Full day of adventures! Explore the Golden Circle attractions, go Snorkeling in the crystal clear Silfra fissure and hunt for the magical Northern Lights


  • Golden Circle
  • Gullfoss Waterfall
  • Thingvellir National Park
  • Geysir Hot Spring Area
  • Dry Suit Snorkeling
  • Silfra Fissure
  • Guided Northern Lights Tour
  • Free snorkeling photos

This incredible tour will take you on a journey through some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes that Iceland has to offer. It begins with the famous Golden Circle Route – encompassing the UNESCO-rated Thingvellir National Park, the awesome Geysir area and the majestic Gullfoss Waterfall. From there we will head to the mesmerizing Silfra Fissure a sapphire streak of glacial water that bisects Europe and North America. The day ends in search of the ethereal Northern Lights, whose heavenly colors have enamored sky-gazers over the millennia. This tour has it all and is perfect for anyone who really wants to get the most out of their time in Iceland.

  • Free Wifi
  • Personal Experience
  • Trusted Tour Operator
  • Small group experience
  • Expert guides
Availability Sept - Apr
Duration Full Day
Departs From Reykjavik
Level Moderate
Minimum age 12 years
Meet on Location No
Pick Up Yes

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Snorkeling, Golden Circle, and Northern Lights Tour

This tour was great! We had a lot of fun getting to sightsee around iceland and getting a chance to view the northern lights. Juraj the tour guide was one of our great guides who made the tour unforgettable. He took great images (one attached) and even helped me with my camera settings. All the guides were friendly and helpful.


Per Adult
  • Flexible cancellation up to 24 hours
  • Fast & secure payment
  • Best Price Guarantee

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What's included


  • Pick-up & drop off from Reykjavík
  • Minibus Transport
  • Expert Guide
  • Northern Lights Photos
  • Free WiFi on Board Your Bus
  • Free snorkeling photos taken by your guide

What to bring

  • Warm and waterproof outdoor clothing
  • Headwear
  • Gloves
  • Warm long underwear
  • Warm socks and a change of clothing
  • Good hiking shoes are recommended

Not Included

  • Meals

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Thingvellir National Park

Our adventure begins when we collect you from one of our designated collection points in Reykjavik and make the scenic 40-minute drive to Thingvellir National Park – the first stop on the iconic Golden Circle Route.  Thingvellir National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is steeped in both historical and geological significance. It is home to Althingi a sparsely populated icy plain where a group of Viking nobles gathered in 930 AD for the original Icelandic Parliament. Parliaments were convened there on an annual basis from that day onwards and the current Icelandic Parliament is still called Althingi, making it one of the oldest continuously running parliaments in the world. Iconic figures such as the great Snorri Sturluson were elected speaker there and the entire area is fascinating. Thingvellir National Park also hosts the rocky seismic fissure that marks the gap between the European and North American continents – allowing visitors the unique opportunity to gaze across no man’s land between Europe and North America. Thingvellir is a landscape without compare, featuring – amazing lava sculptures, glacial waterfalls and much, much more, making it an absolute must-see for any visitor to Iceland.

From there we will make the short journey to the iconic Geysir Geothermal area – renowned for the bubbling geysers that have become synonymous with Iceland. The most famous of these is the, now dormant, Great Geysir, which gives all geysers their name. Its ‘younger brother’ Strokkur is still very much active – propelling molten streams of water up to 25 meters into the air every few minutes. Seeing these incredible geothermal wonders in the flesh is a magical experience and will give you an insight into the violent power of mother nature.

Our final stop on the Golden Circle tour is Gullfoss (the golden falls) – so named due to the golden hue that its roaring cascade takes as it travels over the brown lava rock. There is an emerald valley beneath this majestic torrent and rainbows regularly form above it on sunny days – making for a truly photogenic place that you will definitely want to immortalize in film. Once we have enjoyed all the magic that Gullfoss has to offer – we will return to Thingvellir for an underwater adventure in the famous Silfra Fissure.

The Silfra Fissure is one of the best diving and snorkeling sites in the entire world – a meandering stream of vividly blue glacial water that weaves its way through one of the most incredible landscapes on the planet. It is filled with glacial meltwater, meaning it has the best underwater visibility of any place in the world and allowing you to see up to 100 meters in each direction. Silfra is located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge – offering the unique opportunity to swim between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. We provide a warm, insulated drysuit for this awe-inspiring adventure – allowing you to gaze into this magical world of sapphire and emerald in total comfort. Silfra is an otherworldly place that will provide unforgettable memories that you will treasure for the rest of your life. After Silfra we will head back to Reykjavik, where you can have a quick dinner before we head out in search of the Northern Lights.

Our night-time adventure begins, when we collect you from your Reykjavik accommodation in one of our custom Super Jeeps and leave the bright lights of the city behind as we travel in search of the heavenly light show that illuminates the arctic night sky. Our specialized super jeeps allow us to escape the traditional routes and find a really isolated place that is away from the noisy crowds. Part of the magic of the Northern Lights is their elusiveness and it is impossible for us to guarantee that we will see them on any given night, however, our expert guides will use all available resources to maximize our chances of seeing them. If we do see them, then we are in for a treat – as the pitch-black night sky is illuminated by flickering shades of red, purple, green, and pink. It is an awe-inspiring experience that is as close to the divine or supernatural as it is possible to get to and words do not do it justice – the perfect end to a day filled with adventure and mesmerizing beauty.

Pick-up Information

Pick up is at 08:30 am from your hotel or a nearby meeting point in Reykjavík. Picking everyone up can take up to 30 minutes, your patience is much appreciated.

For the Northern Lights adventure, pick up is at either 20:30 (8:30 p.m.) or 21:30 (9:30 p.m.), depending on the season. You’ll find the actual pickup time on your final voucher. Picking everyone up can take up to 30 minutes, your patience is much appreciated.

Available pick-up points: Arctic Adventures’s pick-up list.

Return time

You will return to Reykjavík around 01:00 am approximately.

Participants need to be comfortable in the water and be able to swim. You are unable to participate if you are pregnant, due to the small risk of cold water entering the suit.

Weight limit: 45-120 kg

Height limit: 150 cm -200 cm

Age Limit: 12 years old minimum. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian booked on the same tour.

English: It is important that you can both understand and communicate in English in order to participate in the tour.

Please read our snorkelling handbook.


This is a great question. We ask all participants to be ready from the start of the pickup time indicated. This is because you may well be the first pick up of the day. Please be at your assigned location at the start time that you chose when booking the tour.

Here you should wait for your guide.

Have your email and phone number listed with us so we can contact you if we run into any trouble finding you.

View our pick-up locations in Reykjavík.

Before and during activities on the multi-day tours consumption of alcohol is prohibited. If we suspect that a participant is intoxicated, we will prohibit them from joining the activity.

After the activities of the day are finished, you are welcome to have a drink and relax.

Yes, we do. Langjökull Ice Cave is a magical experience, the tour has no minimum age and is a wonderful option for the whole family. Whale Watching with our partner company Elding has been a favourite with families traveling with young children, these guys have a great success rate in seeing whales (upwards of 98% in the summertime).

Another option would be the Landmannalaugar Safari on this tour you get to explore parts of the Icelandic highlands and bathe in natural hot springs. Most of our super jeep tours are also suitable for children over the age of 6 years old. If you would like a nice and relaxing experience we would also recommend the Golden Circle & Secret Lagoon tour.

Your safety is our number one priority! Keeping this in mind, Arctic Adventures reserves the right to adjust the itinerary and/or take different routes depending on conditions. Please read more information in our cancellation policy.

Yes, there is a specially trained and certified guide on each of our tours. The only exception to this is for our self-drive tours.

All of our tours are guided in English.

No, for all your questions and concerns you would need to contact our customer service.

The standard in Iceland is 230V and 50Hz and we use F-type power sockets and plugs, so you might have to bring an adaptor if you are visiting from UK, USA, Canada or other countries using a different voltage, Hz or plugs.

Our tours are split into four different categories that help participants to understand what to expect from the tour. The categories are Easy, Moderate, Challenging and Demanding. Each tour is rated making it easier to find tours that suit you.

For further information about the difficulty ratings and descriptions.

We’ve partnered with the Kolviður Fund in a new carbon offsetting program, which passengers can select to participate in at the time of booking.

The Kolviður Fund is the oldest, most respected carbon offsetting program in Iceland. With your support, one tree will be planted in special Kolviður forests in Iceland to carbon offset your tour with us.

Kolviður forests are strategically planted to absorb the maximum amount of CO2 and the forests are protected for a minimum of 60 years. During their lifetime the trees absorb carbon and store it in their root system, trunk, and branches. Trees also prevent soil erosion and maintain storage of carbon in the soil.

Yes, we offer the tour Golden Circle small group tour which is basically the Golden Circle with some extra stops. This tour is focusing on sightseeing and the history of Iceland. Our stops are Gullfoss waterfall, Þingvellir national park (home to one of the first parliaments of the world), Geysir hot spring area and the historic Skálholt cathedral. View Golden Circle Tours.

The tour is based around the three most popular attractions in Iceland Thingvellir National ParkGullfoss Waterfall and The Great Geysir. We offer several Golden Circle trips that combine sightseeing with some of our adventure tours.

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