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  • View over Thorsmork Valley in Iceland

The Valley of Thor

Thorsmork Highland Adventure

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Three days of exploring Thorsmork, the valley of Thor

Sit in the throne of Thor and allow the divinity of the natural beauty before you flow through your spirit. Let your imagination wonder of worlds beyond your senses. All around you the peculiar rock formations seemingly looking like petrified beings of previous vigor, perhaps part of a kingdom of giants falling prey to the rays of the morning sun.

We‘ll give you a new perspective of an old classic. We‘ll cross thundering glacial rivers while leaving civilization behind. Thor‘s Valley rests peacefully between glaciers on all sides but one which is crisscrossed by dark rivers. Glaciers exert a tremendous energy in silence, they work with brute force and proved this valley with invisible energy and protection from the winds. In the natural world, this is the domain of Eyjafjallajokull and Katla, this valley is at their mercy. The ravines and canyons such as Stakkholtsgja have multiple small caves and inlets in the rock walls which asks the question if an outlaw may have hid away at some point in time.

In the autumn you‘ll experience an array of colors in the birch-tree woods of the valley and the sky as the sun sets. During the summer solstice, you‘ll enjoy the midnight sun from the peak of one of the multiple mountains hanging over the valley and in the winter, you will experience a breathtaking scenery for viewing the northern lights.

This tour is available all year but is of course very different depending on the season.

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Airport Transfers
All Meals
Expert Guides & Private Vehicle
Reykjavik City Tour
River Crossings
Ice Cave
Museum Admission
All Taxes/No Hidden Fees

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Award Winning Tour Operator
Personal, Discrete & Attentive Service
On-Call Travel Consultant for the Duration of the Tour
Detailed Trip Documents Prior to Arrival
Year-long Experience in Tour Planning in all Seasons

The Luxury

Secret Lagoon
Luxury Vehicles
All-terrain Super Jeep
Guaranteed Moment of Solitude

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