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3-Day Sea Kayaking Trip in Iceland

Enter Remote Wilderness with an Iceland Kayak Tour

Want to escape the city buzz? Hop on a kayak for three days of exploration along the Ísafjarðardjúp Bay coastline in West Iceland!


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This 3-day kayak tour in Iceland is your chance to explore the country’s most remote wilderness. Join us for three days of coastal adventure as we explore the abundant wildlife, hidden gems, and rich history of Ísafjarðardjúp Bay. Kayaks are the best way to visit secluded spots in West Iceland. Paddle to natural attractions such as Vigur Island and Hvítanes Peninsula with an expert guide who will entertain you with local knowledge and stories.

Wind down at the end of the day with homemade dinner and tent accommodation surrounded by breathtaking nature. This is a truly one-of-a-kind experience along the Westfjords of Iceland!

  • Availability

    Jun. - Sept.

  • Duration

    3 days

  • Duration Overwrite

  • Level


  • Pickup


  • Meet on location


  • Min. Age

    18 years

  • Ratio


  • Departs from


  • Departs from Overwrite

  • Price from

    93.200 ISK

Tour highlights
Icelandic Westfjords
Ísafjarðardjúp Bay
Seyðisfjörður Fjord
Folafótur & Hvítanes Peninsula
Snæfjallaströnd Coastline Views
Vigur Island
Icelandic Wildlife (incl. seals and puffins)
Kambsnes Peninsula
Súðavík Village Views
Food and cookware
Car transport to and from Seyðisfjörður Fjord (Day 1&3)
All kayaking gear
Expert kayak guide

Practical Information

It’s important to remember you’ll be carrying all your personal belongings with you on this tour. Our kayaks can hold many items when you pack efficiently. We’ll provide all paddling gear and clothing, tents, and cookware.

You have the option to rent a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and dry suit from us at an additional cost. Please add these as extras during the booking process.

What to Bring

  • Thermal base layers (two sets of tops)
  • Wool/fleece thermal mid-layer
  • Hiking pants (preferably not cotton) 
  • Light, waterproof and breathable hiking pants & jacket
  • Wool/fleece hat
  • At least one pair of warm gloves
  • 2 to 3 pairs of thick wool/synthetic socks
  • Light hiking shoes for strolls in and around camp
  • Sleeping bag for at least 0°C (down is best)
  • Sleeping pad (a thin and inflatable one is ideal)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen 
  • 1 L water bottle
  • Personal medical kit 
  • Personal medication (i.e. inhaler, EpiPen)
  • Two dry bags (we’ll also have a small selection of dry bags but it’s good to bring at least two for yourself) 
  • Binoculars (optional, great to have for watching wildlife)
  • Camera 

Not Included

  • Personal equipment and clothing (option to rent a dry suit, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad at an additional cost)
  • Food before departure to Seyðisfjörður on Day 1
  • Personal medical insurance 
  • Travel to and from Ísafjarðardjúp

Meet on Location: Please meet us at the “Borea Adventures” kayak meeting point at Mávagarður C (a grey building close to the Eastern harbor) in Isafjordur at 1 p.m. on the day of the tour. 

Accommodation: This tour includes tent accommodation at a remote campsite on the Folafótur Peninsula. We supply the tents but you must bring your own sleeping mattress and bag (or rent them from us upon booking).

Day 1 - Seyðisfjörður Fjord and Folafótur Peninsula

Our sea kayaking Iceland adventure starts at 1 p.m at our meeting point in Ísafjörður, West Iceland. We’ll have a brief trip Q&A and make final preparations before our 45-minute drive to Seyðisfjörður Fjord. This is where the tour will officially begin.

Once we’ve packed our kayaks and received a safety briefing, we’ll start to paddle along Seyðisfjörður’s beautiful coastline. En route, note the unique natural features of Hestfjörður — a fjord punctured by the striking cliffs of Mt. Hestur.

Seyðisfjörður Fjord

As you paddle, keep your eyes peeled for the marine life of Isafjardardjup. Humpback whales, harbor porpoises, and white-beaked dolphins are known to visit these waters.

After a couple more hours of paddling, we’ll reach the shores of Folafótur Peninsula. This is where we’ll set up our base camp and tents for the night. 

Our day winds down as we eat a delicious meal made by our guide and enjoy the snowy mountain views of Snæfjallaströnd.

Distance: 5.6 miles (9 km)

Day Highlights
Seyðisfjörður Fjord
Mt. Hestur
Folafótur Peninsula
Marine wildlife
Transport to Seyðisfjörður Fjord
A delicious dinner
English speaking kayak guide
Camp set up and tent accommodation

Day 2 - Vigur Island and Hvítanes Peninsula

We’ll enjoy a hearty breakfast to kick off the second day of our kayak tour in Iceland. Our day of coastal exploration will be centered around the abundant wildlife of Vigur Island and Hvítanes Peninsula.

Our first stop, Vigur Island, is where we’ll get rare insight into how Icelandic people live in harmony with nature. The remote island is home to thousands of breeding seabirds — including puffins — and a small but mighty population of around ten people.

Vigur island

After lunch, we’ll hop back into our kayaks and paddle south towards Hvítanes Peninsula. As we near the peninsula’s rocky shore, there’s a high chance we’ll be greeted by a colony of harbor seals lounging on the rocks.

We’ll make a short stop at Hvítanes to observe the seals before we head back to our campsite at Folafótur for the night.

Distance: 11 miles (18 km)

Day Highlights
Vigur Island
Hvítanes Peninsula
Marine wildlife
Historical insights
Folafótur Peninsula
English speaking kayak guide
Tent accommodation at Folafótur Peninsula
Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 3 - Kambsnes Peninsula and Ísafjörður Harbor

Our final day kayaking in Iceland will be spent slowly making our way back to Ísafjörður. We’ll glide by stunning coastal views of Kambsnes Peninsula and the small village of Súðavík as we hug the shoreline en route to Ísafjörður Harbor.

Our kayak trip in Iceland comes to a close once we reach the shores of Seyðisfjörður Fjord, unpack our kayaks, and drive back to the original meeting point in Ísafjörður.

We’ll arrive in Ísafjörður at approximately 4 p.m. The end of a wonderful sea kayaking trip in Iceland!

Distance: 11 miles (18 km)

Day Highlights
Seyðisfjörður Fjord
Folafótur Peninsula
Kambsnes Peninsula views
Súðavík Village views
Marine wildlife
Ísafjörður Harbor
Transport back to Ísafjörður from Seyðisfjörður
Breakfast and lunch
English speaking kayak guide

I’m interested in your kayaking adventures and want to see whales. What is the best trip for whale sightings?

Whale sightings are common in Ísafjarðardjúp Bay. This trip is a great choice if whales are what you’re looking for!

What type of kayaks do you use on this trip?

Plastic sea kayaks are used on our trips. While we do have single kayaks available, we recommend using tandem kayaks for our multi-day adventures. Tandem kayaks hold more gear and are faster, more stable, and a lot more social than our single kayaks. Tandems are also great for both beginners and advanced kayakers alike.

I don’t have much experience kayaking but am physically fit and do a lot of outdoor activities. Do you think I'm fit enough to join this tour?

Yes. This sea kayaking trip is not very technical since there aren’t any surf landings, big swells or strong currents during the trip. Our guests who are physically fit and have little to no kayaking experience normally do very well on the tour. That being said, we recommend getting out to paddle as much as possible before your trip. Strong Icelandic winds can occasionally cause windy paddling conditions.

Will I sleep in a tent during this trip?

Yes. We provide comfortable tent accommodation on both nights of the trip. You must bring your own sleeping bag and mattress with you or rent them from us at an extra cost when you book the tour.

I don’t have all the necessary gear for this trip. Can I rent gear from you?

Yes. You can rent a sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and dry suit from us. Make sure to select this option when you book the tour.

I have specific dietary requirements and/or allergies to certain foods. Can you cater to my needs?

Please let us know ahead of time if you have any dietary requirements and we can plan the food accordingly.

What should I wear on the kayaking tours in Iceland?

We recommend that participants wear warm outdoor clothing, for example, a fleece or wool sweater and pants. You should also bring a change of clothing and swimwear.

How experienced do you have to be to do the kayaking tours?

No prior kayaking experience is required for the tours as our professional guides will teach the technique on location.

How fit do you have to be to do the kayaking tours?

Our kayaking tours are all listed at a level easy or moderate so most people should be able to do the tour. Just keep in mind that the activity is an outdoor nature activity so some physical strength is needed.

Is there a guide with you on all of the Arctic Adventures kayaking tours?

All our kayaking tours are operated by experienced and certified professional 4 star BCU sea kayak guides.

What kind of kayaks do you use for the tours?

We use top of the line plastic sea kayaks.

Are the kayaks stable? Can they tip over?

Our kayaks are very stable and easy to use.

Yes, they can tip over, although they are very stable and it happens rarely. If they tip over the guide has the necessary equipment and ability to quickly tip them over again.

If the kayaks tip over participants don’t have to worry too much, all participants get life jackets and neoprene suits so they will stay warm even if they fall in.

Are cameras and personal belongings permitted on the kayak?

Taking a waterproof camera is a great idea when going on a kayak tour. However, it is not recommended to take too much on this day tour as there is really no need for it.




I can’t swim, is that a problem when doing the kayaking tours?

Although you don’t need to “swim” while sea kayaking, we recommend that you can. People that can’t swim tend to panic when they are in the water. You have to be comfortable with floating in water.

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