowned for its Arctic atmosphere, replete with snow-carpeted hills, glistening bodies of ice and much, much more. It is most famous for the Folafotur (The Horse Leg) a small peninsula that is sandwiched between the Seydisfjordur and Hestfjordur fjords. It is a stunning place of majestic natural beauty and a great place to spot marine life.

Isafjordur in the West Fjords

Isafjordur is a charming town with around 2,600 inhabitants, which is the largest in the Westfjords area. It is dominated by the fishing industry and is home to one of the largest fisheries in the entire of Iceland. It has historically been fairly isolated from the rest of the country but is still fairly urbanized and has plenty of things to do.

Meeting point: The kayaking base at Mávagardur C (gray house). You can also visit us at Bræðraborg Café in the center of Ísafjörður, Westfjords of Iceland.

Please note: There is a shuttle service from the domestic airport in Isafjordur (5 min) if you arrive on a morning flight.

Group size: We need a minimum number of 2 participants to operate the tour. Maximum group size is 8, but most of our tours are between 2–6 people.


We recommend that participants wear warm outdoor clothing, for example, a fleece or wool sweater and pants. You should also bring a change of clothing and swimwear.

No prior kayaking experience is required for the tours as our professional guides will teach the technique on location.

Our kayaking tours are all listed at a level easy or moderate so most people should be able to do the tour. Just keep in mind that the activity is an outdoor nature activity so some physical strength is needed.

All our kayaking tours are operated by experienced and certified professional 4 star BCU sea kayak guides.

We use top of the line plastic sea kayaks.

Our kayaks are very stable and easy to use.

Yes, they can tip over, although they are very stable and it happens rarely. If they tip over the guide has the necessary equipment and ability to quickly tip them over again.

If the kayaks tip over participants don’t have to worry too much, all participants get life jackets and neoprene suits so they will stay warm even if they fall in.

Taking a waterproof camera is a great idea when going on a kayak tour. However, it is not recommended to take too much on this day tour as there is really no need for it.

Although you don’t need to “swim” while sea kayaking, we recommend that you can. People that can’t swim tend to panic when they are in the water. You have to be comfortable with floating in water.