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Best Happy Hour Places in Reykjavík

|June 7, 2017
Finance educated, mountain and glacier loving, imaginary ski extraordinary and current resident of Reykjavik.

Here Inga covers the best of the happy hour scene in Reykjavík. Where to drink, what to expect and when it's the most budget-friendly for you to drink in Reykjavík.

Best Happy Hour Places in Reykjavík

We have come a long way since 1989, the year that beer was made legal in Iceland. Gone are the days of secret handshakes at grocery stores, signaling the cashier that you wanted some of the good stuff behind the counter, then pretending the six pack of beer you were carrying was, in fact, a case of chocolate. Today beer is not only readily available at wine stores and at every bar, it’s also locally brewed. Oh, how the times have changed.

Very few things in life taste better than a good beer, except for maybe a good discounted beer.
Let’s take a figurative stroll through town and check out some of the best happy hours around.

1. Hotel Holt

Founded by an entrepreneur, businessman, and avid art collector Hotel Holt is located right downtown in a section of town often referred to as Þingholtin. The historic site houses one of the largest private art collections in Iceland, including numerous pieces by the Icelandic artist Kjarval, making it extra delightful to sit down for a drink. Almost like stepping back in time, you’ll get a good sense of times passed. // Happy hour runs every day of the week from 4-7pm

2. American Bar

Now to something entirely different. A sports bar located in Austurstræti, no frills here what you see is what you get. Stop by and watch a game of football, or do what I do, order some chicken wings and a beer and watch the people. // Happy hour runs every day from 4-7pm.

3. Loft Hostel

Located in Austurstræti, right before it becomes Laugavegur, the bar at Loft Hostel is so much more than just a bar, regularly hosting events like Sunday yoga, life music events, drag shows, karaoke nights, clothe swapping and bar quiz nights, this is definitely the place to be. On sunny summer days (or nights) you can sit outside on their balcony and enjoy the beautiful view. // Happy hour runs every day excluding Saturday, from 4-7pm.

4. Veður

If you are having trouble finding something to talk about, you don’t have to look far for inspiration, veður means weather in Icelandic, something we talk about constantly, all the time and is also considered an acceptable conversation starter. // Happy hour runs from noon until 7.35pm // Cocktail hour from 7-9 pm // Thursdays are devoted to bubbles.

5. Kaldi

Across the street from Veður, and one of the most popular bars in Iceland. If you are single and ready to mingle, this is the place for you. Try out their different selections of Kaldi beer on draft. // Happy hour runs from 4-7pm.

6. Apótek Restaurant

Located at Austurstræti 16 in the heart of downtown, the building housing Apótek Restaurant has quite the history. Designed by one of Iceland’s most famous architects Guðjón Samúelsson, who can also be credited for buildings such as the National Theater, The University of Iceland and the University Hospital to name a few. The building was one of Iceland’s first large concert venues and housed the cities main pharmacy for roughly 70 years, this is in fact where the restaurant’s name comes from, Apótekið meaning The Pharmacy. Come here for drinks, food or desserts. // Happy hour runs from 3-6pm every day, during which time cocktails are half price.

7. Bryggjan Brugghús

A brewery in the heart of downtown. Located just beyond the old harbor, at Grandagarður 8, here you have a selection of beers delivered straight from the brewery. It doesn’t get much fresher than that. // Happy hour runs from 4-7pm.

8. Hlemmur Square

Located in an up and coming part of downtown, this hostel is getting more popular by the minute. Hlemmur Square is located right by the old central terminal for Reykjavik’s public transportation, currently being converted into a food market. In the neighborhood, the police headquarters, nice hotels, Klambratún public park and The Icelandic Phallological Museum. Stop by and check out their impressive selection of beers on draft. // Happy hour runs from 4-8pm.

9. Nora Magasín

Located in the center of town on Pósthússtræti 9. Casual and friendly, this is a great place to sit down and enjoy a drink. Have some food, play cards and if it’s a bright summer day amuse yourself by looking at Icelanders basking in the sun on Austurvöllur. // Happy hour runs from 4-7pm.

10. Barber Bar

The ultimate relaxation, this barber shop doubling as a bar is located on Laugavegur 66-68, sit down and get pampered, all while enjoying a nice relaxing drink. If your hair game is on point, you can always have the drink and skip the cut. // Happy hour runs from 4-7pm.

The perfect way to finish a day of adventures, try some Icelandic brews, stroll through the city and remember that ingesting ten or more beers comes with a guaranteed Northern Lights sighting.

Be a good friend and share this with your drinking buddies.

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