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Lost Fjords / 6 day trek

Multi-Day Trekking

Journey beyond the reach of roads to the spectacular edge-of-the-world Hornstrandir nature reserve, only accessible by boat and foot!


The Lost Fjords are really dramatic, mystic and remote. It is one of those places you come across on your travels and never ever forget. Be as tough as the local Vikings on the exclusive trekking tour carrying everything you need for the 6 days.

  • Availability
    June 19th - August 14th
  • Duration
    6 days
  • Level
  • Pickup
  • Meet on location
  • Min. Age
    16 years
  • Ratio
  • Price
    231.900 ISK
Tour highlights
Ísafjörður (Isafjordur)
Hesteyrarskarð (Hesteyrarskard mountain pass)
Aðalvík (Adalvik)
Straumnesfjall mountain
Fljótavík (Fljotavik)
Hlöðuvík (Hloduvik)
Hornbjarg cliff
Guiding service

This tour starts in Isafjordur. We can help you book accommodation for the nights before and after your tour in both Isafjordur and Reykjavik.
Not included: Domestic flights (domestic flights can be arranged for 39.900 ISK both ways or 19.950 ISK one way).

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is a magical place of untouched beauty and wildlife and the only way to access this hidden gem is by boat. You will see deep fjords, vast remote bays, overwhelming cliffs and tons of driftwood from Siberia. You will find some of the biggest bird cliffs in Europe, one of the largest Sea fowl colonies in the world, 50 species of breeding birds, seals, whales, porpoises and last but not least -the only authentic wild mammal in Iceland, the Arctic Fox. Listening to the beautiful sounds of all those screaming birds really makes you forget all the 21st-century noises. The Hornstrandir Nature Reserve has often been compared to the popular Fjordland in New Zealand, the only difference beeing that it has not yet been discovered by mass tourism. Which explains its nickname “The Lost Fjords”.

You can be sure that trekking through the Hornstrandir will leave you amazed and packed with memories that will last a lifetime.

Remember to bring: See our equipment list.


At Ísafjörður harbor, we catch a ride with the scheduled boat tours to the charming village of Hesteyri. After about 2 hours boat ride we have left the modern world behind and entered a wonderland of sounds from soothing streams and the whisper of the waves by the beach. We start our hike in Hesteyri and head for Hesteyrarskarð mountain pass. From there we start to make our way down to sea level again. Overnight at Látrar.
Distance: 11km (6.75mi).
*If you book a domestic flight from Reykjavík, the flight from Reykjavík departs at 8:00 am in the morning

Day Highlights
Ísafjörður bay


From Aðalvík, we aim for a little detour to the top of Straumnesfjall mountain to explore an abandoned radar station built in 1953 by the American army. They figured out this was a pretty harsh place to live at so they abandoned the station in 1960. They might also have gotten tired of no enemies showing up ever. After our detour, we will head over to Fljótavík. To get to our destination, we need to cross Atlastaðaós river which can get a bit tricky since it is sensitive to sea tides so we need to aim for low tide. Overnight at Atlastadir.
Distance 18km (11.25mi).

Day Highlights
Rural settings


We start the day hiking along the green banks of Fljótsvatn lake. The lake is beautiful and the mountain range on our left-hand side is impressive. We need to cross a few mountain passes to get across the mountain range separating us from our next destination, Hlöðuvík. Overnight at Búðir. An optional evening walk to Hælavík.
Distance 18km (11.25mi).

Day Highlights
Fljótsvatn lake


Today we head up a steep slope to the mountain ridge Skalakambur and follow a route marked with cairns towards the steep Atlaskard (327m) mountain pass. We will go around Mt. Kollur and from there start making our way towards Höfn in Hornvík, the heart of Hornstrandir nature reserve. This is a place of dramatic natural beauty and should not be missed by anyone travelling in this area. It is necessary to spend more than one day at this awe-inspiring place so we will put up camp there for two nights.
Distance 12km (7.5mi).

Day Highlights
Atlaskard mountain pass
Mt. Kollur
Hornstrandir nature reserve


The beauty of Hornvík is unmatched, surrounding it are two of Iceland’s largest bird cliffs. Like the entire Hornstrandir area, Hornvík is very remote and is only accessible by boat or by foot. We hike to Hornbjarg cliff where thousands of birds can be seen and the massive sculptures of mother nature make human beings feel very small and vulnerable. Many visitors state that the hike to Hornbjarg was the highlight of their Hornstrandir trip. At the end of the day, we head back to Hornvík where we spend the night.
Distance 16km (10mi).

Day Highlights
Hornbjarg cliffs


Today we will pack our tents and gear, hit the road and cross yet another mountain pass to get to Veiðileysufjörður fjord. After crossing the mountain range, we descend down to the coast again, following the beach for a while until we get to Meleyri. From there we will get picked up by a boat that will take us to Isafjörður, back to civilization after almost a week in the wild. For those eager to wash off their hiking dust, a visit to Ísafjörður swimming pool is ideal. Others can go out, eat and just relax for a while reminiscing about the just completed hike.

*Boat ride from Veiðileysa to Ísafjordur.
Distance 11km (6.75mi).

Those flying back to Reykjavik can catch a flight the following morning or later.

Day Highlights
Mountain views

All our tours are undertaken on the responsibility of its participants. Arctic Adventures does not assume any responsibility for accidents that are caused by its customers or can be traced to their own actions. Participants have to sign a waiver before undertaking all trips stating that they realize that all outdoor activities carry an inherent risk.

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