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Things To Do Around Akureyri During Summer

|May 23, 2017
Loves writing, food, runes, Reykjavík life, traveling in Iceland and being out in nature. Born in England but fell in love with Iceland in 2010 and moved here, been here since.

Wondering what to do in Akureyri this summer? Have Kay our Akureyri expert tell you all her favs. This guide is sure to help with any travel in the North of Iceland.

So you want to visit Akureyri in June, July or August. Well, let me share my time in Akureyri with you, but first, maybe, you want to know a bit more about this small city of just 19,000 citizens. This jewel of the north is on magical Eyjafjörður (The Island Fjord) surrounded by mountains. It really is a crazily amazing place: arty, lively and with spectacular nature all around.

Mountain Hiking around Akureyri

Mount Súlur rises south-west of the town, a great hiking trail which will take you to Súlar’s two peaks at 1210 m. Hiking the trail will give you around six hours in majestic mountain scenery.

To get to the start of the trail follow Þingvallarstræti, Súluvegur then Miðhúsavegur out of the town, then it is about 3 to 4 km to the car park at the trail.

Græni Hatturinn (The Green Hat)

You must visit this lively night spot, right in the heart of Akureyri. This bar and performance venue is certainly the place to be with many exciting acts. Book in advance!

Photo from Græni Hatturinn Facebook

Gamli Bærinn (The Old Town)

Wander through the oldest part of Akureyri, it is charming with a real Scandinavian feel. Follow Aðalstræti as it threads its way between the Fjord and the richly forested hillside.

Brynjuís (Brynju Ice Cream Shop)

This is one of the oldest established and most famous ice cream shops in Iceland. Before you head on to the museum you have to taste the ice cream, you will not be disappointed!

Akureyri Museum

If you want to know the history of the area this is the place to go. There is a permanent exhibition centered on local life and an exhibition which changes from time to time.

Akureyri Art Museum and ‘The Artists Alley’ on Kaupvangstræti

You have to visit this museum, the shows are eclectic and thought provoking. This is the bohemian part of Akureyri where you will also find the iconic Ketilhúsið (The Kettle House).

Eating in Akureyri

Icelandic seafood feast, curry, Asian, sushi, fish and chips, burger, Thai, pizza, pasta, hot dog, Icelandic soup and more are available here. I loved the soup and salad buffet at Bautinn, and also kaffi Ilmur, which has chips and cakes to die for!

Glerá River Hiking Trails and Elf Walks

Trails around the Glerá River will take you up through the magnificent gorge beyond Akureyri University, then on into the forest. This lush area is a great place to find wild angelica. Some say this is elf country. The Icelandic clairvoyant, Erla Stefánsdóttir, made a map of elf habitats in the area. Whatever your beliefs about these things, this is a great hike.

Listagarðurinn (The Botanical Gardens) and Bright Nights

In June, this far north, the sun barely dips below the horizon. Listagarðurinn, with its mature trees and colorful flowers and shrubs, is just one of many great places to enjoy the bright nights.

The nice coffee shop at Listigarðurinn, Botanical Garden.

Akureyri Tours

Great though it is, you will want to see more than Akureyri! There are a couple of fabulous whale watching tours near Dalvík. Appreciate the grandeur of the scenery around Eyjafjörður and get up close and personal with these giants of the deep.

The ‘Beast of the East, a demanding level 4 river rafting tour from Akureyri. An Askja and Víti Volcano Tour would show you the most stupendous geological features and scenery in the north.

Want to visit Akureyri on a guided multi-day tour? Arctic Adventures can take you there. Your options are three, Akureyri is on the route of the famous Ring Road in Iceland which more and more travelers and looking to do. This is the perfect bucket list checking tour!

There is the 6 days around Iceland Ring Road tour, The 7 days around Iceland with Snæfellsnes peninsula and then there are the 8 days around Iceland including two nights in Reykjavik pre and post trip.

Anything else you would like to know?

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