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  • Mountain in the Icelandic highlands

The Highlands

Visit the unique Landmannalaugar, Kerlingafjoll & Hveravellir in this once in a lifetime journey

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Boldly unique, expedition style, super jeep travel. Let‘s experience nature where it is pure. Let’s cross rivers, drive on snow and glaciers and explore desolate dirt roads.

Imagine a place, where the only sounds you hear are from your feet touching the ground, from the wind whispering along the mountain tops and perhaps the rustling sounds of a nearby creek. A place where you and your travel companions stand alone with mother earth and there is not a soul in sight. This silence can feel eerie and intimidating, but once you make peace with it you may find a rush of an unexplained energy in your spirit. You’ll make a connection with this planet we call home you’ve never experienced before.

The history of Iceland tells not only tales of strong Viking farmers or brave fishermen venturing out into the unrelenting seas up in the northern Atlantic. It tells stories of challenging commutes, of dangerous exploration of the rugged interior, of survival in arctic conditions with primitive methods. The highlands of Iceland were mostly unexplored until the early 1900s.

Explore the mountains, the heaths and the glaciers, the volcanic deserts and the hot springs. Join us on a trip along rugged mountain tracks to remote mountain huts. We’ll take you to a hot spring with a view to massive glaciers on both sides. We’ll hike on colorful rhyolite mountains, touch glacier ice. Feast on Icelandic delicacies and traditional backcountry foods.

This trip is available year-round; however, it is very different depending on the season. We’ll visit the world famous Landmannalaugar hot springs, Kerlingafjoll’s colorful mountains and in winter we’ll make our absolute best to get a viewing of the northern lights in a spectacular location! We’ll stay in Asgard, one of the nine worlds of the Norse religion, home to a tribe of gods name Æsir. This place is ruled by Odin and his wife, Frigg!

Rest assured, no matter which time of the year you’ll join us, you’ll always get the feeling you’re on an expedition rather than a regular trip. You’ll leave Iceland with unforgettable memories and perhaps with a little different outlook on life.

Included in this Package

Airport Transfers
All Meals
Expert Guides & Private Vehicle
True Wilderness River Rafting (Summer)
Hiking River Crossings
All Taxes/No Hidden Fees

The Service You'll Get

Award Winning Tour Operator
Personal, Discrete & Attentive Service
On-Call Travel Consultant for the Duration of the Tour
Detailed Trip Documents Prior to Arrival
Year-long Experience in Tour Planning in all Seasons

The Luxury

Luxury Vehicles
Guaranteed Moment of Solitude

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