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Glacier Snowmobile & Ice Cave tour from Gullfoss

Small Group Snowmobiling & Ice Caving Adventure

Glacier snowmobiling on Langjökul Glacier & tour into a stunning Ice Cave with pick up from Gullfoss Café. Really enjoy the glacier with thrilling snowmobiling and the added wonder of a visit to a natural Langjökull Ice Cave!

Ice-Caving Snowmobiling

This tour offers extraordinary views and great fun, riding a  snowmobile on Iceland’s second largest glacier with the added highlight of a visit to a magical natural ice cave!

This tour is a meet on location from Gullfoss. If you prefer a pick-up from Reykjavik please see Glacier Snowmobile & Ice Cave Tour from Reykjavik

  • Availability

    November 1st - May 31st

  • Duration

    ~ 4 hours

  • Level


  • Pickup


  • Meet on location


  • Min. Age

    8 years

  • Ratio

    1 per 6 sleds

  • Price from

    29.990 ISK

Tour highlights
Small Group Experience
Glacier Snowmobile Ride on Langjökull Glacier
A Visit to a Natural Ice Cave
Super Jeep Experience
Pick-up from Gullfoss Café
1 Hour Snowmobile Ride
Visit to a Natural Ice Cave
All Necessary Snowmobile Gear

Your adventure day starts we pick you up at the arranged time in our glacier super truck from Gullfoss Café, located beside the famous Gullfoss Waterfall. From there you will head up to Langjökull Glacier, Iceland’s second largest glacier, located in the Icelandic highlands. On a clear day the views are incredible. You will be able to see Eiríksjökull Glacier (the highest mountain in west Iceland), Hofsjökull Glacier and also the Kerlingafjöll mountains.

Your certified glacier guide will provide overalls, helmet and all the gear you need, give you a safety briefing and a few straightforward snowmobile driving instructions. You are then ready to ride – driving a snowmobile is easy but feel free to ask any questions before you roar off. Your stunning 1 hour snowmobile ride will take you across Langjökull Glacier, the second largest glacier in Iceland, rising to 1450 m above sea level. Feel your excitement and adrenaline soar! Your snowmobile tour on Langjökull will feel like a magic carpet chase across the roof of majestic white land. Langjökull is known as ‘The White Glacier’, glaciers are predominately white but Langjökull is just so incredibly white. Make the most of the journey but feel your spine tingle in anticipation as you approach the natural ice cave – you will not be disappointed.

Before winter comes our glacier guides begin their exciting search for the new Langjökull Ice Cave. All ice caves are really special but some are more special than others! This year our Langjökull Ice Cave is a totally spellbinding stunner – we can absolutely promise you that this is the best ice cave yet. Remember, this is ‘The White Glacier’, well, our Ice Cave displays the most amazing bright jewel blue ice imaginable. The ice-ceiling above you resembles a brilliant blue river, the ice is so exceptionally translucent, it seems as though you are surrounded by pure blue-hued quartz crystal jewels. The ice around this ‘blue river´ is white, bearing very unusual subtle gray ‘zebra striping’, formed from the ash layers of various volcanic eruptions. You get about 15 minutes to explore and photograph the cave and to enjoy the rare and precious crystalline blue beauty of this amazing natural ice cavern.

Outside, your trusty snowmobile is waiting, ready to skim you across Langjökull to our Snowmobile Base Camp. We drop you back to Gullfoss Café.

The Glacier Snowmobiling and Ice cave tour from Gullfoss is a really great way to experience all that Icelandic glaciers can offer.

Please note: Two people ride each snowmobile. If you are on your own or you wish to ride solo you need to book this and pay an upgrade. All snowmobile drivers need to bring a valid Driving License.

What to bring: Warm layers, weatherproof top layer, headwear, gloves, scarves and sturdy hiking shoes. Warm overalls are provided.
We recommend that you bring a packed lunch along as well.

Please note

The price of the tour is for one person when sharing a two-person snowmobile. Please choose the solo ride option when booking in odd numbers. Also, if you want to ride alone on the snowmobile select the “solo on a snowmobile” option. For solo or odd number of bookings, you must book a solo snowmobile for 6.000 ISK extra.

If you wish to have a solo snowmobile but do not have a valid drivers license then you can book an extra guide to operate your snowmobile for an additional 40.000 ISK. Please contact our sales desk for further information and booking.

I'm pregnant, am I able to participate in one of your snowmobile tours?

Due to safety reasons we do not recommend women that are already 3 months pregnant to participate in our snowmobile tours.

Can you go on a snowmobiling tour in the summertime in Iceland?

Yes, you can. The plus side to being a cold country is that our glacier are here all year around and we can go snowmobiling in every season.

Are there any weight restrictions for the snowmobiling tours?

We don’t exactly have a weight restriction but participants need to be able to fit in our winter overalls. The largest size we have is 3XL. As for the physical level, the tour is listed at a the level moderate and anyone in average physical condition should be able to complete the tour without any trouble.

Are their any place to use the toilet at the glacier snowmobiling base camp?

Yes, we have toilets at the base camp where the tour starts that you are more than welcome to use before and after. Unfortunately we cannot offer any bathroom breaks during the tour itself.

What clothing is provided for the snowmobile ride on Langjokull glacier?

We provide you with an overall, a balaclava, gloves and a helmet.

This is all included in the price of the tour.

What do I need to bring for my snowmobiling ride on Langjokull glacier?

First and foremost warm clothing.

Upper body: Thermal shirt and a fleece or a thick sweater over.

Lower body: Warm pants.
If you get easily cold, also thermals.

Shoes: It’s best to wear boots as it’s pretty cold on the glacier and they can get wet.

NOTE: You need to bring a lunch or some snacks. Lunch is not included in the tour.

I am traveling by myself, do I need to pay the single ride supplement?

Yes, if traveling solo you will need to purchase the single ride extra.

Is there an age limit to go snowmobiling on Langjokull glacier?

Yes there is, safety is always our number one priority and after looking closely into this the age limit was set to 8 years, of course in company with a guardian.

Can I still go on the tour if I can't drive a snowmobile?

You do not need previous snowmobile driving experience. Your guide will provide easy to follow operating instructions.

However, you do need a valid Driving License if you intend to drive. If there are two of you, only one of you needs to bring a Driving License but if you both bring one, each of you can take a turn at driving.

All our tours are undertaken on the responsibility of its participants. Arctic Adventures does not assume any responsibility for accidents that are caused by its customers or can be traced to their own actions. Participants have to sign a waiver before undertaking all trips stating that they realize that all outdoor activities carry an inherent risk.


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Glacier Snowmobile & Ice Cave tour from Gullfoss | Average rating: 4.7/5 based on 15 customer reviews

"Snowmobiling & Ice caving" | 5 stars By Richard Parr 25/01/2018
Outstanding from start to finish :) With the drifting snow the journey up to the lodge was an adventure in itself!! The staff are great and I can’t say enough good things ? Also you start and finish from Selfoss falls car park, so after you can take in the magnificent waterfall. If you get a chance it’s a must...
"USA" | 5 stars By VANDA JONES 01/02/2018
"Nature Trip" | 5 stars By Cecilia Chiew 02/02/2018
What an experience! It was a very exciting super jeep ride in the snow, followed by a snowmobile ride to the natural ice cave. Once inside the cave, the air was so pure!
"Best trip we did" | 5 stars By Ian Howells 05/02/2018
We went on the super truck, Snow mobile and ice cave adventure and it was a brilliant trip. The collection was slightly late due to the bad weather but an instructor was there to meet us and explain. We were then concerned our trip would be cut short but the guides were amazing and stayed out later for us to get the full experiance. I cannot recommend this trip highly enough and out of everything we did on our visit I think this was the best one by far.
"Ice Cave & Snowmobiling Tour" | 3 stars By Victoria Brouard 06/03/2018
This tour was a great experience, with one downfall. The tour guides are friendly and fun, the tour feels safe and well organised and the scenery outstanding, however this is not small group tour by any means as the website advertises. I would estimate approx. 25-30 people on our tour with at least 15 snowmobiles. This made the tour less fun as some people are more competent on a snowmobile than others and there is a lot of waiting around. Although the ice cave was stunning, it was extremely cramped with some many people and only about space for 8 to stand.
"Great fun" | 4 stars By Linda 07/03/2018
The drive to basecamp was a bit bumpy because of the road condition, but Arctic Adventures can't do anything about that. Nice welcome at basecamp and a quick change over into overall. Good explenation of the working of the snowmobiles and they looked pretty new and well maintained. The group was large (about 17), but there where enough guides riding alongside. Althoug traveling in a large group, you could take your own pace. Nice to see the ice cave. And when we came back to basecamp there was something warm to drink. Overall a nice experience.
"Great experience!" | 4 stars By Sander 11/03/2018
It was a great experience to drive a snowmobile on the glacier. Never saw such a beautiful and surrealistic surrounding. The guide was good and very willing to tell you all about the glaciercave and the layers in the ice. During the drive the staff was very focussed on the group, cheking from time to time if everyone was there. We had a fun trip. There was only one dissapoitment; when we came back from the drive, the staff inside was very in a hurry. The first thing they said was: 'put off you helmet and suit, the trucks are waiting outside'. No time for a short talk, or to go to the toilet. There even was no thank you or goodbye. That felt very unpersonal and ungratefull
"Tour was the icing on the cake" | 5 stars By Ashley Anderson 13/03/2018
Tour was the icing on the cake a brilliant day to end the holiday
"Very professional, safe, and an incredible experience" | 5 stars By Alex Semertzides 19/03/2018
I visited Iceland with a group of 15 friends and every single one of them said this activity was their favorite of the trip. It's quite an adventure but Arctic Adventures is incredibly safe and professional. I could not recommend this activity highly enough and there isn't a better operator to book through. If you are contemplating a snowmobile tour, I assure you it's worth every penny.
"Great time snowmobiling on the glacier!!" | 5 stars By Don Merideth 23/03/2018
We had a fantastic time with Arctic Adventures. Our guide, who looked like Chris Hemsworth, so my daughter said, was fantastic. He was quite humorous, and made the drive to the glacier even more enjoyable. Everything went as planned and was quite exciting. We went inside a real glacier ice cave, which was amazing. I highly recommend this tour and Arctic Adventures.
"Snowmobile Tour on the glacier with icecave" | 5 stars By Bianca 25/03/2018
This has been an crazy awesome experience. Just can say THANK YOU to Scoolje and his colleagues. Who where all kind, friendly, sympathetic and of course very professional but in a funny way. All you need is supported, clothes, Glases, helmets, gloves. You actually don’t need anything to bring along by your own. The weather was cloudy, when we did the tour, but though a lot of fun! The icecave visiting has been an impressing experience. Would recommend this tour with these guys!
"Everything went well with the tour itself and I had a great time" | 5 stars By Rita Alhinho 24/02/2018
Everything went well with the tour itself and I had a great time. The guide was friendly and knowledgeable and a great driver for the paths we had to go through. However one thing disappointed me and it was to wait about 40 min after the scheduled time at gulfoss, mainly because we weren’t advised on such a delay as the other lady from a company would only say “your guide would be here soon, please wait by the cafe”. Soon was after 40 min, time that we could have taken to go and see the waterfalls which we ended up missing because we didn’t have more time to go there and would have missed if the tour started on time but as it didn’t start on time it felt just a waste of time standing in front of the cafe thinking the guide would arrive any minute when we could have gone to the waterfalls. I don’t think it would that difficult to know the guide would still take over half an hour and would have been much better to know this in advance. Just saying this so you can improve in this way for future. Other than the tour was great. Rita.
"Very pleased with tour" | 5 stars By Durden Pillow 19/03/2018
Very pleased with tour. great equipment. beautiful on top of the glacier.
"The snowmobiling tour is an absolute blast!" | 5 stars By Andrea Dorn 19/03/2018
The snowmobiling tour is an absolute blast! This was the highlight of our Icelandic adventure, and I cannot recommend it enough.
"Such an amazing experience!" | 5 stars By Eric Davila 26/03/2018
Such an amazing experience!! It felt like a movie riding snowmobiles, foggy , zooming through the glacier. Highly recommend to anyone who wants a one in a life time experience
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