Discover the diverse landscapes of Iceland in one fun-packed day trip that includes snorkeling, sightseeing and soaking in the Blue Lagoon.


  • Small Group Experience
  • A guided tour of the Golden Circle
  • Thingvellir National Park
  • Geysir Geothermal Area
  • Strokkur Geyser
  • Gullfoss Waterfall
  • Silfra Fissure
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Reykjanes Peninsula landscapes
  • Free snorkeling photos

Welcome to a full day sampling of the best sights Iceland has to offer. Spend the first part of the day touring the famous Golden Circle. Then plunge into crystal-clear waters of Silfra Fissure, snorkeling between two tectonic plates. Snorkeling at Silfra Fissure has been rated one of the Top 5 activities in the world by Trip Advisor.

Soak in the milky waters of the Blue Lagoon to relax at the end of a jam-packed day. You’ll get an unforgettable opportunity to admire the extraordinary and diverse landscapes, from Reykjavik to the Golden Circle to Reykjanes Peninsula. 

  • Free Wifi
  • Personal Experience
  • Trusted Tour Operator
  • Small group experience
  • Expert guides
Availability All Year
Duration 13 hours
Departs From Reykjavik
Level Moderate
Minimum age 12 years
Ratio 1:19/1:6 Guide to client ratio
Meet on Location No
Pick Up Yes


Per Adult
  • Fast & secure payment
  • Best Price Guarantee

What's included


  • Pickup & drop-off in Reykjavik
  • Silfra Fissure admission fee
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Transfer to the Blue Lagoon
  • Comfort admission to Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa
  • Transfer shuttle to and from Blue Lagoon to BSI (main bus terminal)
  • Free WiFi on minibus
  • Free snorkeling photos taken by your guide

What to bring

  • You will need to bring warm clothes for the Golden Circle tour preferably wool or fleece to keep the warmth in
  • Thermal underwear will also be needed for the snorkeling tour as this is what you will wear under your dry suit
  • If you wish to bring a spare change of clothes, then feel free, however, this is optional

Not Included

  • Meals

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Uncover the amazing nature of Iceland on the combo tour that includes all the wonders of the Golden Circle (Thingvellir National Park, Geysir Geothermal Area, and Gullfoss waterfall). After this, you will head to the remarkable location of Silfra Fissure where you will snorkel through a geological wonder in the world’s clearest water. To end the day, soak into the tranquil waters of the Blue Lagoon. This paradise is located in the middle of an enchanting moss-covered lava field. Traversing the astonishing landscapes back to Reykjavik is the perfect way to sit back and rejoice your day. This combo tour gives a large advantage in providing logistics so you can utilize your time to truly appreciate what Iceland has to offer.

The Spectacular Golden Circle

The day starts by being picked-up in Reykjavik at your desired pick-up location and driving to the main attractions that are featured on the Golden Circle. The captivating scenery and admirable landscapes along the whole tour will leave great memories about your time in Iceland.

The first stop on your Golden Circle tour is Thingvellir National Park. This spot holds a large historical significance due to the fact that the first parliament in the world assembled here in 930 AD. This is not the only factor that makes Thingvellir a special place. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site and home to a large variety of amazing landscapes that are extremely unique to Iceland. Furthermore, Thingvallavatn Lake is very close and this is the biggest natural lake in Iceland. There really is so much to see at Thingvellir.

One of the highlights that you will encounter at Thingvellir is the walk between two continental plates, here you will be able to see the exposed Mid-Atlantic Ridge. This is the only place in the world that you are able to see it. This ridge was formed by the Eurasian and North American plates moving apart and although the ridge is submerged deep in the ocean, there is a part that is very visible above sea level. On your visit, you will also see streams, waterfalls and a plethora of wildlife.

Next on the tour is Geysir Geothermal Area. The scenery that you will find here is the polar opposite to the peaceful sights you saw at Thingvellir. This area is one of the most active geothermal areas in the whole of Iceland. The Stokkur hot spring catapults up to 20 meters (49-65.6 feet) high between every 4-10 minutes. The vigorous sight of bubbling pools and shooting steam is a world away from anything you’ve ever seen. Geysir Hot Spring has recently been less active, however, if you do happen to catch it mid-eruption the water can blast up to 60m meters (196.8 feet). These impressive springs are sure to steal the limelight, but sapphire blue pools can be found amongst the rugged dark terrain and exuberant mud pots are hidden all over. 

If you wanted proof that Iceland is the land of fire and ice, here it is!

The rumbling sound of masses of water falling over the rock edge and iridescent mist spray is the spectacle you will see upon arrival at the Golden Waterfall. The cascade of water is glacial meltwater from Langjokull Glacier that streams through the Hvita River eventually ending up at Gullfoss Waterfall.

Having two stages to the waterfall is what makes Gullfoss unique. The river emerges to the first drop of 10.6 meters (35 feet) and continues to fall down the second drop of 21.3 meters (70 feet). It is evident where the roaring sound comes from when you witness the beauty of the waterfall. The sheer magnitude is awe-inspiring. 

At this point in the tour, you may think that nothing will be able to top what you have just seen. But you would be wrong. You will head to Silfra Fissure, the purest and clearest waters in the world. Swimming with visibility of up to 100 meters is an experience like no other. You will also feel a sense of history as you float, 150 million years ago, the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates began to move apart. Because of this, the hot lava that sat below the earth’s crust was forced out, forming a ridge when it came into contact with the icy cold ocean water. This process also formed the island of Iceland later on, and Silfra Fissure is a perfect location to see the geological spectacle.

This snorkeling adventure is effortless which means you can concentrate solely on the deep blue waters that surround you. The calmness of the environment takes over your body as you float over this underwater utopia. A constant gentle current ensures that you float peacefully over the deep ridges and shallow rocks. A dry suit provided by professional snorkeling guide will help keep you buoyant and dry. Having a constant temperature also makes snorkeling at Silfra a great activity all year round. You can expect the water to be at a temperature of around 2-4 °C (35 to 39°F), this is another factor that helps to keep the water clear. 

Similarly to Gullfoss, the water in Silfra is glacial meltwater from LAngjokull, which is roughly 60 kilometers (37.2 miles) in the north direction. The slow filtration process is what helps to make the water at Silfra so pure. Underground lava rocks act as a natural filter, by flowing through the rocks anything that could impact the water in any way is removed. It can take anywhere between 30 and 100 years to travel through the lava field, although this seems like a long time, it is a great advantage for us. Not only does it create the clearest water in the world, but you can even drink it!

After an overwhelming day of fascinating sights and thrilling experiences, relaxing in the Blue Lagoon is the ideal way to end your day. You will be dropped at the BSI bus terminal in Reykjavik where you will transfer to the shuttle bus that transports you to the Reykjanes Peninsula. Some people use this journey as a time to chill out before reaching your next destination. However, if you look to your right you will see ocean waves dancing as the sea meets the land. On your left, Icelandic lava fields meet mountains. There truly isn’t a moment where you won’t be amazed.

The Blue Lagoon comfort admission includes a drink of your choice, the use of a towel and a mud mask made from the Silica of the Blue Lagoon. The volcanically heated water is sure to send you straight into chill mode. Enriched with nutrients, take advantage of the therapeutic properties this natural pool has to offer. The only thing that could make this day any better, is if you have the luck of nature on your side and the Northern Lights make an appearance. Keep your fingers crossed. More information on the Blue Lagoon.

You will get an open return ticket to Reykjavik, please be sure to check the timetable below for bus time.

Pickup & drop off: Pick up in Reykjavik starts at 9:00 in the morning. After the Golden Circle tour and snorkeling activity, you will be dropped off at BSI main bus terminal in Reykjavik where you will get on a shuttle bus at 7 p.m. (19:00) to the Blue Lagoon. As mentioned above, you will have an open return ticket for the shuttle bus and you will be returned to BSI bus station. (Please see the timetable below)
Available pick-up points: Arctic Adventures’s pick-up list.

1 Jan – 30 May 08:00 – 21:00
31 May – 27 Jun 07:00 – 23:00
28 Jun – 18 Aug 07:00 – 00:00
19 Aug – 31 Dec 08:00 – 21:00
24 Dec (Holiday) 08:00 – 15:00


Bus Transfer (Reykjavik to Blue Lagoon)
Bus Transfer (Blue Lagoon to Reykjavik)

Friendly reminder: You need to feel comfortable in the water and also be able to swim in order to participate in the Snorkeling tour at Silfra Fissure.


This is a great question. We ask all participants to be ready from the start of the pickup time indicated. This is because you may well be the first pick up of the day. Please be at your assigned location at the start time that you chose when booking the tour.

Here you should wait for your guide.

Have your email and phone number listed with us so we can contact you if we run into any trouble finding you.

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Before and during activities on the multi-day tours consumption of alcohol is prohibited. If we suspect that a participant is intoxicated, we will prohibit them from joining the activity.

After the activities of the day are finished, you are welcome to have a drink and relax.

Yes, we do. Langjökull Ice Cave is a magical experience, the tour has no minimum age and is a wonderful option for the whole family. Whale Watching with our partner company Elding has been a favourite with families traveling with young children, these guys have a great success rate in seeing whales (upwards of 98% in the summertime).

Another option would be the Landmannalaugar Safari on this tour you get to explore parts of the Icelandic highlands and bathe in natural hot springs. Most of our super jeep tours are also suitable for children over the age of 6 years old. If you would like a nice and relaxing experience we would also recommend the Golden Circle & Secret Lagoon tour.

Your safety is our number one priority! Keeping this in mind, Arctic Adventures reserves the right to adjust the itinerary and/or take different routes depending on conditions. Please read more information in our cancellation policy.

Yes, there is a specially trained and certified guide on each of our tours. The only exception to this is for our self-drive tours.

All of our tours are guided in English.

No, for all your questions and concerns you would need to contact our customer service.

The standard in Iceland is 230V and 50Hz and we use F-type power sockets and plugs, so you might have to bring an adaptor if you are visiting from UK, USA, Canada or other countries using a different voltage, Hz or plugs.

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We’ve partnered with the Kolviður Fund in a new carbon offsetting program, which passengers can select to participate in at the time of booking.

The Kolviður Fund is the oldest, most respected carbon offsetting program in Iceland. With your support, one tree will be planted in special Kolviður forests in Iceland to carbon offset your tour with us.

Kolviður forests are strategically planted to absorb the maximum amount of CO2 and the forests are protected for a minimum of 60 years. During their lifetime the trees absorb carbon and store it in their root system, trunk, and branches. Trees also prevent soil erosion and maintain storage of carbon in the soil.

Yes, we offer the tour Golden Circle small group tour which is basically the Golden Circle with some extra stops. This tour is focusing on sightseeing and the history of Iceland. Our stops are Gullfoss waterfall, Þingvellir national park (home to one of the first parliaments of the world), Geysir hot spring area and the historic Skálholt cathedral. View Golden Circle Tours.

The tour is based around the three most popular attractions in Iceland Thingvellir National ParkGullfoss Waterfall and The Great Geysir. We offer several Golden Circle trips that combine sightseeing with some of our adventure tours.

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