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Bilbo's Blue Ice Cave Tour

Glacier Hiking and Ice Cave Exploring from Solheimajokull or Reykjavik

Explore one of the most enchanting wonders of Icelandic nature: a glacial ice cave that is marvelously blue and crystal-clear at the same time!

Glacier-Hiking Ice-Caving waterfall

Bilbo’s newly discovered Blue Ice Cave is undoubtedly one of the bluest and most spectacular ice caves found in Iceland recently. Located in Sólheimajökull Glacier, this ice cave is just off of the Ring Road on Iceland’s South Coast, 158 km (98 miles) away from the capital. From Reykjavík, the Blue Ice Cave is one of the most accessible natural ice caves in the country!

This tour will introduce you to two essential Icelandic activities: glacier hiking and an ice caving adventure. The tour starts with a guided walk along the rugged surface of the beautiful Solheimajokull Glacier, whose name means the “home of the sun.” The glacier tongue stretches out for 11 km (6.8 miles), down into a wide lowland valley from Iceland’s fourth largest glacier, Myrdalsjokull.

The walk through this dreamy landscape over thrilling crevasses, blue sinkholes, and rugged ice ridges is absolutely unforgettable. A simple glacier hike alone could easily be the highlight of your Icelandic trip, but on this tour, you’ll get much more than that! Our hike will end at a secret location on the glacier where you’ll enter a totally different world: a natural ice cave inside the body of this ice mass that’s thousands of years old.

Stepping inside a blue ice cave is like entering a fairytale. The walls and the ceiling sparkle like diamonds. Though it’s hundreds of meters thick, the ice is as clear and as transparent as glass.

The light that travels through this ancient frozen mass is beautifully blue and paints the whole cave in the dreamy shades of cyan. Black stripes decorate the walls here and there, formed by layers of ash from ancient and recent volcanic eruptions. These features can’t be experienced anywhere else in the world, only deep inside an Icelandic glacier!

Join us on an adventure into this secret blue wonderland!

The tour is offered either as a meet on location at Sólheimajökull glacier or with a pick-up from Reykjavik. Please specify which option you prefer in checkout.

  • Availability

    All Year

  • Duration

    4.5 hours / ~11 hours

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  • Meet on location


  • Min. Age

    10 years

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    Reykjavik / Solheimajokull

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    16.990 15.291 ISK

Tour highlights
Small Group Experience
Explore a Natural Ice Cave
Glacier Hike on Solheimajokull Glacier
Seljalandsfoss Waterfall (From Reykjavik option only)
Skogafoss Waterfall (From Reykjavik option only, from mid Feb to mid Nov)
Visit to a Natural Ice Cave
Guided Glacier Hike
Certified Glacier Guide
Harness, Helmet & Ice Axe
All Required Safety Equipment
English Speaking Licensed Adventure Guide

How We Discovered a Brand New Ice Cave

One day, our amazing glacier guide, Francesco, was taking his usual hike with his furry, little dog, Bilbo, along their favorite glacier. Suddenly, Bilbo got very excited and he started running in the direction of a large hole under the ice. As they approached it, Francesco realized that his furry buddy had discovered a brand-new ice cave! Good boy!

Upon entering, he was completely mesmerized by how blue this cave was! He had seen plenty of ice caves in Iceland but the color of this one was simply extraordinary. After first showing it to other glacier and ice cave experts, we decided to introduce this unique natural wonder to the world. Bilbo’s Blue Ice Cave is undoubtedly the ultimate dream for any visitor to Iceland!

Bilbos Bule Ice Cave

How Bilbo’s Blue Ice Cave was Formed

As you probably know, about 11% of Iceland’s land area is covered by glaciers. They provide the country with the greatest selection of thrilling blue ice caves, which form inside these ice masses thanks to the power of meltwater. Both weather and geothermal heat can cause the ice to melt. As water travels through the glacier, it forms rivers that carve long, beautiful tunnels and caves into the ice.

As glaciers are constantly changing, eventually, every ice cave disappears, only to form again in another location. We have one of the largest teams of ice cave hunters in Iceland, who search tirelessly for new specimens in the glaciers. The Blue Ice Cave in Sólheimajökull is our newest discovery and the one we are the proudest of!

Bilbos Bule Ice Cave

About the Tour

This tour will take you onto the surface of Sólheimajökull, one of the bluest glaciers in Iceland. Guided by a local glacier expert and equipped with all the necessary safety gear, you’ll take a nice, refreshing walk along this spectacular glacier tongue.

Your expert guide will tell you all about the glacier, including its inspiring geology, how and when it was formed, and how climate change affects Iceland’s fragile ice fields. They will share a lot of interesting facts while guiding you across the glacier to the ice cave, all while choosing the safest path and ensuring your security the whole way there.

This is a moderate glacier walk, meaning that it is suitable for those people with an average level of physical health and fitness. The hike takes about 1.5 hours each way. While you must be capable to walk confidently on an uneven surface, you need not worry because nothing extreme will happen to you on this hike! You can expect some mild ascents and descents and somewhat rough terrain, but no special skills and no previous experience are required for this walk.

Bilbos Bule Ice Cave

Once you have reached the ice cave, you’ll have time to explore, take pictures, and really soak in the experience. Your guide will show you around and tell you everything about the cave: its features, its formations, and how blue ice is created. They will explain what the unusual sounds you might hear inside the cave are and answer any questions you might have.

After you have explored every corner of the cave and have taken hundreds of photos, you’ll set off on another hike to return to the base camp where your adventure first started.

For those choosing the roundtrip pick up from Reykjavik

On the way back to the capital, we will stop by some majestic waterfalls. When the length of the daylight allows us (between mid-February and mid-November) we’ll stop by the beautiful waterfall of Skógafoss which is located in the beautiful Skógar area and is also the inspiration to dozens of folklore tales. We recommend to hike up the right side of the waterfall to see the troll’s face that stares at the waterfall for all eternity after forgetting time and turning into stone admiring Skógafoss.

We will also stop (all year round) at the stunning Seljalandsfoss waterfall on the Seljalands River which flows all the way down from the famous volcano, Eyjafjallajökull!

What to bring: Warm clothing,  waterproof jacket and pants, hiking boots, head-wear and gloves.

Please note

This tour is offered either as a meet on location tour from Solheimajokull base camp or with a pick-up from Reykjavik. Please specify which option you prefer in checkout. Due to limited daylight periods, we are not able to stop at Skógafoss in wintertime (16th Nov - 31st Jan). Only from mid-February, throughout the Spring, Summer, and Autumn until mid-November do we stop at both of the waterfalls on this tour. The meet-on-location tour (from Vík) does not include any other stops but the Ice cave.

Does the ice cave always look exactly the same as on the pictures?

The caves are in a constant change so they might look different from what you see in the picture. Air temperature, sunshine, precipitation, geothermal activity, and many other factors cause significant changes in the formation of the ice caves and this process is exclusively controlled by Mother Nature.

We will visit the best available naturally formed ice cave during this tour and the cave we visit is chosen based on conditions and safety each time.

What should I wear on our glacier trip in Iceland?

Iceland is known for colourful weather. It can sometimes show you all 4 seasons in one day.

Dressing for this sort of weather can be a challenge so we always recommend dressing in layers.  3 or 4 upper layers are highly recommended such as a light t-shirt (preferably wool) next to the skin, then a fleece or heavy wool garment, topped off with a waterproof windbreaker.

Jeans are not recommended for our trips as they become very heavy, cold and uncomfortable to wear when they get wet.

Lightweight hiking pants, track pants or long cotton pants are best and then wind/waterproof pants over. We also recommend using sunglasses and sunscreen even if it is cloudy due to the high UV and sunlight reflecting off of the glacier.

You will need sturdy hiking boots that fit crampons for the glacier hiking tours. If you do not own a pair then we rent out good hiking boots as well as a waterproof raincoat and trousers.

Do I need to bring a backpack on a glacier trip in Iceland?

We recommend bringing your own backpack on our full day or 1/2 day tours. It’s great to carry a small lunch and some extra clothing.

Can I bring my camera along on an ice cave tour?

You can bring your camera along, and you should definitely bring one since the setting on the tour is full of amazing, scenic views. Make sure to have a tripod with you, since it’s quite dark inside the cave and extra batteries.

I am pregnant, can I still join a glacier hike?

This is, of course, a personal choice, we have often had pregnant women on our trips. We recommend you take a close look at our trip description and difficulty rating, they will hopefully give you a better idea. It is also good to contact your physician, pregnant women’s health can be quite different. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions or concerns.

Do I need to bring a lunch with me on the ice cave tours?

We do not provide lunch on any of our trips, so we recommend you bring your own lunch (for the longer trips), snacks and a bottle of water (you can refill it on the trip).

What are crampons?

Crampons are metal spikes that we attach to the soles of your hiking shoes, these enable you to walk on the glacier ice without slipping.

Is there a guide on each Arctic Adventures ice cave tour?

Yes, there is a specially trained and certified glacier guide on every ice cave tour that we offer.

Where can I find more information about Ice Caves?

The Ice Caves in Iceland are truly magical. If you want to learn more about them this information page on Ice Caves will be a great help.


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